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About BentoSMB Inc.

Building small business by helping entrepreneurs embrace technology, Shopify is a clear choice for our customers. We help create themes, build stores, and train entrepreneurs on how to get the most out of Shopify, Apps, and technology.

All of our stores are made with the customer experience in mind, and mobile optimized, SEO driven, and connected to marketing tools so you get the most out of your shop.

27 Testimonials

Living to 100 Club

This was not the feedback that I was looking for, though the focus on Facebook advertising was helpful and informative. I was hoping for more critique of the store itself - the plus's and minus's, what needs fixing, etc. Just the same, I appreciate the expert's willingness to review results of FB ads after two weeks.


The Panic Room

Probably the most efficient and trustworthy vendor we have ever worked with. On point 200%. Recommended

Megan Rider Jewelry

They responded to my requests with clear and very reasonable pricing. All communication was easy, enjoyable and helpful. The work was completed within the time frame they promised. Looking forward to working with them again in the future!

Bell Stone Toffee

The team swiftly took a look at my poor code and found my error. So grateful that my customers have a reliable site to order! Thank you, BentoSMB!


Very professional, quick and responsive. Great Job!

Dani’s House of Dunn Boutique

Great to work with from start to finish. Good communication and finished my job quickly. Very pleased


EXTREMELY knowledgeable! Max was very helpful in getting me set up and helped me troubleshoot quickly! I learned so much to help my business get up and running smoothly!

Paws N Family Wellness

April 15th, I requested an expert to help with the website. Bento,SMB INC. responded the 16th. I had said I needed the extra logos off the page and when I downloaded photos, the cropping didn't take ..On April 17, Josh , the expert responded taking off extra logo symbols would be no problem and they would look at the photos/images to see if they could correct them.. They told us hourly rate was 79.00 in which we approved. I also had added if they could do our google adwords too. he said it included a 30 minute training video. the prices changed, but we approved it no problem 4/18. 4/19 he asked for a gmail acct which i gave him. I had been hoping to get the site running that weekend. On 4/24 I got a message from small task services I mentioned I was displeased because my store hadn't been fixed yet. Later that day Bento replied job should be done. I had replied to the expert, no the images had not been fixed.. I had mentioned previously the pic of the cat was cropped to be of cat only but didn't download as such. The one with four dogs had 2 1/2 showing and the schnauzer shows top of head cropped off. He asked me about it on the 26th and i explained. They never fixed the pics We got mad and I deleted the two pics {they fixed the cat}, and downloaded two pics from burst. Monday April 30th, I opened the store.. I googled it and to screenshots and sent to shopify billing not knowing who to send them too. a shopify guru Maureen told me from the screenshots on google it showed missing Seo and google analytics missing . She also went in our store and saw no google adwords tracking code that she said we should have. She said to reach out to expert to see about it. I didthat day and Josh said he would check with Max to see if it was done.. I had gotten a message on 24 th it was done,,,May 1st, I get a reply from Max, sorry it took so long we are backed up We did google adwords and analytics . So today, the second, I ask if seo is done or do I do that The answer was not sure what seo is .. And I never got my 30 minute training on adwords, as my schedule doesn't meet his.. WE paid 98.00 for them to do the job and i had to fix two of the pictures. The store was kept offline two extra weeks. We are very unhappy about this.. I have had to call shopify several times and was very very pleased with customer service.. However, we are very very disappointed in the expert service we received. Thank you, Julie Bridges and Caron Harris

Black Panther Collection

Really good experience provided us with exactly what we needed within our time frame. Couldn't have asked for a better experience.

Revere Hair Extensions

Great communication. Very fast turn around and job done exactly to specifications.
Very happy. Thank you. Would highly recommend.

Jerry Hill Innovations, Inc

Solved problem

Timeout Bags

BentoSMB Inc were a pleasure to deal with from start to finish. They fully understood the brief and finished the work on schedule and to spec with no tweaking required. Thank you so much BentoSMB! Would highly recommend this company!

Indika Swim Boutique

Fast & delivered exactly what we needed. 100% recommended

Corgi Things

Good experience, completed all the tasks on our list and answered questions quickly too. Would definitely work with them again. Thanks!


Great work with fast delivery. Couldn’t ask for more.

Sorella Apothecary

Their response was extremely quick, and handled what we needed right away. There was a small issue when we thought the work was complete, and our tech handled it right away. I was very very satisfied with the service that was provided.

Earthy Fix

Quick response to my request for quote to do a little job on my shopify Store because I'm completely clueless with the techy stuff. Josh was very friendly, helpful, and gave honest answers as to when the work would be completed and why. They followed through and we're happy with the work. We would be very happy to work with them again.

Carving Social Club

Service was very fast, communication very easy. They made for us exactly what we were looking for. We recommend their service.

Centri Coffee

I had Bento SMB work on a small theme edit for us. They were able to make the edits that I wanted so quickly. I was also very impressed by the timely responses and help from customer service. Thanks Josh & Bento SMB!

Caim & Able

Max was fantastic, very helpful and patient with my super lack of anything I.T. There will no doubt come a time when I need his expertise again, I cant recommend him enough.

Exuberant Generation

Was very helpful, great in communication and I'm very thankful for the help.

Canadian Originals

The Bento team was great to work with. They are knowledgeable and patient, and most importantly address issues in a professional manner. Any website build will encounter some difficulties - what matters from a customer's standpoint is how your developer rises to the challenge.
We look forward to working with Max and his team as we continue to add functionality to the website, and hopefully launch another business. We have already recommended Bento to fellow entrepreneurs and there is no greater compliment we can give than to say we'll be a repeat customer and continue to refer others when asked about a Shopify expert.
My advice to anyone looking for a developer is: do your homework, plan your site, have your needs clearly identified, then call Bento.

Sun Dog Snacks

I needed some custom Liquid coding to be done. BentoSMB was prompt in their response. We discussed the need and they formulated what had to be done in a timely manner. The work was well done and the follow up provided great customer service. While my need for this particular project was small, I will definitely be looking to use their services in the future as my company grows.

Wholesale Home Improvement Products

Working with Max was a pleasure! Was very professional and patient with my inquiry, And kept me updated step by step with the details of the project. Will recommend Bento SMB for anyone and will definitely use them again in the future.


Excellent, knew exactly what I wanted from the beginning did it expeditiously.

Stamp & Create With Lisa

Max and Emma were fantastic to deal with! Max went over my options with me, helped even after we were done, put up with me needing the site ready *now* and Emma patiently moved over my million and one posts from my previous blog for me. They were amazing, and I would use them again.

Fetch Ideas

Bento SMB is an excellent professional with high level of expertise about the software. I strongly recommend.

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