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About Blue Stout

At Blue Stout, we partner with eCommerce merchants to add 6 and 7-figures in additional revenue to their businesses by increasing their conversion rates, average order value, and repeat purchase rates. Our team of strategists, email marketers, designers and developers can help design, build and optimize your Shopify Plus store into a high converting eCommerce machine.

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I have been working with Allen at Blue Stout for a few months now, redesigning our site to help maximize trust with new customers and increase conversions. I learn so much from him with every session, and he's really an expert in his field. When you are a new store owner, you don't realize how much you need to know and it can be overwhelming. Allen helps you focus on what's important and strategize with achievable goals you can see and measure.

I am working with a niche that is not usually the norm in e-commerce....I sell products to seniors who are shopping online. Allen has repeatedly shown to use his expertise to tailor his knowledge to help work with my demographic.

I look forward to working with him in the future! So glad I found Blue Stout, they really are helping to make a difference with my store.

Sunnys Hair

I've truly enjoyed working this agency. I think too many agencies don't take a simple and holistic approach to building a business that can outlast the latest greatest tactics and shiny new methods of customer acquisition.

What I love about Blue Stout is how hands on in your business you have to get to really define your business and learn how to convey that to your core audience.

I've worked with a lot of agencies that were just taking my money to be honest and this feels out the gate like I've already transformed my approach to my business and yielding the results I've really wanted.... a long lasting strategy to growing my business organically with customers who make sense for me.


These guys know what they are talking about. Trust the process.

Go Nutrients

All I can say is that I am VERY pleased with the results of the services Allen provided. Our conversion rate increased about 294% in the short time period we worked together (a little over 2 months). He helped us improve our branding message, implement trust factors in our website, acquire and retain customers. These were the contributing factors in our increased conversion rate. If you are looking for results, I highly recommend working with Allen.

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