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Paid traffic is a tricky beast when it comes to getting an ROI. Most agencies charge a large overhead because they have to keep the lights on with a big team and staff. As a freelancer, I can help keep your costs under control while getting a great ROI with your paid traffic efforts.

For Facebook Ads, there are a multitude of tools at your disposal as the platform becomes more sophisticated every year. With all my clients we start with a basic retargeting campaign for cart abandonment, then move up the funnel from there. From there, we can build out to interest targeting, custom audiences, video ads, and more.

For Google Adwords, we'll usually start with a shopping campaign since that makes the most sense for e-commerce stores as it's a visual platform for your products. From there, we can take the search term data that is performing and place them into regular text ads.

I've worked with clients that can only afford to do $20/day, and they have been able to get an ROI. So contrary to popular belief, you don't need to lose a ton of money for PPC to work - you just have to be real smart about how you start out.


Ideally, you want to be able to spend at least $10-$20/day ($300-$600/month) to get started. For most small businesses this is a manageable budget to start with. Currently with my clients we are able to consistently get a 3:1 return on ad spend. That means for every $100 they spend in ads, they get $300 in sales. Depending on your profit margins and industry, this may vary based on your mileage.


Our ideal client are stores with 5,000+ visitors a month that convert at 1-2% or higher. You want to invest in the next stage of growth and are looking for some outside help. We prefer clients with a monthly budget of $500 or more to invest into their marketing efforts so it makes sense to work together.


I'm Terry and run an e-commerce podcast (almost 200 episodes) and freelance as a digital marketer for e-commerce stores that sell physical products online.

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