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About CDev Technologies

We're a boutique technology consultancy located in sunny Jacksonville Beach, FL. Our primary mission is to help your business utilize technology to your advantage and make you more money on the Shopify platform.

We provide a number of ecommerce technology solutions including our most popular "Shopify in 48 hours" package. We also offer a number of small business packages to help you get up and running quickly, with little risk. Everything from domain names and email accounts to direct integrations to the best accounting systems available for small businesses - and no, that's not Quickbooks.

If you've been in business for a while and are looking to take it to the next level, we offer custom theme development, marketing & advertising experience and our proven conversion rate optimization plan that has helped a number of our clients 3x their revenue.

Do you run a retail shop and have an ecommerce store that is making it difficult to keep your inventory levels in sync? Let us help you migrate to the Shopify POS platform and show you how to streamline your business operations.

Have something else in mind? We were one of the very first Shopify experts in the system - we were literally invited by Shopify to join - so whatever you can dream up, we can make it happen for you!

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10 Testimonials

Reform Beauty

As an entrepreneur, I'm consistently coming up with - and testing - new ideas. When I need help, I always turn to Conrad for his technical expertise. He's able to help me throw together quick prototypes as well as in-depth technological solutions.

This time around I needed to get an ecommerce site together and he had an initial version of the site up in hours that I was able to work with. The man is a machine. Definitely give Conrad a call for any Shopify work you might need.

Firefly Hammocks

I'm a small business owner and always looking for ways to grow my business. I currently have a retail business selling hammocks and recently began manufacturing my own brand - Firefly Hammocks. I needed to get a website up and running as quickly as I could so I reached out to Conrad at CDev. Conrad was able to get me rolling on Shopify with everything I needed in no time at all. He's since helped me flesh out workflows for dealing with wholesale relationships and we're working together to get the product line sold in a number of different sales channels.

If you need help on anything Shopify related, I'd highly recommend speaking with CDev before you do anything else.

Gwen Berlin

We recently decided to make the move to Shopify from an antiquated point of sale system. We were previously having to run nightly data transfers from our point of sale to our website to keep things in sync. It was a lot of work for a site that wasn't producing a lot of revenue. We reached out to Conrad primarily because he was a local Shopify expert and he exceeded our expectations. He was able to get our entire point of sale system migrated to Shopify with minimal time and effort and helped train our staff upfront to get everyone comfortable with the new system.

He's since provided continuous support, never fails to help us find appropriate solutions where necessary and has recently been working with us to increase our online sales through conversion rate optimization and marketing automation. The best part, he's always been cognizant of our budgetary constraints and his focus on providing a positive return on our investment is a notable trait. We would highly recommend Conrad to anyone looking to make the move to Shopify or to grow their Shopify based business


I've worked with Conrad in the past and I know that his experience with, and understanding of, the Shopify platform runs deep. To that end, it goes without saying that he was the first person I went to when I was ready to start my new business. Conrad was incredibly helpful in getting me up and running with a beautiful new Shopify website quickly and when I expanded my business model to include regular pop-up shops, he helped me get situated with a mobile point of sale using the same technology. Shopify has made running my business so easy but having a technology partner to help me navigate these unfamiliar roads made all the difference in the world. I would highly recommend Conrad and the CDev team to anyone that's looking to get up and running successfully with Shopify. I can honestly say, there are few people that I have worked with in any capacity of my life that I would recommend more strongly than Conrad and the CDev Technologies.

Radar Toys

Conrad and CDev Technologies is the real deal. Professional and on-point with response time and progress. I highly recommend this crew. Well done and thorough, this is where you want to be. Reach out to them!

Radar Toys

Otherside Boardsports

When we decided to upgrade our POS and ecommerce store for the second time, it was important this time around to find a partner who was knowledgable on the intricacies of Shopify, and who could truly customize the platform to meet our needs. Equally as important was finding someone that was responsive yet not looking to gouge us on every single phone call and email when it came to pricing. CDev definitely met and exceeded our expectations and we are relieved to have finally found a solid partner. We've had the new site and platform live for about two months now and our investment in working with CDev has already paid off. We definitely recommend Conrad and the CDev team.

- Shana


Since the launch of the new Rethreaded site we have seen exponential growth! In the first 30 days the revenue generated has completely paid our development costs and exceeded last quarter's total online sales income. On average, our new Shopify store has led to more sales in a day than our previous store was making in 2-3 weeks. At Rethreaded, we strive to create more job opportunities for survivors of the sex trade and human trafficking. With the amount of online orders we are now receiving, we will be able to hire a survivor to help with fulfillment in the near future!

Burro Bags

Conrad at CDev is great. He knows his way around Shopify and is able to create solutions even when the platform falls short. I am convinced there's nothing he can't do with Shopify!

Waldo Tags

Conrad is the absolute BEST, hands down!

He is the most efficient, top quality developer I've ever worked with. He delivered the project work on time, and far exceeded our expectations.

Look no farther - CDev Technologies is amazing!

I can't thank them enough for the quality work they did for our store. It not only looks great, but functions perfectly.

Thanks CDev!


Finding a great development partner is extremely difficult. CDev Technologies knocked our customized Shopify store out of the park (and then some). We have a ton of custom design and content manipulation, CDev nailed it all perfectly. We wouldn't be able to grow our business without Shopify and CDev.

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