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About DIFF

We are a team of 100+ thinkers,  creators, and experts who shape the future of retail with innovative solutions that connect the dots between people, products, and processes in a way that makes commerce better for everyone, everywhere. We’ve been supporting the success of Shopify retailers for nearly a decade.

Shopify Plus Partners:

Common services provided include:
User Experience (UX) consulting and Design
Growth Marketing Services
Front-End Development
- Building custom themes, both responsive and fixed width
- Modifying existing themes to add functionality or improve styling
Shopify Integration and Application Development
- Integrating ERP/PIM/OMS/WHMS systems
- Providing custom data exports
- Integrating shipping carriers
- Integrating recurring billing platforms

Get in touch with us today hello@diffagency.com

We’ve also developed a number of really great Shopify apps to help you manage and grow your business!

In the App Store
Update your products faster with Shop Updates by eShop Amin
- App store url: http://apps.shopify.com/updater-by-eshop-admin?ref=eshopadmin-inc

Export your data the way you want it with Xporter by eShop Amin
- App store url: http://apps.shopify.com/xporter-by-eshop-admin?ref=eshopadmin-inc

Complete recurring billing integration with Chargify and Shopify Customer Accounts
- App store url: http://apps.shopify.com/chargify-accounts-by-eshop-admin?ref=eshopadmin-inc

Gift Registry and Wishlist app
- App store url: https://apps.shopify.com/gift-reggie-by-eshop-admin?ref=eshopadmin-inc

Notifications, a great way to take some arbitrary action on your shop based on events
- App store url: https://apps.shopify.com/notifications?ref=eshopadmin-inc

Admin+, completely customize your admin panel. Full support for Shopify POS
- App store url: https://apps.shopify.com/admin-by-eshopadmin?ref=eshopadmin-inc

FTP Link, an FTP server accessible right in Shopify
- App store url: https://apps.shopify.com/ftp-server-by-eshopadmin?ref=eshopadmin-inc

Available Upon Request
Filters 3: The First Search Engine Built for Shopify
- Gain more control over your collections template by allowing customers to filter products by any attribute associated to it.

68 Testimonials

O'Neill Canada

DIFF is always super efficient and gets the job done! Sometimes i dont even know things are broken, they fix them so quick :)

Feldspar Brook

As a new company in its beginning stages, Feldspar Brook needed a website that was simple and easily accessible for viewers and for users. And in all aspects, you had us covered. I would highly recommend your site to others who are looking to expand their business. Our website (www.FeldsparBrook.com) and our magazine is integrated fluidly. Our home page is simple yet engaging for viewers. Moreover, we greatly appreciate how help is always available when needed. You understand what a business desires in creating websites. But you go beyond that and also provide clients with fast assistance, which is important in a busy company. Thank you so much for your continued support in helping Feldspar Brook develop!

Sakara Life

Ben's team has been exceptional! They built us a custom app on top of Shopify that allows for a complex order transaction flow and syncs seamlessly with our back end. They have also been incredibly responsive when we have had issues. Having no in-house engineering talent, we have relied on them heavily to bring new features to life and are really impressed by their work! Highly recommended.

Ecru Style

I contacted Ben Crudo Consulting to help us integrate Shopify with our backend warehousing system. Him and his team were extremely helpful and knowledgable about this and got the job done for us in less than 5 business days.

Additionally when I need to contact anyone from his company for support they respond very quickly and are always able to solve our problems.

I would highly recommend this company for any of your needs with Shopify.

Ilana Weiss
V.P. of Sales and Marketing

Wear Naked

Ben Crudo Consulting has been instrumental in custom programming and implementing 3rd party technology onto our Shopify site. The are proactive and professional and come highly recommended.


We have been using Ben and his team for about 2 years now, and unlike most other dev teams we have worked with, Ben is able to solve our coding needs, fast. Because he has a big enough team, he can always push bandwidth at a last minute project, no matter how complex the project. This is so so important.

Also, Ben and team is so deep in with Shopify's system that they are so capable of doing any liquid, theme, checkout, app, etc that you can possibly want. If your friend is a web developer and is not familiar with Shopify, your friend will be only 50% effective customizing your store because the HTML, CSS and Javascript is only half the equation.

I would totally recommend Ben Crudo to any store that needs pro level coding done fast.

Petal & Post

What a find! I would give these guys 6 stars if I could, here's why...
The Ben Crudo team has been a blessing for me and the design of my store, www,petalandpost.com. It was a rocky road leading up to my discovery of this group (there are a lot of developers out there with big claims and lousy execution). Ben Crudo Consulting thankfully cleaned up the mess created by a past developer and accomplished wish list tasks that 2 other developers insisted were impossible. Given that they are a rather small firm, I am thrilled with how efficient and organized they are. They built upon the Mobilia theme and created a slick, gorgeous and ultra user-friendly responsive theme that performs on every platform. As well, the service is truly excellent - always making time for me and responding quickly to inquires making me feel like an important client. This is a big deal to me as I have discovered that decent service is hard to come by among other web developers. I should mention that the fees associated with the scope of work set out for each phase have been very fair and the pricing process is transparent - another key point. Oh and an extra point for being Canadian, eh!


Ben and his team wrote a very sizable integration between two large e-commerce systems. They produced very high-quality code with a thoughtful web front-end.

Grizzly Griptape

Ben and his team were imperative to the successful launch of our eCommerce platform. We implemented his bridge to push order information between shopify and our ERP software, and it has done everything we originally needed and more. Over the last few weeks as our company's needs have changed, so has the bridge, showing how truly flexible it is.

Ben's team has been extremely responsive through our whole launch process. They have worked around the clock (including nights, weekends, and holidays) to get us to our launch date, and have been there to hold our hand a bit as we got used to our new system.

This group's services comes highly recommended.


3rd Edge contracted with Ben Crudo Consulting to help us with custom development of a unique group buying beta website for our client. We had a very quick turnaround time. They were able to think out of the box and provide a unique solution for our needs. Ben and his team were extremely responsive throughout the development process and they certainly know Shopify inside and out. I was very pleased working with them and look forward to working with BCC on future projects.


We were referred to Ben Crudo Consulting by the Shopify Plus team for an integration we needed with our ERP system. The integration project was last minute and Ben Crudo Consulting was brave enough to take on the job. They provided an initial quote and time estimate and once we accepted, they got right to work with a discovery call.

Our project was a major success. Ben Crudo Consulting is the most professional development group I have ever worked with in my 6 years of project management. I was assigned a knowledgable team to work with. Each person on the team was knowledgeable about each aspect of my project. They were responsive with emails, and easy to get a hold of on the phone. Ben Crudo himself called me directly several times during the project to help move things along and make sure they had all the proper details.

Ultimately the project finished early and right on budget, including all QA and working out the bugs. Even our ERP Provider commented on how impressed they were with Ben Crudo Consulting, and the quality of work they saw. Due to these reasons, I highly recommend Ben Crudo Consulting and they have earned a lifetime customer with us.

Deliveright Logistics

We have had the pleasure to work with Ben and his team in the past 6 months. The professional attitude, planning, execution and diving into details impressed me on every tasks that we throw at them.

The are quick to response to any questions or issues that we had and on many times went beyond what we asked for to provide a complete solution.

We could not have asked for a better team to help us to get our store up and running on shopify than Ben's team and are looking forward to working with them continuously.


Deliveright Logistics

Empowering Nutrients

Great group to work with. We got exactly what we asked for and couldn't be more pleased with the results. Were willing to work within our time constraints.


Ben and his team, are the best developers we've worked with to date. They're very responsive, and predict where issues may arise. I think the key thing is that Ben has a retail background himself, and so he understands the operations of the whole business - and how the site plays a role of that - not just it's own silo. He personally stays in the loop in projects, but has a very capable team who lead the development. Additionally, they have the reliability of a big development agency, without a lot of the baggage and process. Plus the specialize in Shopify, and know it in and out. Having visited them in Montreal, we know they're good guys to work with and very much Ben & Jonny feel like an extension of our team.

Bottom line, they're extremely reliable, swift, flexible and friendly. Thumbs up from us!


Working with Ben and his team (shoutout to Alex!) was an absolute pleasure. We came at him with a pretty complex site with a lot of customization requests, and he was able to find elegant solutions for each. This includes a very functional responsive design, customized ad units, a comprehensive and long tail taxonomy, and custom onsite search indexing (among many many others). He was also able to offer some great recommendations for design challenges as well as some ecommerce/affiliate marketing best practices. We've now worked with Ben through 2 engagements (initial build, and some add-on enhancements) and I hope to build a partnership going forward when our next set of crazy ideas come around. Highly recommend, very responsive, organized, and professional as well.


I could not be happier with my experience with Ben Crudo Consulting. Time and again Ben and his amazing team went above and beyond to provide us with the tools and expertise necessary for creating our site.

Ben excelled not only because of the quality of his work, but also in light of the manner with which he dealt with us. He was always kind, informative, and helpful. I always knew that despite Ben's busy schedule, I could pick up the phone and get his help at a moment's notice. On multiple occasions he not only carried out our vision, but gave us suggestions as to how to take our e-commerce platform to the next level.

Perhaps what stood out most about working with Ben was the fact that he always treated us as though we were his most important client. We are a burgeoning e-commerce site on a relatively small budget, but Ben never made us feel small.

Having dealt with a number of developers in the past, it was a breath a fresh air dealing with Ben. His company is truly an example of how a developer should be. I have no doubt that I will continue to use his services in the future and recommend others to do so as well.

Hire him-you won't be disappointed.

Maker Shed

We worked with Ben and his development team for a complete migration of our e-commerce platform; it was a big job both in terms of the feature set and the catalog and included lots of complications unique to our workflow. But Ben's team stuck with us and got us over the finish line. Our launch went smoothly; the front-end work we did as part of the project was especially well received by our customers. BCC is still our key partner as we rely on Ben's team for support of our apps and they consistently come up with new ideas for optimizing our system. Thanks to them, we now feel like we have a great start on exploring the world of Shopify apps and expanding the capabilities of our e-commerce platform.


Working with Ben and his team was a great experience. Our build out went smooth and communication between teams was always easy and clear.

Phone Rumble

I was referred to Ben Crudo by a good friend who has a very complicated Shopify store. I had just finished working with another developer who finished the project late and did not do it per my specs. Ben fixed the remaining issues with my site very quickly and I'm currently writing up the specifications so he can help me with another project right away.


These guys are the best! We worked with Ben and his team on our own customized storefront and membership site. They always had a great solution for any challenges we threw their way, and the final product was exceptional. The team, including Ben and Jon were also a pleasure to work with throughout the project.

We look forward to continuing to work with them as our site evolves and grows. Great job from a fellow team of Canadians!


Working with Ben Crudo Consulting was an awesome experience. His contract & estimate gave a clear overview of the work relative to the project and we collaborated to build a timeline that made sense for both of us. Once the project started, his team worked tirelessly to meet my *very* high standards by ensuring the integration of my design was pixel-perfect. Ben even called me once the project came to a conclusion to verify that everything was to my satisfaction. I couldn't be more thrilled to have chosen Ben Crudo to work with and won't hesitate to do so again. Ben and his team are kind, compassionate and deliver results far beyond anything I would have expected. Thanks!


I've been a full-time marketer for 7 years and a professional marketing consultant for the past 5 years. So, Needless to say, I've worked with a few designers in my day. My experience with Ben Crudo has been more accustomed to working with an architect or a strategist though. Ben knows marketing and he knows the exact combination of changes to make to any existing set of elements or design that will result in the maximum increase in conversions. For these reasons, I've yet to meet a designer that I can endorse any higher than Ben Crudo.

You would be wise to engage his services for your very next eCommerce project, You'll never regret it.

Professional Qualities: Extremely Knowledgable, Helpful, Friendly, Prompt, Professional, and Accessible.


Speedy service. Very talented experts and friendly support.
Will definitely be hiring them again!


Working with Ben and his team has been a great experience. They were able to understand what I wanted to be completed and execute the project quickly. Customer service was also great. They even helped me on Christmas day when I had a question. We are based in NY in the U.S. and at first I was hesitant to work with a company in Canada, but I did not experience any restraints. I would highly recommend Ben Crudo Consulting for any of your web design needs.

Outdoor Voices

Ben and his team were fantastic! All of them were super professional and accommodating. I definitely plan on contracting future work to these guys.


I had a very positive experience working with Ben and his team. They are very knowledgeable and the project was delivered on time and on budget. Ben's team went above and beyond to provide a solution we would be happy with.

The guys were a real pleasure to work with and I would highly recommend their services.


These guys are the A-team. Our site was executed flawlessly and communication was open and clear. Thank you to Ben and Gareth for paying attention to the details and making us all very happy.

Tusc Boutique

Great communication and easy to work with. These guys are pros!


Ben Crudo and his team did an outstanding job on the upgrades to my ecommerce business. They suggested a solution that I hadn't thought of, and implemented it quickly and effectively. I will definitely hire them again for any major updates going forward.


I couldn't be happier working with Ben and Anthony (his team member). They do great work, keep costs low by working efficiently, and are nice people. What's not to love?

Many Kitchens

Ben Crudo and his team are absolutely incredible. Not only are they are a pleasure to work with, ridiculously fast, responsive and clearly experts, but they were also able to use their initiative to make the site work more efficiently - over and above the changes we requested.


Ben and his team are the best!

I came to him at the last minute with the ResQThreads project. Despite being extremely busy he made the time to fit us in! The night before the site launched he was accessible to answer all my questions/concerns/uncertainties. The site launched flawlessly and looks great! I would definitely recommend Ben, his team and his company to anyone!!


The Britannica Store for Donors Choose

Ben was wonderful to work with. He came up with a fast and easy solution to solve a big issue. He was clear and concise and we would gladly work with him on many other projects again. We even recommended him to our partner.


Working with Ben was a pleasure from beginning to end. He designed an elegant and intelligent website for my company. He listened to my very specific directions for über minimalism and delivered exactly what I wanted. If every person I dealt with was as competent and smart as Ben, life would be perfect. Ben, thank you.


I'm happy to report that Ben and his team delivered. We came to Ben with a nearly complete design and needed responsive and standards compliant development to see that our vision became a reality. Ben's team worked at good pace, kept lines of communication open and responded well to changes along the way. Happy we decided to go with our gut. High Five.


I have dealt with half a dozen very good developers before Benjamin Crudo, and Ben is on top of the list for the BEST, way ahead of every one. He was the most knowledgeable, very courteous and friendly. He also works faster than others so it makes his hourly rate become a real bargain. I highly recommend him.

Sew Fabulous Quilt Shop

Ben did an absolutely amazing job. I had some very specific and unique customizations that I needed for my shop and Ben was able to do them quickly and at a fair price. He gives frequent updates on the progress of your project, he responds to question quickly and he is very patient with those of us who don't speak "computer code." I have already gone back to Ben for help w/another project.


Fast, efficient and a problem-solver.


Ben was awesome!

To start the process off I emailed him w/ a couple of questions about updating my store. He called me within 24 hours, ready to explain everything. Once I understood what we were going to do, he began the work. He finished promptly and then took the time to walk me through everything. It was great!

I am going to use him for another project and recommend Ben!


Ben and his team were very professional and worked to meet our needs in a timely manner. We're very happy with the results and as a detail oriented designer, Ben was able to resolve all our back-end (coding) needs for the website we designed. They responded quickly and met all our requirements. It was a pleasure to work with him and we look forward to working with him again in the future.


We can only say good things about Ben Crudo and his team of professionals. All requests and issues to make the Shopify template perform to our requirements were programmed and configured to do exactly what we wanted. Ben has a very quick turnaround time and is great at explaining all the issues involved. They also use a web based project software to communicate the status of work, so you will always know exactly what's going on. Look no further these guys are awesome. We will definitely keep working with them as we expand the functionalities of our site!


Ben and his group did an awesome job. They delivered in the time that they said they would and were very thorough while developing and testing. Handing off at project completion was also flawless. We'll definitely be working with Ben again when/if needed in the future.

180 Moda

I was very pleased with Ben. We were on a very short timeline to have this project completed and he exceeded our expectations. He responded very quickly to each of our requests. He is very clear when explaining how certain functions work and in directing how to maintain the site. He has much patience and the ability to maintain calm while working with a very short timeline and many demands. I am so pleased with his results that we have hired him to do the website for our second company as well.

Pacific Sports

Ben was amazing! He knew exactly what to do with our project and how to enhance the out-of-the-box features of Shopify! He turned the project around in a very short amount of time and my client was thrilled. I highly recommend Ben for Shopify development. With Ben the cart can do so much more!

Wildfox Sun Sunglasses

Ben Crudo Consulting did an amazing job on this site. He was able to move quickly and get our store up and ready for business quickly. Notes and directions were very fluid and made the process move along with ease. He has a very experienced team and can solve most any design idea.

Guise Shop

Ben Crudo Consulting is an exceptional development team for any size project. Ben was able to pull off a large ecommerce solution for a premiere Southern California clothing brand in very little time. He manages a team of talented developers with skills and experience in a wide variety of solutions for any type site. He is very organized and makes the process very clear and easy to navigate.


Benjamin Crudo and his workmate Anthony were a total pleasure to work with! We have worked with other web companies in the past and Ben Crudo Consulting is hands down the easiest and most helpful to work with! Ben himself has gone out of his way to help us with issues that were beyond the project they are working on, and Anthony is super responsive and put up with all my picky design wishes!!

Advanced House Plans

Ben was great. He took the time to understand the problems we were trying to solve and provided us with solutions two other developers were unable to create for us. He was extremely easy to work with and he took the time to explain how we could make our own changes with his code. Throughout the process he was honest and genuine. We are extremely satisfied.

Psychedelic Art Exchange | Concert Poster Store

Ben Crudo Consulting has been an outstanding partner in helping our company design and fine tune our shopify store. The response time is stellar and he resolves issues quickly. He understands the platform very well and is able pinpoint our needs address them flawlessly


Ben did a wonderful job setting up my shopify site! He was incredibly knowledgeable on both the technical and marketing aspects of online business. I trust him fully. He is honest, extremely capable and professional yet also very personable, approachable and reassuring. Whenever i had a minor issue or concern he responded promptly and always patiently explained each step. I highly recommend him!

Ethos Skin Care

Ben was slow to get our quotes ready, but once they were prepared he completed everything on time, and within budget. I will definately hire Ben for another project.


We needed a high quality, highly customized Shopify store in zero time. When we hired Benjamin we weren't sure there was enough time to hit the launch date. However, Benjamin and his team did a wonderful job and we made it without problems. He's incredibly knowledgeable and always had a solution for problems we did not foresee. Definitely recommend and will be definitely working with him again!

Brewer's Haven

I hired Ben when I got stuck on making some pages for the web. Ben was able to fix everything I needed in just a couple of hours where it took me weeks. I still use Ben for small adjustments when needed and he has been great to work with.
I wish now that I would have just hired Ben to build my site form the beginning. Ben was great at training us to do the easy stuff to keep our costs low.


Benjamin Crudo worked for the Aiki Trend Shopify website and helped us to get it up and it running efficiently and in a timely fashion.
He puts extra care and hours into his projects to satisfy the client's needs.
He is reliable and we will continue to use his services.
Great professional to work with. We are very pleased with the results.

Godwin Charli

I can't speak highly enough of the quality or work & service offered by Benjamin Crudo. He will not only deliver your design but recommend areas to improve and modify - key to ensuring your site exceeds customer expecations. I have also been nothing but impressed with Ben's technical & retail knowledge. His attention to detail is impeccable & I will most definitely use him for future projects.

Summer Classics Discontinued Products

Benjamin did a great job for us. He was reliable, on-time and made sure we were satisfied throughout the whole process. I look forward to working with him in the future.

Regulation Tactical

I agree with all the previous reviews -- Benjamin is extremely capable and knowledgeable about Shopify/liquid, but what stood out during my screening process and during my project was:
-Accessibility, particularly via Skype
-Effective communication skills, he doesn’t overload you with jargon or talk over your head
-BUT above all else, once your project is complete he doesn’t leave you hanging


My experience with Ben has been awesome.Ben is very accessible and turns things around very quick.He makes sure the job completed, is done correct and offer solutions that may enhance your site.I personally own and advertising agency along with clothing companies. I have dealt with numerous online companies; My experience with Ben has been nothing more than positive & has exceeded all expectations


Mr. Benjamin Crudo is patient, thorough, accessible, professional, clear, and above all he went above and beyond the call of duty; we could not be more pleased with his work on our website. Ben is very knowledgeable and has made the “developer’s jargon” very simple and clear to understand. We would highly recommend Ben to any other person/company needing a developer for all the above reasons.

Au Lit Fine Linens

He was great to work with. The turn around time was fantastic. We would definitely work with him again.

Quad Lock - A Revolutionay iPhone Mounting System - Quad Lock Case

Ben was recommended to us as an excellent developer. We contacted Ben and explained out situation. He provided an accurate estimate of time and cost and within a few days he had our site up as we needed it and also implemented a few customisations which we requested to make the site shine. Ben is very professional and really knows his stuff, we will definately be using him in the future.

Essex Los Angeles

Benjamin did a great job. He and his team over delivered what i was expecting. Its nice to find a developer that likes to explain whats going on and willing to skype or call you on the phone if needed.


Ben is an incredibly talented designer who exceedingly impressed me with his thorough and efficient work. When I came to him with my design idea he said he could do it and that's exactly what he did. Ben was also extremely easy to communicate with and when I specified what I needed in often over-complicated ways he knew precisely what I meant. If you need a great designer, Ben's the right choice.


Ben is OUTSTANDING! I'd been working with a developer before him who was having me at my wits end. Ben came to the rescue and did an outstanding job on my web store. He did everything I asked him, and even took initiative to make aspects better for me that I overlooked. He was friendly, extremely personable and easy to contact. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND HIM! I plan to work with him again no question.


Ben was of great assistance to my site. He completed the task in less than 24 hours and was more than happy to speak on the phone to walk me through his changes. I will definitely use him again for future jobs.

United Citizens

Ben was very honest, helpful, professional and patient with my numerous questions. He assisted me and asked for my opinion every step of the way and I cannot be happier! I highly recommend his services.

Jakes Cab Solutions

Benjamin organized my web site and took out all the guess work,he is in touch with shopify IT constantly, He has spent time at their head office and that really helps cause he gets the problems solved. being a softwear engineer really helps. very happy.


Benjamin did a fantastic job programming the bodylabel website on the Shopify platform. His knowledge of the platform coupled with its ease of use made our integration a seamless pleasure. I would recommend Benjamin to anyone looking for a programmer with Shopify and beyond.

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