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About Creative Concept Industries

Creative Concept Industries is a full-service business development company owned by Vincent Triola. CCI is focused on helping entrepreneurs, small, and midsize companies reach their business goals. We offer a wide range of services including marketing, business operations development, turnkey businesses, ecommerce development (web and design), and business consulting. The largest tool that we use for improving businesses is the Shopify platform because we can lower cost of operations and increase the efficiency of the POS systems in most cases.

CCI uses a grassroots approach that is client centered. We value an honest approach to web and business development even if that means not getting a sale. We provide consultations, onsite development, one-on-one training, and ongoing support. When we develop a business or ecommerce we work hand in hand with clients to make sure that they are successful and can manage their Shopify store with little support. In many cases we continue working with clients to provide them ongoing digital marketing solutions such as advertising and content development.

Our clients are mostly professionals who are have traditional businesses or are starting businesses. Our clients are also companies that need to streamline or improve their ecommerce or business processes. As such we provide ecommerce development on Shopify but also migrate companies from other ecommerce sites such as Magento or BigCommerce.

Our primary purpose is to find solutions for our clients such as increasing efficiency in operations, increasing web traffic, or finding cost effective means to building businesses. An important component of our services is offering the Shopify platform because our experience has been that Shopify offers the most efficient and practical solution for most of our clients. Our goal is to provide our clients with sustainable and flexible solutions to help them grow and be profitable.

7 Testimonials


Vince is an amazing Shopify expert. He first explained to me how Shopify works, then he helped me customizing my Shopify website based on my needs. He also regularly check to see how I'm doing with my website, and provide me feedback on how to improve my branding and marketing strategies.

Alex Powers

I have had many experiences with online marketing companies and web developers over the years, and my experience with Creative Concept Industries has by far been the best. They were extremely fast in their execution of services provided, and intuitively met my specific needs and desires for my website. I have never been more pleased. Best of all, my website, SEO, and overall online presence ranks higher than it ever did in the past when I worked with other developers. Creative Concept Industries is the only company I will work with moving forward.

Homework Mountain

Vince and company was wonderful to work with. I was looking for a way to build my business and the Wordpress site I had was just not getting the job done. Since working with CCI I was able to get a professional website and shown how to market my products. Overall, I reduced cost and have a better web site. I am also really happy with the customer service, Vince is always quick to respond to my emails and phone calls. A great company!

Martin & MacArthur

Vince is an excellent partner in setting up our website. He provided good advice and recommendations. His follow up was great. He is available all the time to answer questions. He provided the team with great training.

I recommend Vince to help you create your website.

Natsu Yamamoto

Vince has made my website making process very smooth & solved all issue & always open to provide technical advices. I love how my site looks & happy working with him.

Academic Collective

I was looking for another stream of income to add to my portfolio of income streams and found that Creative Concept Industries had a website for sale involving collegiate papers. I purchased the site known as Academic Collective and started having an small income stream that has already paid me back on my initial investment. They were very informative about what may or may not happen in regards to revenue. And also gave me insights on how to develop and maintain an internet presence to keep interest targeted to my website. I was skeptical at first but very happy having made the decision to invest in this existing business. I would recommend anyone looking for a ready made business to discuss the tricks and traps of buying an existing website business to go to Creative Concept Industries and discuss the business opportunities that they currently offer on their site. I will look there again when I am ready to get another stream of income.

Leather Tip Cues

Vince made sure that he had a clear understanding of what I wanted to do with my website. We went over what themes might be best for my site. After he built the site, he patiently waited for me to make sure I had what I needed to start and then trained me to work on my website on my own. I appreciate the fact that even though I know what do do with my website, I know i can call Vince on questions that come up that I forgot we covered in the initial training he gave. Throughout this whole process I always felt I was working with a shopify professional. Since then I have recommended other businesses to see Creative Concept Industries about their websites and marketing ideas.

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