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About Bulk Hours

Bulk Hours are used for completing tasks quickly. Tasks generally start with an idea to improve your business: like website changes, better blog posts, product videos, creative ad design, and site speed enhancements, just to name a few. Bulk hour packages allow you to take care of all these tasks in one block of time... which makes your life a lot easier.

For all of your needs, you’ll have one real-life person who’s your go-to for all your project requirements. Whether it’s making your site look better on mobile devices, creating catchy ad designs for your company or getting one of our copywriters to create your next blog post.

The great thing about having a designated project manager is that they learn about you and your business. Your likes and dislikes, style, design and copy preferences. Hey, they'll even remember your favorite flavor of ice cream.

When a task requires other input from other people in the company, your project manager makes it easy to collaborate and work as a team. We understand the importance of completing tasks quickly so we've created a 24-7, 365 workforce to ensure your tasks are completed as quickly as humanly possible…including weekends, nights, and holidays.

This way you get what you want, when you want it. Our team of experts, creatives, and nerds, don’t mean a lot if we don’t understand the actual people behind the requests, whether or not they’re satisfied and ultimately that’s what bulk hours are for: Improving the level of service between your needs and our experts, which is awesome!

Having Bulk Hours is like having a Design & Development team on demand and at your fingertips when you need them most. A great thing about Bulk Hours, is that your time can be spread out over multiple services. For instance, if you purchase 30:00 Bulk Hours, you can use 05:00 Hours for Graphic Design, 15:00 Hours for Web Development & Custom Coding, 02:00 Hours for researching & writing your next Blog Post, etc. It's totally up to you how you'd like to use your time. We track our time by the minute, so if a task takes 00:07 minutes, we deduct 00:07 minutes from your Bulk Hours. It's literally that simple.

Watch the video to show you how a block of time can help improve your business:


Additionally, there is no expiration. For example, if you purchased 30:00 Bulk Hours and only use 15:00 this month, you can use that remaining 15:00 at any time in the future, whether its days, weeks, months or even years later. They simply do not expire.

Here are some ways your Bulk Hours can be used:

· Graphic Design

· Development

· Programming

· Tech Support

· Consultation

· Phone Conferences

· Video Tutorials showing you how to do things on your own website

· Troubleshooting

· Marketing Collateral Design

· Ad Campaign Design

· Email Marketing Design

· Tech Support

· Business Card Design

· And so much more

Please view our Bulk Hour Packages Below, the more hours you purchase the less you spend:

· 1 Hour: $97/Hour

· 5 Hours: $92/Hour

· 10 Hours: $87/Hour

· 15 Hours: $82/Hour

· 20 Hours: $77/Hour

· 30 Hours: $72/Hour

· 40 Hours: $67/Hour

· 50 Hours: $62/Hour

· 75 Hours: $57/Hour

· 100 Hours: $52/Hour

9 Testimonials

Media Playground Recording Studio Equipment

I recently had the pleasure of working with BulkHours on 2 projects. A site redesign and a ground-up build. Their expertise, their responsiveness, their attention to detail and most importantly their constant communication make them the best in class. You can buy Bulk Hours with great confidence knowing they will be head and shoulders above any other experience. I personally guarantee it!

Notox Girls | skin care st lucia

I had what I thought was a great website... And then I saw an offer from this company and decided to try them out. And oh my goshhhh am I happy I did!!!! Not only did they design an absolutely gorgeous and modern layout, but they also showed me how to track the website stats and become more interactive. They were very responsive to calls and emails at all hours of the day and night. Even on weekends, they returned my calls within an hour every single time. Their customer service was above and beyond anything I've experienced with development companies in the past. Even now, if I have any questions I can call them up and walk through anything that needs tweaking on the site. Thank you so much!!!! Never using another website developer EVER AGAIN.

Expert Fidget Spinners

Bulk Hour Build has been (and still is) awesome to work with! They have been helping us maintain our e-commerce site and regularly updating it. Most importantly, they ensured us everything looks great across all platforms and devices, and it does!

I'm starting to think these guys are straight up robots! They always answer me within an hour whether it's during the day or night, week days and weekends! These guys never stop.

They've been there through emergencies and got everything sorted during the evening on a holiday weekend when I get most of my purchases!


Bulk Hour Build was the best thing that could have ever happened to our company. The not only built a beautiful drop shipping site for us, but they automated the entire process where we now literally make money in our sleep.

Additionally, they helped us with driving more traffic to our site through ReMarketing through avenues like Google Adwords, Facebook, Instagram, Email Marketing etc. Through their assistance, we managed to get many more sales on our site than we thought was possible.

Bulk Hour Build gets an A++ rating in our book! Thank you again guys! You Rock!!!!

Bulk Hour Build

I found the Bulk Hour Build team to be an incredibly valuable resource. They deliver the highest quality work product that I have seen, they are extremely responsive, and their fees are reasonable. I would highly recommend them for any organization looking to tighten up their online presence.

Insta Fans Followers Likes

Bulk Hour Build did a fantastic job helping me through the process of building an amazing website. Everything with them was top notch and came out even better than I had ever expected. Dealing with them was a riot, I had so much fun, they’re definitely much different than any company I’ve ever worked with, and I love it!!! I couldn't be happier with the end result and look forward to creating and sharing great content on the site Bulk Hour Build created for me. I'll highly recommend BHB to anyone I come across looking to have a first rate website made for them!

SEO SuperCharged

I had an amazing experience working with Bulk Hour Build. They constantly had updates to send me throughout the process and made any changes I requested very quickly. Responses to my emails or phone calls were always immediate, usually within minutes. I’m extremely happy with our new website. It has exactly the kind of modern and professional look I wanted, and after the site was built, they taught me how to make changes, now I can update it myself if needed.

Koffee Scrub

I would like to thank, and more importantly, recognize your developers along with my project manager, I am so impressed with their high work standards and exceptional customer service.

They were immediately personable when they first made contact with me. This was important to me since it set the tone going forward as we worked together on our virtual project. As a customer, I like knowing the status of my project when it's in another set of hands. They effectively responded to all communications and did so with a great sense of urgency and professionalism. They seem to work around the clock, quite literally! You have a very dedicated group of employees.

Few companies really get customer service and they get it. If you are as good to your developers as they are to your company, then I imagine they have the capability to excel even more. It was great doing business with Bulk Hour Build & Shopify!!"

St Lucia Spirulina

I am so glad I chose Bulk Hour Build to design my website. Everything was done so promptly, and the communication was (and still is) great. They did an amazing job keeping me updated with information and changes on my site. Additionally, they went above and beyond to make sure it was everything I wanted and more. I am very grateful to have worked with this company and will definitely work with them on future products and services; I will 100% recommend Bulk Hour Build to anybody looking for web development services!

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