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End-to-end email and content marketing for e-commerce stores on the Shopify platform.


Most visitors to your site are not purchasing right away. The large majority of people do research online for reviews, ask their friends, check social media, and many other things before deciding to buy. This means you need an organic way to stay in touch with them. This breaks down into two things:

1) EMAIL MARKETING - Having the contact information of a visitor is the only way you can proactively control the communication and own the asset. All social media accounts are not your property, and you are building your business on top of someone else's platform. What happens if your account gets banned? That's why you need to have an email asset the business controls.

2) CONTENT MARKETING - People are immune to advertisements now, being bombarded everyday with messages. To get somebody's attention now you must earn it by giving them interesting things to read, discuss, and share with their friends.


For email marketing, it starts out by researching, creating, and publishing a lead magnet that you give away to visitors in exchange for an email address.

From there, you can setup email sequences that automatically go out on set times (autoresponders). This is where you nurture visitors with education based marketing such as DIY tips, How-To guides, and eventually guide them back to your website to purchase a product.

Once the email marketing arm of your store is fixed and the funnel is working, we can then dump more traffic on the store.


Our ideal client are stores with 5,000+ visitors a month that convert at 1-2% or higher. You want to invest in the next stage of growth and are looking for some outside help. We prefer clients with a monthly budget of $500 or more to invest into their email/content efforts and can tailor different plans to your needs.


I'm Terry and run an e-commerce podcast and service agency at I help stores with their email and content marketing on an ongoing basis. This means drafting up monthly newsletters, creating opt-in forms, writing the content, and improving other areas of marketing such as influencer marketing and outreach.

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