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About Commerce Machine

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We dramatically grow businesses using paid ads and email marketing.

Commerce Machine is a California-based digital ad agency focused on generating sales and leads for clients via Facebook, Instagram, Amazon and increasing Lifetime Value and retention via Email and Retargeting

We have years of e-commerce advertising experience and are exceptionally experienced in working with Shopify stores.

Retargeting, Custom Audiences, Video ads, Carousel ads, Pixels, Integrations with Mailchimp, Klaviyo, On-site conversion rate optimization...we do it all every day for e-commerce clients like you.

Most business owners today understand that there is value in showing ads on social media sites like Facebook and Instagram, but don't know where to start.

And even if they do, it's difficult to make work. Countless options, complicated interfaces and astronomical click prices make it difficult for anyone but experienced advertisers to effectively manage.

That's where Commerce Machine comes in. We handle the buying for you so that you can focus on your business. We're experts in managing social campaigns that actually drive leads, calls, sales and customers.

Imagine what more customers would mean to your business.

We aren't providing SEO services, which takes months to see results (if any), and aren't like Groupon which makes you discount your services AND takes a huge cut of it.

We offer paid social advertising services to drive immediate, constant and profitable growth in customers and sales. The same advertising that companies like Uber and Target rely on to grow their customer base exponentially year over year.

6 Testimonials

Tapestry Trends

Commerce Machine did an excellent job in formulating an effective digital marketing strategy for us that produce immediate results with a very strong/healthy ROI. I would highly recommend the incredibly dedicated and knowledgeable team at Commerce Machine to anyone looking to generate awareness, leads and/or sales online.

Workout Clothes Shop

Here's why I like this team: They deliver results. I've worked with ad agencies in the past that talk way too much about my logo and brand identity. These guys just focused on ROI. They ran my Instagram and Facebook ads for a few months. I ended up stopping because we were changing our focus of the business, but really liked the results and will work with them again in the future.

Lily Earrings

We established a scope of work from the beginning that included:

• Implementing Adwords and Facebook pixels on my Shopify stores
• Probably setting up Google Analytics and Google Retargeting
• Connecting my Shopify product feeds to my Facebook accounts
• Setting up and managing retargeting (dynamic) campaigns for Facebook/Insta
• Setting up and managing prospecting campaigns for Facebook/Insta
• Using my teams existing ad assets and introducing new video assets

They have hit all of them, although the Google Analytics implementation (advanced ecommerce and goals) seemed to take longer than I would have expected. I'm glad to report that it is done now and the ads are working well.


We talked to a few marketing companies before deciding on Commerce Machine. A lot of companies seem to do everything from building websites to PR to SEO...and didnt seem to specialize in any one thing. Our team liked Commerce Machine because they do ads. And they do them really well. They have a lot of ecommerce experience which we also liked and so far have been great. The ads they create perform better than when our team did it (surprise) and they are really good about leveraging the existing customer data to get even more sales out of them through retargeting and building lookalike audiences.

cooper and mays

We actually timed our launch with Commerce so day 1 we had sales thanks to their Facebook ad strategy. They handled all creative, including video ads (using mostly the assets we sent them. We've also used them for native ads on Gemini and Taboola which have had mixed results, but overall profitable so we're happy.


We use Klaviyo for our email provider and Commerce Machine has helped us immensely with navigating everything around it. They've set up our email sequences by segment, integrated it with our Facebook so that we can segment our audiences and target them with special offers and discounts and also have helped us get our Adwords up and running.

We've seen a huge increase in our sales via email and Facebook as a direct result. We'll definitely be continuing with their service.

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