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About Bows

With Bows (Be Online Without Stress), I provide Shopify expert services and advices in France & Belgium.

My guiding principles: confidence, quality, availability and efficiency.

Alice (Bows Founder)


- Shop set-up
- Consulting
- Design & theme development
- Custom made themes (from scratch)
- Social media, e-mail, branding, graphic design


- Pure e-commerce design expertise
- Sole & privileged contact
- Fitting perfectly your needs and brand with theme created and built for you
- All problems have their solutions and Bows is here to find them for you

- English (fluent)
- Français (native)

2 Testimonials


Amazing job Done by bows.
The first steps of my website where made by an agency that wasn't a shipi d'y expert at all.
They left the project when they realised that it was to complexe fir them.
We were very lucky to find bows that saved our project , by correcting the agency mistakes, anf bringing the website work even better that we wanted.


Alice is a great shopify expert. she made advanced adaptations for our store (liquid tips, proxy usage ...)
Great job, great contact.

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