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About Data+Design

Uploading products into your Shopify store and creating Collections can literally consume hundreds of hours. This is also an ongoing process as old products become discontinued and new products need to be added.

Data+Design specializes in maintaining the data of your Shopify store. We are able to work with a variety of raw data types and convert into Shopify format for large upload jobs.

In addition we also offer a very affordable ongoing service to manage all of your store data, price changes, etc. We also offer traffic generation services as well utilizing our eCommerce SEO strategies to increase your exposure organically in the major search engines.

6 Testimonials

Top Brand Boating | Boating and Marine Supplies

Good experience.


data plus design did a great job and with their services i am getting over 300 shoppers a day for no extra costs. i can see so many of my products on the first page of google.

Top Brand Faucets | Kitchen and Bathroom Faucets


The Modern Bedroom

i'm really happy with my experience with dataplus design monthly service. they always make the changes i need to my store and i also get a good amount of traffic to my site that they include in the maintnance fee.


Shopify is great but I needed help getting to the next level and data plus design helped get the store set up and send real customers my way for a very affordable price.

Quickly uploaded over 50,000 products into store

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