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About ChannelApe

ChannelApe makes inventory easy. We take inventory feeds - dense data docs like XML, CSV, PHP - and automate their integration into your site. This means you get an inventory file, you drop it into our platform and it automatically populates right on your site. This saves retailers from hours of tedious work and redundant tasks - giving them the time they need to focus on their business.
If you're merging several inventory files or product feeds to one data point, this service is going to save you time, money and headaches.
Because we make inventory so easy, it allows our clients to integrate multiple suppliers and drop shippers. This allows them to expand inventory and increase sales.
AND it allows you to sell on several major sales channels with the same inventory. We can sync your Shopify store up to Amazon and Walmart (eBay coming soon) so you can reach more customers. This means even more sales.
Inventory is headache work. If you want to get your store stocked and out the door so you can start making money, we're your ape.

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