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About DBNY

DBNY specializes in creating flagship eCommerce shopping experiences. We help CPG brands who are driven, passionate about digital, and serious about growth increase their bottom line through strategy, design, technology and digital marketing.

We partner with you to create a brand-specific e-commerce infrastructure that meets your business objectives and ensures success is achieved.

Our expertise provides brands a first mover advantage by building features and solutions to establish strong brand recognition and customer loyalty before other entrants to the market arise.

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3 Testimonials

Look By M

DBNY are THE Shopify experts.
We were extremely pleased by their level of knowledge and professionalism
They walked us through the process and explained every step very clearly
The result is a new website that doubled our online sales
Thanks DBNY!

Brode Electrolyte Vitamins

I hired DBNY to help me with a site audit report to improve conversions, so no technical work, but they were great. They reviewed the site, asked great questions, and gave me a plan with awesome recommendations on adjusting the layout and copy to improve conversion rate. After implementing more than half of the recommendations, the conversion rate has jumped by about 40%, and the average number of page-views is up about 25%. Really great stuff, all focused on simplifying the sales message and the path that the customer takes from introduction to sale.

Their recommendations for my site focused on the homepage, the navigation, and the product page, which are the most important pages. I would definitely hire them again for their expert perspective.

Outlines by Mochi

The DBNY team has been crucial to the overall success of the Ugo Mochi brand. They have been instrumental in reviving the legacy of Ugo Mochi, providing product strategy and design expertise. Their team has helped bring Mochi into the digital age by creating a one of a kind storefront for customers. We’ve never seen such a unique product customization tool online. The response has been outstanding, and we’re very satisfied with the creative work and professionalism from their team. We highly recommend them.

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