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About Stailors

We take over when you get stuck: our in-depth knowledge of the Shopify platform enables us to create beautiful, bespoke stores, perfectly suited to your business specific needs.

Going above and beyond the professional looks & delightful user experiences, we strive to improve your conversion rate - so you sell much more.

Our team of friendly, Shopify experts, can propel your project from infancy all the way to a huge success!

4 Testimonials


It was a great collaboration! Excellent service, prompt, very good comunication. Thank you for identiyfing so quickly the problem and to solve it! A big help!

Wanderlust Empire

Incredible 5* experience!

I spent weeks on trying to modify a theme I really enjoyed, but it seemed the my coding skills were not enough to do the job!
After discussing the issue with my entrepreneur friends everybody recommended that I choose an expert for this issue, because it made a huge difference in my CR and I don't want to micromanage such task.

After researching Shopify's recommended experts I chose Stailors because they have a lot of social proof, and that is honestly the first thing I look for when researching a specialist.

I have my share of bad experiences with self entitled "experts" so now I spend a lot of time in choosing the right partner for the job, and so should you!

After contacting Stailors, they replied in seconds! ( and it was a real human being on the other end, not a predefined text saying I'll be contacted in X amount of time! ) I described my problem at the best of my abilities, and got a short reply:
" Please relax, we will take care of this for you, it will be fast and we guarantee you will love it!"

The next morning my store looked incredible, and only after I was blown away by the work these guys did, we discussed payment.

Great price for the service, deffinitely worth it!

But don't take my word for it, try them for yourself!


Excellent experience!
I fully recommend!


Very fast and friendly service, professional.

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