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About BlueSwitch

BlueSwitch doesn’t just build websites, we build businesses, and we've been doing it since 2000. We’ve grown our business by making our customers’ needs our top priority.

As a Shopify Plus partner, we’re ready to customize your site for your businesses’ specific needs and take your business to the next level. Our teams help you best customize and integrate your e-commerce platform through strategically thought-out design and development, and help build experiences that engage customers and drives sales.

But we don't just stop there. Our marketing strategists use their experience to drive qualified traffic to your site, creating a larger customer base and increasing sales. BlueSwitch analyzes your customer data to increase conversions from your target buyer at every stage of their journey.

54 Testimonials

Knot & Rope Supply

Well, here is my review of BlueSwitch.

They exceeded my expectations again and again. BlueSwitch is easy to work with, their communication was very good during all stages of our job and they can bring creative ideas to the table to help on all things Shopify.

With our project we had an on staff employee from our company that could handle much of the CSS and HTML editing as well as shooting and editing photos for the site. BlueSwitch worked very well tying everything together between our work and the Shopify platform.

I can't say enough good things about BlueSwitch and would recommend them to anybody who needs a Shopify Store build out. I love working with their people and as an added bonus their office is cool and very easy to get to... no matter if you live in the city or not.

After interviewing numerous candidates to do our Shopify integration, I'm glad I picked BlueSwitch, I think you will be happy you did as well.

Bitter End Provisions

We recently launched an e-commerce website with Blue Switch and the team has been wonderful to work with on every level. They are highly organized, responsive and offer creative solutions to problems while keeping a keen eye on design. I would recommend considering Blue Switch to anyone building a Shopify site.

Extra Butter New York

The BlueSwitch team has been awesome to work with. We have been using the BlueSwitch marketing team to manage our paid advertisement as well as optimize our SEO. They have helped us continue to grow our business. They are responsive and always working hard to give us the results that we are looking for. The team is always looking at the data and working to refine the strategy month over month.

Brooklyn Jam

Blue Switch service is absolutely amazing! Avi is extremely knowledgeable and is able to help us make major improvements to make our site more efficient. The team at Blue Switch is so easy to work with and always available to answer our emails and calls. They saved our event! Highly recommend this company they are tops in the business!

deo eyewear

My experience with blueswitch has been incredible and has taught my company the power and excitement that comes with e-commerce. Our team came to blueswitch on day one very unorganized with little knowledge on how to create a website that would capture customers and enhance sales, that changed in little time. The project manager along with representatives from the development and design teams spent countless hours explaining every detail of the site and everything that was required on my end. As soon as I delivered everything on my end all three blueswitch teams worked quickly and efficiently to deliver my site before our deadline. The design team designed our site more beautiful than we ever imagined possible. Along with the incredible job the development team did on the backend, they spent hours meeting both in person and by phone explaining all of our questions and guiding our team throughout the process. Our team at deo is extremely excited about the end result. The deo team is excited to continue to add features and excitement to our site with the help of blueswitch.

To Boot New York

We had a great experience working with Blueswitch on our re-platform. They were very responsive and had a lot of good advice while building out our new site. We continue to be very happy with the service they are providing.


The BlueSwitch team was contracted to build us a highly complex and customized site on the Shopify platform. We presented to them very aggressive time targets of 5 weeks which included the fully customized interface, which would be the main focus of our site, plus an additional 2 commercial selling propositions leveraging app integrations.

All timelines were adhered to as promised, the build of the site was well-planned, flawless in execution, and with the highest attention to detail. Extensive research was devoted to finding the most appropriate Apps to leverage given our unique business needs and the commercial solutions provided match precisely to the requirements. On-going site management has been with the highest level of support, clear communication, and timely delivery of updates.

We would recommend them without hesitation. From the CEO down to the dev support functions this is an extremely high-performing team that knows what they are doing.

Neater Pets

We selected Blueswitch after a lengthy search for website developers and they did not disappoint. Blueswitch was very responsive and worked hard to find appropriate solutions to all of our requirements and challenges. I would definitely work with them again.

BariatricPal Store

Working with BlueSwitch has been and continues to be a very refreshing and positive experience. They listen to our goals and really help us navigate the best digital marketing decisions for our business. They're effective communicators and respond quickly to requests. The entire team at BlueSwitch have quickly become an essential part of our team at BariatricPal.

I highly recommend BlueSwitch!

Cats Love Life

Our shop is now almost a year old. Choosing to work with BlueSwitch is the smartest move to date. They have already improved the shop in countless ways, taking charge of all social media, SEO, PPC and really everything that needs to be done get this shop/brand moving quickly in the direction we want to go. It is a pleasure to work with such a hard working and talented team who believes in the product and know what they're doing. I have complete confidence we are going to see huge results this year and it will be because of BlueSwitch. If you are seeing results with your shop and want to take it to the next level, do not waist another moment and call BlueSwitch right now.

iaspire coffee

The team at Blueswitch is professional, patient, and super talented. Happy we worked with them!

Java Bean Plus

We had a terrific experience with Richard, Avi and the rest of the Blueswitch team. They were extremely patient, informative, innovative and professional. I would be sure to use them again.

Time's Arrow

Blueswitch has been a one stop shop for us. They have handled every aspect of our ecommerce from building, maintaining, EDI, keeping our site fresh, seasonal updates, etc. Their team is greatly responsive, helpful and would highly recommend their services!


It was a great experience working with blueswitch.

Twig & Arrow

Our experience was great. We really enjoyed working with our team to create two beautiful websites.

Shanks Shoeware

We were searching for the right agency to partner with. We looked through so many different shopify partners but Blue Switch stood out. After having calls with a few different ones it was clear. Blue Switch is an agency where we immediately felt understood with your product and needs to succeed. Blues Switch is working for us since 4 months and we have improved a lot. They were not afraid to take the challenge our product and new shoe concept offers. The whole team is fantastic and we are planning on working with them for much longer as well as on new projects.
They took over the complete marketing for Social Media, Email Marketing as well as SEO and PPC. We can strongly recommend Blue Switch.


The team at BlueSwitch was able to get the job done.


BlueSwitch helped us launch our site in record time. They were thorough and professional and I've truly enjoyed working with the team. I look forward to continue working with them on all of our post launch needs!


BlueSwitch's services helped us launch our site in record time! The team was professional and always available to help with pre and post launch support.

nicepipes apparel

Blueswitch is great! Always ready willing and able to figure out solutions and make c changes to create the best site possible for us.

VMI Sports

Blueswitch is BY FAR the best digital marketing company we've ever used for our brand. We cannot say enough positive things about their work, knowledge and dedication to goals.
They are constantly updating us on our consistent sale increases, always available to answer any and every question we have, and they take the TIME to explain our channel conversions, as well as our social media growth.

We have seen a large increase to our e-commerce sales, growth in our social media channels, and they could not be more pleasant to work with.

Hensel USA

Good support, quick response to change requests. Easy to communicate with, delivered product relatively timely, & helped assist with initial setup & QA

Central Park Tennis Center

My support contact, Peter Lebron is a helpful , knowledgeable representative of BlueSwitch. He is always eager to solve any issues and gets back to me in a timely manner. I would use their service again if needed.

Babo Botanicals

Great team who strives to really please the customer and deliver a top notch product. They designed and executed a beautiful new website I loved working with Liz and Richard. They are super strategic and organized. I will definitely continue to work with them on many digital projects.


Very pleased with the final product that BlueSwitch delivered. I would definitely recommend this company to anyone looking to set up on Shopify!

Baby Brezza

The Shopify team was extremely responsive to all of our needs and requests. They were a pleasure to work with, going above and beyond to finish the job in a timely manner.

Funzalo Toys

BlueSwitch was contracted to build several sales sites for us, and did so very quickly and efficiently. They were always just a phone call away if we needed anything, and continue to be very supportive of our business. Thanks!

Adrenaline Central

The staff at BlueSwitch was hired to create a Shopify storefront for our company. They have consistently produced excellent work, and their staff are very professional and work incredibly hard to make sure they create the results we need. Would definitely recommend!

Womens Boot

Extremely helpful, and dedicated staff. Thank you!


The staff at BlueSwitch was hired to create a Shopify storefront for our company. They have consistently produced excellent work, and their staff are very professional and work incredibly hard to make sure they create the results we need. Would definitely recommend!

Elle & Jae Gypset

This our third time working with Blueswitch in various capacities. They have serviced all of our needs from front end site needs as well as our interface and programming needs.
They also work very quickly at a fair price.

Madison Avenue Couture

BlueSwitch has been great at professionalizing our site and in helping us with social media. We used another firm to develop our site and while it turned out beautiful, it took over a year to get done. And, there were a lot of outstanding issues on both the front and back ends that should have been resolved before it went live.

When we met with BlueSwitch primarily for social media, they immediately showed us the problems with the site and how it would limit traffic. In addition to improving it for SEO purposes, they fixed the back end to make it easier for us to manage. We continually learn things that will enhance the appeal of our site and BlueSwitch can do them providing that it is possible on Shopify.

They are reasonable in price and have a good turnaround time. I would recommend them highly.


BlueSwitch was able to understand my needs as a travel agency and implement a secure site for my clients to login and view information relevant to them. The transaction portion of my site is easy for my clients to use and increased my productivity via payments and receipts. Thank you for a great experience!

T-Shirt & Jeans

It was fantastic working with BlueSwitch. They are professional and provide a complete service. From interface to nuances of setting up a site. We currently use them for our 2 websites, and are now going to them for our third.

Emma & Chloe

Knowledgeable, experienced, and a pleasure to work with! I HIGHLY recommend this company.

Townley Girl

Understanding the platform, design looks great, made navigation very easy for me.

BH Medwear

The Team at Blue switch was top notch and professional.
They really know there stuff and where hands on with getting us our Shopify store launched.

I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to start an eCommerce site as they have been
around along time and have a nice staff that were very helpful and knowledgeable in this space.

Flexable Living

BlueSwitch were a delight to work with during the development of the website. They worked on it from scratch and paid great attention to the design and feel of the website right down to the tiny details. We have continued our partnership with BlueSwitch which now extend to marketing the website. We've seen great results in a short span of time and they continue to monitor the site and implement any improvements as necessary to ensure our website is a sales machine! They are on schedule and stick to time requirements without comprising on the quality of the website. Their SEO team is strong as well so with BlueSwitch we've truly found the whole package and look forward to our ongoing partnership.


The Team at Blue switch are a group of amazing people. They are very professional and the communication is great. The team was able to understand our vision by provinding us with a new and amazing website.

Swissco LLC

We have been clients of Blueswitch for quite some time. there level of experience and customer service is second to none. When we decided to update our website, blueswitch was able to provide us exactly what we were looking for in the Shopify model. The quick turnaround time and wide array of options really provided us with a fresh and updated website that we are really happy with. The Blueswitch team really pointed us in the right direction and the Shopify options were exactly what we were looking for.

thank you,

stephen dweck

Blueswitch helped us create a site that we were proud to share to the world. Throughout the entire process, they were hands on in all aspects and helped us use Shopify's tools to turn our dreams into a reality!


It was a pleasure working with the Blueswitch team to build my shopify website. We were under a tight time frame and they delivered everything that was promised in a timely matter. All questions and concerns were addressed immediately.

Highly recommend them.

New Look

Working with BlueSwitch was fantastic!

With the help of my awesome project manager, Melissa, and the incredible team behind her, I was able to gain a full understanding of how to make my store work for me. BlueSwitch helped me navigate my way through learning how to use Shopify and showed me which Shopify resources and designs would best suite my store. They have been able to fix every issue, customize every detail, and create the exact store that my team and I wanted. From choosing a theme, to implementing order fulfillment procedures, to SEO, BlueSwitch proved to be the experts. This project would not have been possible without their help!

Eddie Marc & Co

Working with BlueSwitch was great! They helped us make a wonderful website to help us build our company in a new way! They had excellent customer service and was always there to answer questions when we needed. It was a great working with them!

ArchCare Promotions

Blue Switch is a pleasure to work with. They've set up the site in a way that it's easy to use and manage. They have been really helpful and patient. We really recommend them.


Working with BlueSwitch was a great experience. They were very helpful throughout the process of creating our site. Beginning with choosing a theme all they way to site launch BlueSwitch was at our side ready to help with anything we needed.

Luana Italy

We were thrilled with the outcome of our new website. They took care of our EDI Integration with ease. We will definitely be using them on future projects! Thank you BlueSwitch!


BlueSwitch helped us set up our store from design, development and product setup. They guided us every step of the way and are experts at Shopify and the platform. They are a pleasure to work with and we look forward to future growth and projects with them.

Peugeot Watches

There are web development teams, and then there is BlueSwitch.
Not only are they top notch when it comes to building a beautiful Shopify site, they understand business and take they time to understand your goals and industry to give you the best possible product.
They are quick, professional and have a great support team from design to marketing, to guide you through from concept to site launch.
I HIGHLY recommend BlueSwitch if you are looking for an eCommerce partner to help you build your presence online with Shopify!

Brooklyn Cloth

Working with Blueswitch continues to be both a pleasant and productive experience. Their team does an amazing job ensuring that every project is executed to a "T", down to the smallest of details . We continue to see growth and advancement as we come to them for advisement regarding e-commerce and social media growth, and look forward to working with them in the future.


BlueSwitch were experts at helping us design & set up our store. We migrated from Magento with many active customers and products. The data migration was smooth and seamless. They are experts not only in Shopify but ECom business setup and also assisted in integration with Quickbooks and our systems. Timelines and budgets were all in line with what was outlined and we continue to work with them on support and updates.

Technical Pro

Blueswitch was very well knowledgeable in Shopify websites and helping us modify and adjust our theme to what it has became today. Blueswitch was very affordable and very professional at every turn. They helped us design and guided us through the building and even offered us ways on maintaining our website. It was a pleasure using Blueswitch. Blueswitch is the only reason my site is such a success on Shopify.


It's awesome that I can call shopify and they help me right away

T. Anthony

We are very satisfied with the Blueswitch team. They created a beautiful site for T. Anthony which has grown our online business and improved our online branding. Blueswitch is highly competent and very service oriented.

Michael Root
T. Anthony Ltd

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