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A/B Testing and Conversion Rate Optimization

Originally we started out as a PPC consultancy, but over time realized that many client sites were not maximized for conversions and it was hindering our results. So we made a pivot to only focus on CRO (conversion rate optimization) through A/B testing.


1) Testing and Research: It's expensive, time-consuming, and complicated to handle on your own especially when you are also running the business.

2) Speed, Tools, and Infrastructure: Experiment programs require proper setup and monitoring tools to function properly, and that's just the beginning.

3) Not Knowing Where To Start: Using an A/B testing tool is like getting keys to an airplane with no piloting experience. There's a lot of things you can do which can make you crash and burn.


1) Data-Driven Decisions: Instead of "prior experience" and "gut feelings", you can make better business decisions with real-time information. This is similar to how Facebook and Amazon constantly test, iterate, and implement.

2) Opportunity Cost: If you're not experimenting to find out what works and what doesn't, you are leaving money on the table aka long-term gains. Even if a test doesn't work out, you can apply those lessons to future ideas to find winners.

3) Strategic Customer Data: The faster you learn about your customers, the quicker you can provide a better experience. This translates into long-term value once it becomes a process baked into your business.


1) Identify Your Most Important Metric: Identify the one KPI that bring you the most money. Final sales matters, but there is one metric above checkout where you should focus on that makes the biggest difference.

2) Setup Data Sources: Every A/B test starts with making data-driven ideas. These come from three sources: site analytics, visitor heatmaps, and previous test results. We currently recommend Google Analytics (Free), Hotjar (Freemium), and Optimizely (Paid) for the three data sources.


We currently offer two plans to help you with conversion rate optimization (CRO) and A/B testing. We've been in the field of e-commerce marketing since 2012 and can help you with:

1) Accelerate Package ($500 one-time): Includes setup of all the required tools so that we can start gathering the data. We will also include 2 A/B tests to get you started with an experimentation program. Ideal for stores looking to dip their does in A/B testing and want to DIY afterwards.

2) Growth Package ($1,500 monthly): Every month we will work with you to execute 4-6 A/B tests and report the winners/losers on a bi-weekly basis. Within three months, you will have valuable data that helps grow your store. Ideal for store owners that have a business to run but can't devote the time to A/B testing themselves.

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