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About D-Media, a subsidiary of Eyal Dror Consulting Ltd

A turnkey solution for eCommerce businesses. We provide strategic consulting and CRO for our clients. We also act as a turnkey solution: From scoping, budgeting and staffing, through store and app development, on to marketing, branding and conversion rate optimization. Our company consults and operates businesses from all over the globe

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Charelle Cosmetics

While the process of building our website had some issues, overall it went smoothly and successfully. The real help however came after our website went live. Just when you think, oh well, they were paid, they are going to disappear now, Eyal was a star. He answered every question, (usually immediately) and he dealt with every issue within 24 hours or less. His training on how to make changes to the site and to use the back end was invaluable. I now feel comfortable navigating the different apps and making changes to the site on my own, and all of this was done without any extra charge or demands. He was patient, kind and helpful. It was a pleasure to have him as part of our team.
I would highly recommend his service.


Very professional experience. They teach me how to use some very important tools on Shopify and how to get my shop look great.

Lines Jewelry

I highly recommend Eyal's services to anyone looking to boost their online ecommerce business. Eyal helped me understand how a professional website should function - starting from the "look and feel" of the homepage to the functions of the shopify back-office.
If ever in doubt regarding taking his services - I am here answer any questions: www.linesjewelry.com


D-Media are amazing! They are not a service provider, they are a partner. A partner that will ensure you are getting the best results you can achieve, with a minimal budget and in minimum time. D-Media created two websites for us, one in the US and another in IL. Their vast experience with digital marketing enabled us to create websites with amazing conversion rate from day-one. I recommend D-Media to any CEO/business owner/company that is looking to achieve great results quickly and work with experts who really care about their business. Thank you D-Media for everything you did and are doing for us!

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