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About Delta K

My journey with Shopify began about a year ago with my first ever drop-shipping store. While setting up and running this store, I soon realized how passionate I was about the whole setting up process and design of the website. I soon began helping friends who where also getting started in drop-shipping to improve their websites and conversion rates by building nice, clean websites that would build trust and credibility but at the same time make the customer experience much better.

In August 2017 I decided to list a store I have built for sale on the Shopify Exchange platform. Surprisingly to me the store was sold very fast so I repeated the process again and again. In November 2017 after completing 15 projects and helping people get started with their E-Commerce business on Shopify I decided to form Delta K, a company that not only provides people with the nicest looking, most affordable Shopify stores but also provides on-going support that helps them start and grow their business.

What makes me and my business different from everyone else's is the connections we are able to build with our customers. Customers at Delta K are not just customers, they are part of our family, which explains why we truly care so much about them and their success. Together with every store we sell the customer gets after-sale, on-going support. We are currently offering custom Shopify store development as well as a service called ‘Ready To Go Stores’ which features a range of stores that our team has developed and are ready to be transferred to anyone that wants to build a business around them. My plan for the future is to expand my business with the help of Shopify's amazing platform and help as many people as possible to create their first online E-Commerce business. I am also planning on creating different development packages that will contain even more value such as guides and tutorials that will help my new store owners utilize all of Shopify's great tools and reduce the leaning curve for E-Commerce.

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