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About CODE Internet Applications

Do you dream of a high-profile, smoothly running webshop that sells?

Are you dissatisfied with Magento, WooCommerce or another platform, and would you like some help migrating your entire shop to Shopify (Plus)?

Or are you looking for a fool proof way to connect your business software (inventory, accounting) to Shopify, and really streamline your workflow?

CODE Internet Applications has lots of experience building and refining high-profile webshops that sell.

We focus on helping you build up sales on your Shopify website, by tailoring your shop to the products you offer. But we do not stop there.

While your site is gathering speed, we help you take your sales to the next level by continuously improving your shop, and expanding your audience through SEO, SEA and social media marketing.

What’s more, we can connect practically anything to your Shopify website. CODE has lots of experience integrating third party software in Shopify, to make your and your customers’ lives easier.

Interested? Please contact us for a free Skype or GoToMeeting session!

Feel free to call us! 0031 (0)15 2130600

-------------------- Dutch summary: --------------------

Droom jij van een high-profile, soepel draaiende webshop met mooie verkoopcijfers? Of wil je overstappen van Magento, WooCommerce of een ander platform naar Shopify?

Of zoek je een expert die je Shopify webshop aan je business software kan koppelen?

Bij CODE ben je aan het juiste adres! We bouwen niet alleen je webshop, maar helpen je ook je verkoopcijfers verbeteren. Als je wilt, stroomlijnen we bovendien je bedrijfsvoering voor je met handige koppelingen en integraties. Meer weten? Bel ons gerust: 015 2130600.

26 Testimonials


Code Internet Applications did an excellent job in setting up in a matter of weeks a first version of a fully operational webshop for Code Internet Applications has not only deep expertise in Shopify and e-commerce, they also have a very pragmatic approach, and really help the entrepreneur to focus the right things. They sticked to the planning and budget that we agreed upfront. My experience with Code so far was therefor very positive. I can strongly recommend them, and will continue to work with them in the future to further grow my e-commerce business.

BJJ Fightgear (NL)

What I liked about working with CODE was the specific knowledge and experience they have with Shopify. I also enjoyed working with their team, which consists of easy-going people, always ready to help you create solutions.


Begin dit jaar kwamen wij in contact met Bob en zijn team. Vanaf het begin was het gevoel goed. Ze doen meer dan alleen een website/webshop bouwen. Ze luisteren, denken mee, komen met voorstellen, geven voorbeelden, zetten hun netwerk in.
Ze nemen je stap voor stap mee. Zij geven de mogelijkheden aan, maar zij laten ons bepalen wat wij willen. Door echt samen te werken, hebben wij beide succes en een goed gevoel. Met vaste contactpersonen werken, waarderen wij zeer.
Shopify is simpel en fijn om mee te werken en je kunt veel zelf doen. Wanneer er hulp nodig is, voor, tijdens en na lancering van de website/webshop staan Bob en zijn team direct voor je klaar.

Already we have completed two projects with CODE. Last year we build and launched a B2B webshop in Shopfify for our Dutch B2B customers. It is a great and userfriendly platform and CODE created a full integration with our ERP system (Microsoft Dynamics), which is very important for us. Customers can see real time stock, their own personal prices and customers and orders are synchronized real time.

In January we started with a new project, our website and B2C webshop:
Our website was build in an older Magento version and we wanted to use Shopify for this too. It is live now and we are really satisfied with it! Shopify is a more user-friendly platform compared to former Magento versions and it's much more easy and fun to work with.

For both projects we were very happy with CODE as our Shopify partner. We are already working on new projects with them so our partnership is not over yet. If you are looking for a good Shopify partner, I would definitely recommend CODE.

VANITY premium knitwear

We had little time to build our Shopify webshop and were looking for a Shopify expert that could help us. We found CODE and are very happy with their way of working. From the start they were available 24/7 to get the job done. Extremely reliable and experienced people. They work fast and accurate. It felt as if they were part of our company for the weeks that we work on the website together. They are involved and went the extra mile to try and make the webshop a success. They still maintain our website and are improving it step by step. So far it has been a pleasure to work with CODE and hopefully we will continue to work together for a long time.

BartsParts - Your source for spare parts

BartsParts is a Dutch company helping dealers of agricultural machinery in the Netherlands, Germany and Austria sell their slow moving spare parts. Connected dealers can upload their stocks into our PIM (backend) which is connected to our shopify front-end. After a year working on the Kentico platform, we decided to move to Shopify with Code Internet Applications as our dedicated developer. So far without ANY regret. Their team works very structured, they have excellent knowledge of Shopify and the best thing is that communicating with them is very easy and pleasant. Last but not least, we are very happy with the results so far, which you can see at The first WEEK, turnover was twice as high already as our best MONTH on the Kentico platform ! Can really recommend Code Internet Applications !


Great company, great coding, great time management. 5 stars!


It was a pleasure to work with CODE. Bob is an enthusiastic and knowledgeable Shopify expert. With a skilled team for both large and smaller web shops. And own webshop experience, so he really does understand the needs of the client. And can also offer support after the launch of a Shopify webshop. Transferring all product references with specifications from Magento to Shopify was a bit of a challenge. But once done, I now realize what I missed in Magento! Shopify is a 100% more user-friendly platform - compared to former Magento versions - to my opinion! From the back office to statistics and reporting. Are you owner of a smaller webshop considering changing to Shopify or just think of opening a webshop? I definitely recommend CODE.

Natural High Surfshop

Working with CODE Internet Applications was a pleasure since day 1. During the scope of the project they made sure that every aspect was well defined. After we started the project I have been on a daily contact with Bob, Patrick and the rest of their great team to review the process of the project. CODE helpt us with the connection between our Shopify store and inventory management software. This application has a solid base and is easy to manage for our team. Looking forward to work with CODE again. Maurits Haantjens

Ilse Jacobsen

It was a real pleasure working with CODE for the build and implementation of Within a very short period of 10 weeks we accomplished to go Live with a full integration with our back-end systems which means automatic stock updates and automated delivery with our shipping partner. The next time I would definitely do another Shopify setup with CODE. Keep up the good work!

Neverland Toys

I am very happy we found Code for the making of our webshop. They provided a very profesional work and gave a service that we found accesible to our needs and taste but at the same time giving tips and advice that result of the most helpful.
Very much recommend working with Code.

Woonwarenhuis Nijhof

In order to create a new website/webshop, we were looking for an sophisticated e-commerce platform and found out that Shopify would fulfill our needs. As a former Magento user I must say the Shopify platform is intuitive and user friendly, as I already found out during the trial period of Shopify. Besides the right e-commerce platform, we needed a well qualified Shopify expert that was able to create our pre-designed website/webshop into Shopify as well as the integration of our ERP-system.

After approaching several companies without any luck we found CODE and had a very pleasurable conversation with Bob. Bob promised us that without any doubt his well experienced team would be able to create the pre-designed site ‘pixel-accurate’. And CODE kept their promise. Several people of CODE had their own contribution in their expertise and each of them with succes. The daily call we had with CODE showed us that we were working together with a bunch of enthusiastic people who’re willing to complete the project successfully. A real satisfaction.

Recapitulatory, CODE is a well qualified professional company that I highly recommend to everyone.

Thanks for the pleasant collaboration.

Michael, Berend & Hille
woonwarenhuis Nijhof


CODE helped us take our orchid webshop online and start selling directly to customers. Bob had the website up and running in a few days, and then helped us build up a customer base.

We knew that Dutch people are not used to buy plants on the internet, because every supermarket and gas station also sells flowers and plants. So this took some effort. Luckily Bob is the king of Facebook marketing.

He brought in a professional blogger to get more traffic, and manages our facebook-page very well. Thanks to his continuous tweaking and testing our traffic has gone up quickly, and is still growing!

With the Magento 2.0 deadline coming closer we felt the pressure to either upgrade our 1.7 shop or to move to a different platform. We have contacted numerous companies offering either service and after careful consideration we went with Bob and the Code team to migrate our shop from Magento to Shopify, in part based on their good explanation of the benefits of Shopify. From the get-go we really felt that we had a down to earth partner that was looking to help us and our business and was open to our ideas. Their experience with both the Magento and Shopify platform meant the migration was relatively hassle-free, deadlines were met and the whole process was very pleasant. Bob was never late for a meeting for example and always came prepared. This is very rare nowadays. The other guys were as reliable and friendly and were always open to feedback.
What we appreciated most was the 24/7 mentality and we would get a reply to our e-mails outside of business hours and also Code's knowledge of all aspects related to e-commerce. From the building of the site to the marketing, they have the expertise in-house.
Overall we can fully recommend Code, especially considering the fair price-point.

Hygge Kids

The experience with CODE has been excellent from the first conversion we had until completion. In addition to their Shopify expert services they also provided guidance to have a successful start in our e-commerce journey! They are customer focused, budget friendly and work very efficient. I would highly recommend CODE to anyone!

Jipfish Shop NL

Code helpt ons met het vergroten van het bereik van onze doelgroep en het verhogen van de verkoop. In de paar maanden dat we nu samenwerken hebben de tips en verbeteringen van de site al geleid tot mooie resultaten.
Shopify heeft tal van mogelijkheden, zowel om klanten goed te bedienen, als ook apps die ervoor zorgen dat onze organisatie soepeler verloopt. Hierover kan Code ons goed informeren en met ons mee denken.
Daarnaast helpt Code mee met het bedenken van een strategisch plan om met middelen als Facebook en het werken met Blogs onze gestelde doelen te behalen.
Het is fijn samen te werken met een partij die veel kennis en expertise heeft.
Het is voor mij vooral belangrijk dat de samenwerking goed verloopt door het enthousiasme, de betrokkenheid en het geduld waarmee alles wordt uitgelegd.
Mooi maatwerk!


Code is a great company to work with. We wanted to change our website from Magento to Shopify and we were in a rush because we have a seasonal business. Code promised they could do it and they did indeed. Our new website was ready just 4 weeks before the deadline and the knowledge of Shopify at Code is phenomenal. Highly recommend this company if you are planning to use the Shopify platform.

Filling Pieces

CODE made a custom warehouse-connector App so our forwarder receives all orders through XML. CODE sticked to the planning and was very pro-active. They also added some nice features we thought we did not need in the beginning, but now we can't do without!
Thank you Bob, Mike, Jamie and everyone else at CODE!


I have a very good experience working with CODE. They have migrated my running Magento 1.9 shop to a Shopify shop. Not only do they have the technical knowlegde but they also are great in empathizing what suits the customer. On top of this, the clear and honest communication about what is achievable in time and budget makes this collaboration one of the best I have had in years.


CODE customized an existing template to our requirements and they have developed an app for us. They have been assisting us throughout the design and implementation process and we are very satisfied with their service and reponse time.

Farmer Gracy

We have worked with Bob, Pier & co. on varied projects, from simple fixes to more complicated adjustments. They work quick and neat and have impressed us with their communaction, can-do attitude, and willingness to go that extra mile for the good of the projects.

All the best,
Farmer Gracy Team


Working with CODE Internet Applications on a new release of our webshop was a real pleasure. The team was very engaged and we managed to launch the site prior to the deadline. Besides executing the requested work, they have also been proactive in making suggestions for improvements. This provides additional value which makes them the right expert to work on your product. They have good knowledge of the Shopify system and the best ways to deal with your requests. In fact, they are capable of delivering much more than just a standard Shopify Theme in your look and feel.


CODE is an excellent partner for Dare Wines for the production of our website. They have been (and still are) very helpful and supportive by building our latest website, choosing a fitting theme for our company, support us by telling us about the possibilities of Shopify, teaching us the ins-and outs about it, bringing our website to a higher level, a level for which we stand for. Our webshop is fresh , clean and the sellings have been raised. Still needs to grow and it will, so far we have had an excellent cooperation. Dare Wines, Lisette Bruins

From the start I had a good feeling with the Team of CODE. They understood exactly what I want and understood my vison of The communication was perfect, which was heading rapidly into a beautiful functional shop. Besides from the excellent extra programmingwork they have the right team for design, modifications and know-how. Overall I would recommend this great team of talented people.


They are on top of the new developments. I have used Shopify for several years now through CODE. Support is amazing, always answers right away and if not within the hour.
My shop has shown considerable growth thanks to the guys at CODE. They now about Google advertisements (SEA), they are on top of Social Media advertisements and they just know how to use google terms on your site.
Plus the guys at CODE know about what design fits my store. As I said in the start they are on top of new developments which are working for my business. They know their stuff! Anything is possible. And they work with you, they think for your business.
Thanks you guys @ CODE!

Jap Sam Books

As a publishing house it is a must to have a good-working website to display all our books and events. In 2009 CODE Internet Applications developed our previous site, and we were very happy with the result. Fall 2016 we contracted CODE again to see how we could transfer the content of our old site into a Shopify store. Together with one of our designers they were in charge of the customization of one of the Shopify templates into our new website and the implementation of all the content of our previous website. CODE is a very good partner: they listen to the client, have a lot of expertise and a great team to work with. We are very happy with the final outcome of our customized Shopify store, which we all use as a platform to inform our readers. - Jap Sam Books

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