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About BTown Web

BTown Web can make your ecommerce store come to life! We are Shopify Plus Experts and provide an experienced design team with enterprise level developers and maintenance plans for our customers.

Custom Website Projects starting at $5,000 and hourly work is available upon request.

++ Our Services ++

-eCommerce Store Set Up
Looking to sell products online? We will get your Shopify site up and running!

- Custom and Premium Shopify Themes
We can build a custom theme for your shop or work with a premium theme. If you already have a store set up and need to make changes we can help with that as well.

-Custom Integrations
We integrate third-party software like ShipStation, Zapier, Salesforce, Quickbooks and more with Shopify.

-Shopify Apps
Do you have an idea for a Shopify App? We can build that app for you, ask us about the process and we are happy to show you examples.

We recently built a custom POS app that can handle backorders as a single transaction as opposed to handling the original order and then placing a second order once the backorder is ready to be fulfilled.

23 Testimonials


BTownWeb is a relatively small agency in Seattle area that specializes in Shopify implementation. I am in charge of building Direct-to-Consumer e-commerce sites for Unilever and BTownWeb assisted us in creating some custom apps for our site.

BTownWeb's strongest suit is that they are small, nimble, and agile. They are willing to work with you to develop the right solution for your business. They were very responsive from start to finish, even when a lot of hand-holding was necessary. They took responsibility for their work all the way through the end and was always available to solve issues.

I would definitely work with them again.

Deep Sentinel

For more than half a year, I've worked directly with Andrew at Btown. Hands-down, Andrew has been an invaluable asset for our company. He's extremely knowledgeable, work is top grade, and the turn-around is amazing. I would highly recommend Btown for UX and back-end work in Shopify.

Ultimate Bark Control

Once we decided on Shopify Plus for our platform we knew we would need a competent and flexible consultant and designer to help our internal Software Development in getting our site up and running as quickly as possible. We also knew we wanted a solid, state-of-the-art framework that will be able to grow with us and not limit us in the future.

From the initial conversations to the final decision BTown Web was a cut above. They were low pressure, flexible and capable – a combination we find rare and enjoyable in a business relationship. They were also completely transparent both in their capabilities and in their input on our requests which always let us know exactly where things stood. It was just as you want a consultant experience to be, consistent, confident, capable and flexible.

In the end, they helped us get the site we wanted, and helped our team without reservation which is refreshing in an age where some want to keep the “magic” of web design to themselves.

We highly recommend BTown Web to anyone wanting to work with true professionals on their Shopify Plus project, and found our project time together to be a first class experience.

Trayvax Enterprises

We 1st contracted with BTownWeb to help us create landing pages. When we first started using Shopify, we were surprised to learn that we didn't have the ability to create custom landing pages. BTownWeb provided us with coded templates so that we could create our own landing pages to run effective marketing campaigns. I didn't want to have to rely on a developer every time we needed a landing page built. We now have a number of coded landing page templates that follow our brand standards and make a nice presentation for the customer. Next, we tasked BTownWeb with a re-design of our product pages. I specifically selected BTownWeb because of the great work they did with landing pages and more importantly because of Chad's in-depth knowledge of SEO and digital marketing. Not only has BTownWeb helped with development work, but Chad has also offered priceless SEO knowledge and access to a community of content writers. He's very well dialed and connected to the digital marketing industry and we could not have selected a better partner. In addition, Chad hires some of the best in-house developers. He doesn't farm work out. We have a particular developer assigned to our projects and we've worked with him for quite some time. The entire team is great to work with and they provide the resources to ensure you don't have to rely on them to make future changes or updates. Thank you BTownWeb for laying the foundation for our success!

Girlfriend Collective

I recently had the pleasure of working with Larry & Elizabeth at BTown. The project to migrate from our old e-com platform ended up being a lot more difficult that we had anticipated, but they did not let us down and put in the extra mile to get us live. I appreciate their responsiveness, availability, and overall commitment to making sure things were done right. Larry did a great job at explaining things and made me feel like he was an extension of our team. Thanks Larry & Elizabeth!

Dan The Sausageman

Our developers at BTown web were very professional and helpful. They moved things along quickly and were always on top of what we needed. They were able to answer all our questions and were readily available to help work out some kinks afters the was site was up and running. Would recommend!

Seattle Tile Company

I cannot thank this team enough. Let me start by saying tile can get complicated. Andrew was completely on board from the beginning- willing to listen to my explanations of how on earth a 12x24 can be sold in anything but 2 square foot increments, and what math needs to happen where. I've tried to explain our vision to other supposed Shopify experts to no avail, and he really took the time to get it. It can be very discouraging sifting through apps that may or may not meet our needs then facing the decision whether or not to pay developers (way too much) to customize their app. Not necessary- Btown tackled every customization we needed to function with Shopify apps. There's a lot of tile websites out there, and our goal was to make one that the every day person could actually understand- not an easy task. On a platform that has proven to be a bit unfriendly to customization, we were able to fanagle a work around for everything I proposed (often not so eloquently) from a square foot->boxes calculator to seamlessly connecting product types and color swatches. We quickly fell into an easy routine of task phases, and I never felt like I had to explain things too many times before he got what my goal was- so valuable! Highly recommend these guys- definitely could not have done it so seamlessly without them.

The Singer Featherweight Shop

There are not enough characters in this space to express the gratitude we have for Larry at Btownweb. He has become like a friend... In fact, just got off the phone and my husband said, "what a great help he has been to us [in such a short amount of time and at the spur of the moment]!" He has gone above and beyond and did everything we asked for and even noticed little details we hadn't thought about for what our site could use. Thank you so much for your service and support.... We will DEFINITELY be back!


Extremely compassionate. I have had an expensive bad experience with a unscrupulous so called web developer 6 years ago. It caused me to take down my site and have a static page for over 5 years. I know I wanted my own site again, but had great angst about it. When I received BTownwebs email last May, it resonated with me. I did some research about them, then took the plunge and contacted Chad. Oh man, am I ever glad I did. I have my dream site. I had a clear vision of what I wanted and they helped make it happen. Thanks also goes to Andrew. He put in tenacious effort to work through all sorts of tangles to get everything working smoothly.

Rep the Squad

The Btown team has been everything I hoped they would be: experts at Shopify, competent in web development overall, easy to work with, responsive, and just all around pros. I'd hire them again in a minute. In fact, I already have. I now work with them on an on-going basic.

Hire them.


Great, thoughtful team and highly recommend. Helped us think through our projects and super dynamic approach to tackling our needs.

Working with Matt and BTown Web was a truly amazing experience. We were doing a complete redesign of our Shopify Plus store ( and BTown Web helped us from start to finish.

BTown did the following to help use create a beautiful and responsive website:
Give us insightful and thorough feedback on the site’s mobile and desktop designs
Code our new Plus site so it looked exactly like our designs
They even took on an extra project to create a custom filtering feature for our collections pages to make it much easier for our customers to find the exact product they’re looking for

We have more work to be done since we’ve been growing (in large part from BTown’s help) and we’re going to have help us with future custom features for our site. We highly recommend them.

Andrew and Chad are excellent to work with! Everything is done fast and efficiently! Definitely using them in the future with changes that I will need! Thank you guys!

Perth Pool Professionals

I've been told a few times by other people what I wanted to do on my page was not possible. I contacted BTown Web, they got back to me literally 5 minutes later, and did the job without hesitation in 24hrs. Couldn't be happier, highly recommend them, I wont be going anywhere else when I need to do more adjustments. Thanks guys!!

Drop Of Thunder

Working with BTown Web was an awesome experience. Andrew did exactly what I was looking to have done and he did it in a very quick and efficient manner. I definitely recommend them! I will gladly ask for their help again if needed.


Andrew was awesome. was there when i needed him and got the job done extremely quick and well.

Scott Henderson Design LLC

They took care of the two adjustments I needed to my site very fast and efficiently.

Ruby Blooms

The BTown Web is a high level programmers that can do any task with professionalism, intelligence and integrity.
• The responding time was super fast.
• Bill after job is done - Fantastic!
• Accurate - 100% Yes!
• Recommend to all - Yes!
Yes - I'm a lifetime customer now.

A Big Thank You again to you guys Chad and Matt!

Joyceanne's Consignment

BTown Web listened to my concerns about my online store, suggested changes to me, and designed a more marketable theme for my store. They were very knowledgeable about setting up a Shopify store, professional, and courteous. I had little knowledge about an online store and learned a great deal while working with BTown Web. I am extremely satisfied with BTown Web's redesign of my Shopify store, and BTown Web will be my go to web designer for any future website needs. Thank you, BTown Web.

eluminocity US, Inc. - GridCharge EV Charger

I would 100% recommend BTown Web. I worked mostly with Chad and Matt and I had a very positive experience from beginning to end.

In most regards, I knew exactly what I wanted on my site and I was very picky and specific. In those cases BTown, without hesitation, delivered quickly on everything I asked for. However, in times when I was unclear about my expectations, BTown was very patient and provided me with very good suggestions that I ended up using in the end.

I'll end this by saying - I got a very good value for my money. Before BTownWeb I tried doing my website on-the-cheap and hired some UpWork schmuck. Bad idea. Instead of pinching pennies on amateurs, I recommend that you just hire BTownWeb and get it done right the first time.

Windfall Lumber

Chad and Larry at BTownWeb have been great to work with. They know their subject well, are interested in solving problems, and are responsive to customer interests and needs.

Our site has become a better working tool with their support. In particular, we have added communication between the Shopify and Salesforce platforms allowing our customers to order samples on line with all of the pertinent data moving over from one platform to the other.

I highly recommend BTownWeb.

Orca Tactical Gear

B-Town Web saved the day! Saved our year actually! As a budding e-commerce entrepreneur, I needed not only a good website, but a great e-commerce website that will help our brand shine. We spent a large amount of $ on 2 previous web designers who did not understand customer service not take into consideration their customer's best interests, need, and timing at heart. That lost time has cost us sales.

Enter B-Town Web. These guys are local to me and I needed a firm who could provide outstanding customer service, have the ability to listen and design what I was looking for in an outstanding e-commerce site, and complete the project in a timely manner. All of those aspects were met with B-Town Web. In the end, they created a fantastic site, not only in design but also functionality. They did it start to finish in 3 and a half weeks. And the communication, follow-ups, and status reports was impeccable service. All done and finished, just in time for the Christmas shopping holiday. I know this company will be available when needed for website updates and when future functionality is needed! I am very happy with the results and look forward to working more with B-Town Web as we grow!

Seattle Cedar

BTown Web was so helpful in getting our store set up! One feature that we required was custom shipping prices based on the zip code of the customer. This is not something that Shopify provides by default, but BTown Web was able to install the Better Shipping app to fit this need. Now we are able to adjust our shipping costs based on zip code rather than just by state. They are also very responsive when it comes to making updates to the site whether it is adding new products or making changes to the layout. We highly recommend BTown Web!

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