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About Black Nova Digital

Black Nova Digital is an agency based in Sydney, Australia that utilises Shopify as our main E-commerce Platform. We believe that it's functionality and security is second to none - and with 30 years of combined web development and design experience under our belt - we can help move your business forward into the realm of E-commerce.

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In Short Supply

Black Nova Digital has really helped me recreate my website with their creative flair, excellent customer service and outstanding development work. The team here really knows how to make you feel like your business is the most important business in the world. And I would recommend them to anyone looking to redevelop or create an e-commerce website.

Black Nova Digital went above and beyond to really help us in setting up our new brand and e-commerce shop-front.

When we decided to go with them, we had a particular image we wanted to pursue, and they helped us transform that image into a reality.

We found their price pretty reasonable, and it was massively re-assuring to have everything done locally, by people we could actually visit in the office and work with if we needed to.

If you're after a great looking e-commerce site or re-branding, I highly recommend Black Nova Digital to get you there. They're a brilliant company.

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