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About Battalion Commerce

If you’re serious about building an awesome Shopify business, you should command of eCommerce with Battalion Commerce!

Battalion Commerce is a full service Ecommerce Strategy Consultancy & Digital Marketing Agency based in Denver, Colorado. Our mission is to achieve success by helping organizations achieve success with online sales. We do this by helping our clients make the most of the rapidly evolving world of omnichannel retail via professional services of exceptional value & quality.

We design and build ecommerce businesses on Shopify. Our goal is to create a web asset which is beautiful, engaging, easy to own and supports your strategic goals. Whether you’re an entrepreneur launching a innovative new product, an established company looking to enter a new market, or an organization looking to profitably develop your online sales, you can trust Battalion to help you figure out how to make the most of ecommerce.

We provide a 360-degree approach to Shopify development providing nearly every eCommerce service you might need along the way. Our goal at Battalion Commerce is to become your trusted partner for ecommerce and digital marketing. Our comprehensive array of professional services includes product photography, email marketing, design, media production, brand development, print design, online advertising management, social media development, & more. Why deal with multiple external agencies when you can just work with one who “just gets it”?

We start by working with you to develop an understanding for online sales strategy: who your customers ought to be and how to attract them, convert them, and retain them for the long term . We build around that strategy. We create a vehicle which will allow you to confidently take on the competition and win.

Many of our clients launching an eCommerce operation are looking for more than just help designing and developing a website; they also need support in formulating a successful strategy for online sales. We have worked with numerous startups helping them shape their strategy and have also worked with larger organizations ($10M+) looking for ways to achieve the next level of growth.

For small and new companies who need to make the most of their budget, we will quickly and efficiently build a web store which exceeds your goals and provides a rock-solid foundation for future growth.

For larger companies with established online sales looking to migrate to Shopify and upgrade their ecommerce platform, we offer fully custom development services, including themes, apps, & backend system integrations. We can work closely with your internal resources to ensure perfect synergistic alignment with your organization.

If you are looking for a Shopify Expert who will be with you every step of the way, we offer convenient long-term support programs. We help our clients make the best decisions possible, then flawlessly execute them.

You can feel confident trusting in Battalion’s two decades of eCommerce experience to guide you to the best outcome possible.

We offer a free, no-obligation consultation. Contact us today to schedule yours! We look forward to speaking with you!

9 Testimonials

Clear Intuition

Ben is super knowledgeable on all things Shopify. Not only does he have an excellent understanding of the profiles, capabilities, and functionality that Shopify offers, but he also has extensive marketing and industry best practice knowledge that expedites the entire website development process from concept to website launch. This ensures the project is done well, on time, and frees up time for the business owner to attend to the other endless tasks of starting or running a business. Ben is a professional, organized, attentive, timely, and easy to work with. I highly recommend Ben for Shopify website development, digital marketing, and logo/brand development.

Gina Cucina Inc

When we began the process of developing a new website, we opted to go with a Shopify supported site and I knew I would have lots of questions best answered by a Shopify expert.

I found such an expert in Ben Skigen of Battalion Commerce. I interviewed several experts but Ben was the only one that took the time to address each of my questions specifically and with useful information. I knew that if he took the time during the interview process to help me at such a specific level, the process of building out our website would be the same. I wanted an expert to guide us through the process and Battalion Commerce did not disappoint.

Ben has the ability to explain complicated technical topics in a way that helped us make strategic decisions on how to create a website for our current situation as well as thinking about future needs. His knowledge of all the different apps available and how which ones would best suit our needs are extensive and based on real world application of working with a wide variety of clients.

I highly recommend working with Ben and Battalion Commerce. You won’t be disappointed with the quality of service or your new website!

Top Brass Reloading Supplies

On behalf of Top Brass, LLC and myself, I can highly recommend the web-development services of Battalion Commerce, LLC. Their skill and knowledge of their craft surpassed my expectations and their timely delivery of the end product (website) created a seamless transition for our company.

Top Brass’ new website exhibits up-scale imaging; a long-term branding strategy; ease-of-use; and, perhaps most important, a profit-motive structure. During their work, Battalion Commerce also keep an eye on cost, navigating their project strategy through pre-designed platforms and open-source coding (where possible). The result is a low investment, market-sensitive, industry-relevant website – a true asset to Top Brass, LLC. In turn, Top Brass has retained on-going services with Battalion Commerce as our online marketing resource.

Vice President Sales & Marketing
Top Brass, LLC

Sondergut USA

I felt like Ben was working for me, with me. He knows his job well, never a concern that I was dealing with someone with little experience. He asked for my guidance but took the reins and created a very satisfactory website. Building a website can be confusing and frustrating. Ben made it fun and easy. I would not hesitate to hire him again or recommend him to a friend.
Chris Wootten -- President Pitkin Stearns

Wooden Spools...Quilting, Knitting and More!

Their Shopify knowledge and marketing creativity were just what I needed to get my store up and performing! I couldn't be happier!


In a word, you can NOT do better than these guys if you need assistance with your Shopify store. In terms of responsiveness, professionalism and expertise, it simply does not get any better. Tasked with cleaning up a mess left behind by a newbie store owner (me) and not one but TWO other firms, they not only performed the task to perfection, cleaning up the carnage and accomplishing what I thought would be nigh unto impossible, but did so on an unbelievable timeline - and the day before Thanksgiving, to boot! Yeah. Miraculous doesn't begin to cut it. Add to that the follow-up and "after care", solving a few other issues that popped up almost as fast as I sent them my emailed cry for help. And to think I found them on a random Google search... talk about hitting the jackpot. Seriously, folks - if you're looking for someone to help you out, your search should stop here.

Duck Creek Decoy Works

Ben and his crew did an excellent job of both designing and teaching me how to use my website. They respond to requests and questions quickly and are great at explaining the most efficient way to handle, navigate the site. I could not be more pleased and would encourage anyone with little web experience to use them. In a world where great customer service is a lost art, Ben and his crew are refreshing and easy to work with.

Vic's Crappy Videos Official Website & Store

Battalion Commerce has been a critical part of my online business and store. In addition to building my store initially they also have been excellent in keeping me informed of new technologies, opportunities and digital trends. Ben and his crew are extremely easy to work with and have consistently elevated my brand and sales figures. Highly recommend.

Rocky Mountain Infrared Saunas

Battalion Commerce, directed by Ben Skigen and Ryan Gebhardt, recently spearheaded the change in our website, , from Word Press to Shopify operating platform With careful attention to detail and rapid responses to text and display layout modifications, they provided top quality service and an excellent finished product. I have been working with Ryan and Ben for several years now and I give them my highest recommendation as responsible and efficient professionals. Thank you, Ben and Ryan for all you do to help our business. Looking forward to many more years working with you and your team.
Mike Henson/CEO
Rocky Mountain Saunas
5400 Ward Rd. BldgII Suite 201
Arvada CO 80002

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