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CSL Consult – Ecommerce Developer

CSL Consult

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  • Shopify Expert since 01/2014
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About CSL Consult

Professional reliable developer with lots of Shopify experience and know-how.
I can extend just about all of Shopify's existing functionality to suit your special needs.

I have a bachelor in programming and have been working in the industry for 17+ years.
I have worked as a consultant for some of the biggest companies in Denmark as project manager, technical lead and developer.
If you want to see more of my credentials, you can always gain access to my LinkedIn profile.

I specialize in backend apps or custom built .Net applications that uses the Shopify API, but I am proficient in frontend javascript/jquery as well.

If you need a functionality that isn't built into Shopify directly, there is a good chance that I can develop it for you.
Examples could be gaining access to all the underlying data, like products, orders and customers. This data can be modified, deleted, added and exported in any fashion you like.
I can also automate trivial task which is time consuming and error prone to do manually. For instance automatically tag/export new orders as they arrive, auto create giftcards, auto close and capture payment for certain orders. etc-

There really is not limit as Shopify have an excellent API available for those who know how to utilize it.

Contact me and we can discuss your options.
I always start by giving an estimated timeline and cost of a new project. I take great pride in always keeping my customer up-to-date on these estimates. With me, you know what you are going to get, when you get it and at which price.

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CSL Consult has helped us several times with both smaller and larger issues. The response time is very fast and the results has always been excellent!

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