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About CGTrader

We are the leading 3D design platform globally, uniting over 1.5 million 3D designers, who share, sell and create high quality 3D models through our site.

We want to make your transition to AR as easy as possible, which is why we created a dedicated team for Shopify AR, comprised of our leading 3D designers and project managers. We take care of the entire 3D modeling process and bring you high quality results on time.

Our dedicated 3D design team creates models from photos or other visual references of any product.

We also provide high-quality 3D scanning services with state-of-the-art equipment and digital processing.

All 3D models created through CGTrader are 100% compatible with existing AR software and applications, including Shopify AR. As our customer, you preserve exclusive rights to 3D models of your products.

Use our custom 3D modeling services to increase your brand awareness, bring products to life and strengthen customer engagement. AR enables your store to have a real-life visual experience without a physical location.

Our 3D design marketplace and custom modeling services are used by over a hundred Fortune 500 companies in various industries, including e-commerce, augmented and virtual reality, game development, 3D printing, interior design, advertising, among many others.

Founded in 2011, CGTrader is backed by Intel Capital, Practica Capital and Karma Ventures.

What we offer:

- Fully AR-compatible 3D models of your products
Designing 3D models from visual references (photos, video)
- Creating 3D models from 3D scans
- Full management of the entire 3D design project
- Exclusive licensing of your 3D models
- 3D models in real-world scale for seamless AR experiences
- Compatible, high quality 3D design that meets all industry standards

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