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About Binary

Welcome! You've found the #1 design, development and marketing team on Shopify Experts. We are enthusiast about empowering and expanding your business online.

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Skype - Shopify.experts and shopifyforum

Call- 02225696920 or 02225696982 (Mon to Fri- 11:00am to 6.00pm Indian Standard Time)

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Whatsapp- 09167738750 (Share your email id on whatsapp to revert back or call you)

Binary is focused on e-commerce, specifically Shopify and delivers the best possible experience for the customer through the integrated and disciplined use of the best possible practices, best ideas, people and technology. Founded in 2001, binary is a growing team of 70+ creative, strategic and technical specialists all extremely passionate about the digital and creative industries and what they do. Binary has been empowering 400+ Shopify Projects, 800+ clients digital marketing across India, UK, Singapore, and USA, with more than 1000 projects successfully completed.

- In-house designers, developers, and marketers
- Fast project turnaround times
- Speedy replies to telephone and e-mail queries
- Support and training for each individual project
- In-depth design process for every re-design and store build
- Live Zoho Projects to clients

- Complete Shopify store setup
- Custom theme designs based on your individual ideals and requirements
- Mobile responsiveness
- App design and installation
- Brand identity design

- Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
- Content marketing
- Mailer and newsletter campaigns
- Social media setup and management
- Pay Per Click advertising (PPC)

Other services we offer include (and are not limited to): Logo design, migration to Shopify, Shopify Plus, POS set-up, copywriting, and Social Media profile design, SMS Marketing, Email Marketing, Mobile App development

Mail us for quick proposal and our expertise and inputs for your business:

24 Testimonials

Artaria Editions

Very fine work. Friendly and professional team. Creative and communicative. We're very happy. Would use them again.

Marwadi Dhani

After shortlisting 5 service providers, we finally selected them and it was really worth the wait. The web design came out to be highly appealing and eye catchy. They are ever-ready to do multiple iterations, whenever required. Their excellent delivery and command over Shopify made me gave them another project right after it.

Eshwar Bhakti

They are highly professional and listen to every piece of advice. The entire team makes sure they deliver a classy project. Their inputs and experience in designing shopify websites is excellent. This is my second project with them and they have worked wonders again.

NAMU - Artsisanluxe

Working from India with Binary was a pleasure and easy communication while I lived in Bali. The attention is fabulous and the staff is superb. Any ideas I had they would expand on them to make them better. We highly recommend the team Binary to anyone seeking to create or grow their online business.


I have been working with Binary for 2 months now and so far I must say I am impressed with the quality of service they provide. They have been very thorough in my project approach and very creative in the way to tackle some of the issues I have challenged them with.

Also my content writing requirement was fulfilled, SEO friendly and creative as per Jewelry industry standard. I love the way my website is customized, user-friendly, and the parallax effect.

The biggest challenge Binary has helped me with the customization of more than 3 variants limit and 99 max combinations of those variants on Shopify which was successfully achieved with customization and their brainstorming.

The team also have been very reactive so far to all my demands – highly recommend!


We had a fantastic experience. Binary worked with us with all are customization requirement, over few days and many changes to get the site not only functional but also meet our aesthetic needs.Most importantly the work was done within budget and on time.

We appreciated the prompt communication and updates we received throughout the process.

They offer great value and I'd recommend their services enthusiastically!!


This team is a combination of Fantastic developers and Brainstormers to strategize your website look to keep it different from your competitors.

Very reasonably priced, excellent communication, fast turn around and completed the job 100% accurately with highest Standard. There is great value in good support, that is why I always contact this expert when in need.

I recommend working with Binary to anybody looking to create a custom look/feel and functionality that will elevate their sites beyond the standard e-commerce template available.

Ayur Genie

“Binary has done an excellent work for my website, they have delivered as per the commitment. So far I must say I am impressed with the quality of service they provide. They have been very thorough in my project approach and very creative in the way to tackle some of the issues I have challenged them with. The team have always responded quickly to my requirements/queries – highly recommend!”


Thank you Binary Team for the huge amount of time and effort that you’ve put into the development, creativity, design and realisation of our site. Binary’s whole team helped me develop an excellent website which is everything I wished for and more. No question goes unanswered. Our website looks fantastic. I am very pleased with the product and it was also a pleasure working with you.
I must say wow! Excellent job!
Ajay Nanda
New Shop Retails Pvt. Ltd.

Shop Organikós

Team Binary handled our entire e-commerce and web development project at Shop Organikós. Folks at Binary deserve more stars than are available for us to give here! What left an indelible impression on us are the following traits about this phenomenal company:

1. Uber professional working style: They provided superior service and were all through efficient, helpful, patient and most importantly, courteous and friendly.

2. Technical knowledge: They have a highly experienced techical staff who know EVERYTHING there is to know about any and all matters technical viz back-end coding, CSS, programming, etc, etc.

3. Responsiveness: This trait stood out for us as Team Binary was available (regularly) even at 2:00 AM (that's right!) to firefight, troubleshoot and problem-solve on our behalf.

4. Never-say-never attitude: Give them a problem (ANY problem) and they will find a solution! Period. No hiding behind techical mumbo-jumbo for these guys.

5. Active stakeholders: They care about the client's success like their lives depends on it! No exaggeration here, trust us!

Working with them is easily THE BEST decision we have taken so far! Can't thank you enough Team Binary!

Case Me Up

Great Job!! Done

They have made customised App in Shopify which everyone told me its not possible. They understand my requirement, Shared wireframe and delivered what they have committed

Even i never seen any website where customized of Cover made on Shopify.

Thanks for your Lovely support and help.

Thin N Fat

This Shopify Development team has good setup experts and creative shopify designers. If you want to build best Shopify Ecommerce Website & make your online presence then go with Shopify Development Team. I will highly recommend them for Shopify Ecommerce Website design and development.

Now I would like to mention about their design skills, they have very high quality shopify setup experts and shopify designers who made my design in a different class. These shopify setup experts and designers are simply amazing and excellent. I am very happy with the end result which is a simple, user friendly Ecommerce website with all the necessary requirements minus too many bells and whistles. Thank you Binary again, happy getting suggested by Shopify.

Govind Dande and Sons

It was a brilliant experience working with these Shopify Experts. We worked through early mornings and long evening to ensure timely launch for the store. The entire Binary team also had detailed understanding of the Shopify platform and worked diligently on setting up the store from scratch.
We love you guys for your incredible job. What a marvelous contribution of work.

Aabhushanam | Online Jewellery Store India -Buy Exquisite Diamond Jewellery at Best Prices

I wanted a custom theme for my store but wasn't sure how or what direction to go. I interviewed a dozen different firms and Binary, offered the BEST IDEAS at the BEST VALUE!

They provided several unique ideas to redesign my site and honored their quote even though the project took longer than expected (due to changes I asked for). I'm looking fwd to working with them for many years to come! We also are pleased by the way they are managing our Annual Monthly Maintainece .

Govind Dande and Sons

Really DISAPPOINTED withe Binary and Shopify. Lot of hidden charges. No terms and conditions specifically mentioned in the contract. Won't recommend shopify or binary to anyone. HIGHLY OVERPRICED. Very Very disappointed.


I was impressed by Binary response to my initial enquiry. Throughout the process they were professional, yet friendly, efficient and responsive.

The team showed great patience and understanding when decoding my various ideas for the website in order to create something above and beyond what I expected.

Their expertise, technical competence and hands on approach enabled them to design and implement my website in less time than I thought possible and to an high standard. I choose them because of their previous work for another company and I'm glad I did.

It's been a pleasure having them develop my website and I look forward to future projects with these Shopify Experts. Great Work Guys.


Working with these guys was a pleasure!

They are very accommodating and take everything on board. They designed the project to my budget and didn't mind that it wasn't a big one.

In addition, I didn't know much about websites to start with. They explained everything and answered all my questions patiently. They dealt with the customization challenges of Shopify back-end with diligence and outstanding execution. Because I didn't know a lot of the technical terms, let alone decide on what i needed, my project took longer than expected.

Team was very understanding and didn't mind redoing things because I wasn't aware of certain aspects. I think this project was in the safest and most honest hands possible! I would definitely recommend you guys to my friends! I would recommend them with absolutely no hesitations.


My experience with Binary was great and wow some.

Communication was perfect. I literally described what I wanted via email and Account managers got it working in no time. If you need anything done with your Shopify store, I highly recommend this Experts. They are agile and fast, easy to communicate with and provides excellent value for money. Will be using him again for other changes I need to make to my store.

I really appreciate the way they make WhatsApp group of whole team to keep communications in line and their Zoho Projects for Live preview for our benefits.

Myra Collections

Efficient, punctual, responsive, earnest and enthusiastic. Team Binary is an efficient & enjoyable team to work with. The team showed great respect for time frames and worked to deadline. They were flexible and reliable and took the time to develop designs that suited the individual needs of the business.

They listened & offered sound advise when required. They have done a great job customising my template, but more importantly have been available virtually 24/7 to answer all my questions, even the very silly ones! We the love the way they use Zoho Projects for us to monitor our website update which is live.

A truly great experiance. Thanks Again


The best way to describe Binary is in one word, "Game Changer". They are extremely knowledgeable in the E-Commerce industry and have helped to take our business to the next level.

They were very thorough with getting things just right, and really found the best solution to each challenge. They turned around our site in under a month and it looks fantastic.

Plus, they were very kind and a pleasure to deal with. A big thumbs up!

Bestiee Watches

I'm so happy with the choice I made to use Binary Ecommerce and Digital Experts, and very happy with the end result. I now have a website with much improved functionality which is great from a customer perspective as well as from an administration point of view.

They were passionate about our business and goals, very quickly understood our objectives and made brilliant suggestions to overcome some of our challenges. They were great at suggesting which apps to use to give me the features I needed, fab at integrating everything seamlessly and quick to respond to any little tweaks I asked for.
I liked having a detailed breakdown of all the elements of the design before the project began so I could make an informed choice. This has been money well spent and I will definitely contact Binary again in future when I need any updates etc.

I would certainly recommend them and customer feedback so far has been very positive too. Thanks guys youll helped me planned my business and oppurtunity, while youll are my technical partners and help me Marketing my website too.

We're very satisfied having chosen Binary Ecommerce Experts!!


In all honesty and frankness, I hadn't expected your fast and excellent service! Especially the way they use Zoho Projects for us to monitor live project update. I am writing to express my appreciation towards your professional services provided in building up my Shopify website, we have successfully build up the website in about a month, which is within my set time frame.

With your assistance, building up a website through Shopify made even more easily since I was given clear step-by-step instruction from you to provide necessary materials and information so that you could complete the tasks one after another smoothly.

Throughout the process, I have learn quite a lot about website building limitations, technical issues and other network knowledge, thanks to your patience explaining everything to me in details.

Despite our time zone difference, you are able to response to me in a really timely manner which I think a must as a developer working online in this modern world.

I would love to have Binary as my partner for future website projects and I will definitely recommend E-commerce technology partners to anyone who is looking for a reliable and quality professionals.

Omana Fashion

Binary has allowed us to create a unique online shopping experience for our clients.

Having worked with Shopify, Binary has been a breath of fresh air.

The support has been outstanding. Their contract & estimate gave a clear overview of the work relative to the project and met all our expectations.

Communication was quick and precise which allows both parties to understand what are potential issues and what can we do to solve them.

We're extremely pleased with the platform's flexibility designed for us!

I have never felt more confident in providing a positive review than I am with this assessment of Binary's team.

We recommend this guys and it was fantastic to work with this team.
Amazing work guys, thank you!

Fashionic: Indian Ethnic Wear

I can’t thank Binary enough for understanding my business and helping me with the right solutions.

The approach they follow for ecommerce is worth a compliment. Their expertise, approach and general pragmatism extended well beyond e-commerce website building. The process of working is quite clear. The team working on the project is quite clear of the objectives that I would like to achieve. They could foresee the future and derived the strategies accordingly.

Binary’s expertise in ecommerce makes them the clear leaders in the industry. Having felt confident to build the majority of our Shopify shop there were a few crucial details that I needed help with and the guys were helpful, quick and transparent with their work. I would highly recommend them!

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