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About Bluedge USA

We are an elite team of Shopify Experts dedicated to creating meaningful e-commerce stores that impact sales. Every site we design is fully customized with a beautiful original design and custom backend, tailored to each client’s needs.

We also offer Shopify store setups with lighter customization of your current Theme.

Bluedge USA’s entire team is based in California, and Bluedge USA's owner Nicolas Alessandra is a full-stack developer with expert SEO knowledge. Our team’s technological expertise, combined with years of experience across the entire retail chain, allow us to combine design and marketing solutions that make a dramatic impact on our clients’ revenue and reach.

We are passionate about creating a truly collaborative, 360° experience. In addition to complete transparency throughout our process, we share a swath of additional resources, including extensive e-commerce advisement and a network of business professionals.

No matter the size of the brand, we offer nothing less than a holistic, high caliber solution, and our price is unbeatable for the quality and scope of services we provide.

Give us a shout to get a free two-hour consultation for your e-commerce business.

Bluedge USA - Your partner in e-commerce!

8 Testimonials

K8 Stinger Store

These guys are unbelievably good. Nico and his team did such a great job on my website design, that I hired him and the team again to do another website for me. If you are looking for quality and attention to detail, this is who you want to work with. While they may not be the cheapest out there, just remember that good isn't cheap, and cheap isn't good.

Go with these guys if you are looking for quality and want to have things done right!


Beverly Hills Lingerie

Wonderful experience. My website was produced very professionally and beautifully designed, exactly what I asked for. My website was followed up with care. Very thankful for Nicolas and his whole team and I am looking forward to continue working with Bluedge! I have recommended him to peers.

Come Fuzed

I had the best experience working with Nichola. He helped me create a beautiful website, explained to me everything I needed to know, and adjusted the elements just as requested. Nothing was beyond his reach, great personal connection and beautiful work. He is very experienced and finished ahead of time I highly recommend working with Bluedge USA if you want amazing and quick results!

Mariam Anna Barska

I am a fashion designer who needed someone to create smooth shopping experience on my new shopify website. I contacted almost everyone on the "shopify expert list" and no one got back to me. Unfortunately, I contacted Nicolas, the owner of Bluedge USA, last. They say: last for the BEST. I am so impressed how quickly Nicolas fixed my site / uploaded the contents and make all my images to flow nicely. Besides being professional and expert in his job, Nicolas also is a wonderful person. Thank you Nicolas for your hard work and amazing outcomes. I will be definitely work with you again.

Mariam Anna Barska


Nicolas and his team of experts made it simple, quick and efficient for us.
Thanks to Bluedge expertise, our online store was ready and running in a short time.
Their step by step approach and the deep understanding of our company, needs, characteristics of our products, goals and budget allowed a smooth take off.


Nicolas and his team have gone above and beyond for every project we needed done. We never had to adjust or modify any job they completed. They spent a lot of time with us just brainstorming before any project. They never rushed us or tried to over sell us. I highly recommend Bluedge, I couldn't have had a better experience. A+++++


I contacted Bluedge USA’s Owner, Nicolas, after a terrible experience with my former webagency. I had previously lost so much time… Thanks to Nicolas and his team’s reactivity we managed to develop and launch my website in less than 3 months.

His knowledge in e-commerce, his rigor and his advice allowed me to develop a Shopify website, tailor-made, powerful, and in adequacy with the image of my brand.
Bluedge's “know-how” has taken the store even further by developing a Shopify App specifically designed for the needs of our site. Thanks to their work, I can manage my Limited Edition Products, and display a countdown of the remaining quantities highlighting the Limited Edition aspect of my products. This quality of service is truly unique, we felt really surrounded and accompanied through the development process of the website. Nicolas and his team never hesitated to go beyond the brief in order to get the best possible results for us. The rigor of Nicolas allowed us to keep the deadlines as tight as possible!

His experience and his flawless knowledge of e-commerce have been extremely valuable to me, especially on the whole SEO aspect. Bluedge USA has not only created the site of my dreams, they also have been able to focus on all the technical aspects that allow my brand to be best listed on search engines. Being available online only, it was indeed essential for Kemang to have a site that is both aesthetic and efficient.

At the time of the delivery of the website, Nicolas took the time to train me on Shopify, and gave me the ability to manage, and modify the different elements of the site from the backend. His patience and his explanations made the "handover" absolutely frictionless.

I will never thank Nicolas and his team at Bluedge USA enough for the work they have done for Kemang! Do not hesitate! This is the Partner you need!

Bisou Bisou

We have had an absolutely phenomenal experience working with Bluedge USA LLC, it's rare to find both a talented and competent team! We worked directly with Nico who worked with his designer on designing/building our shopify site, it was all custom build and designer - they brought our vision to life! The site operates flawlessly, on top of it we were able to personalize a ridiculous amount of details on our site like being able to active our campaign videos on different areas of our homepage instead of just the banner. Once the site was complete we had the choice to be trained to use it ourselves or have them maintain our website, we decided to maintain ourselves due to budgets so Nico trained our team, we couldn't believe how easy it was because of how well the site was built out! To top it all off, we had a very tight timeline for our launch, Nico and his team work really fast which is a huge plus!

Their team is efficient, talented and uniquely capable of bringing your dream site to life by accurately adhering to your needs and vision; not only that they aren't just shopify experts; they have expert experience and knowledge on best practices for marketing, SEO, etc. When you build a website it's not just the structure that matters but also the details like SEO, it's rare you can find a complete package team like this among web developers. Highly recommend working with them, they are our go-to experts!

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