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About Bamboo Digital

We are a Growth Hacking team that specializes in helping Shopify Plus merchants to transforming their Shopify Plus Stores into engaging Web Apps.

We identify growth opportunities for Shopify Plus merchants that understand the true value of strategically engaging their target audience.

We do this by providing direction and insight to our Shopify Plus clients that seeks to boost sales by enhancing the User Experience on their Shopify Plus store.

We work exclusively with Shopify Plus Stores that are motivated to truly understand how their customers function.



* Shopify Scripts *
* Deploy custom Shopify Plus Scripts to automatically facilite on-site promotions.

* Checkout Optimizations *

* Improve the User Experience at check to boost sales.

* Speed Optimizations *

* Increase the speed and functionality of your Shopiy Plus Store by removing the clutter of inefficient apps, tags and bulky images that slow your site down.

* Google Shopping *

* Get the most out of Google Shopping and reach customers when they are ready to by the products or services your sell.

* Google / YouTube / Facebook / Instagram / Snapchat / Spotify Ads *

* Reach the right customers at the right time by reducing the number of costly and irrelevant clicks.

* Growth Packages - Focus on Growth Hacking *

* Get to know what makes your target audience tick but understanding the 5 user segments that drive your customers to shop and buy products on your Shopify Plus Store.

* Exit Popup Optimization *

* Deploy a custom Exit Popup strategic to enable your brand to contact visitors that leave without completing a purchase.

* Browser Notification Setup and Optimization *

* Notify prospective customers when your Shopify Plus Store is running a major promotions, launching a new product or simply know when their order has been shipped/delivered.

14 Testimonials

Jean Store

Bamboo Digital exceeded my expectations by delivering their quality UI expertise. We really appreciate the opportunity to work with them again.


Blake was a huge help with my Shopify theme customization dealing with shopify scripts, ajax, and liquid. Everything was done in a timely manner and met all of my specifications.

Like me, if your a shopify store owner then you most likely have experienced the hyperbole of internet marketing service companies whether it is for Adwords or Facebook ad management etc... bouncing from one service company to another all promising the world only to deliver mediocre results at best -- results which in and of itself at the end of the day are the vital metrics that you as a store owner need to guage subjectively and carefully.

Blake and his team have become a vital asset to my online marketing arsenal. Not only did his team identify SERIOUS shortfalls in our Adwords & FB accounts with poorly implemented pixel & google analytics tracking code, improperly setup ad campaigns and wasted spend but also his team has also provided excellent advice and consulting which has renewed my confidence as a ecom professional.

His team’s performance has been excellent, communication top notch and at the end of the day - he gets results that he says he is going to get.

Elwood Clothing

Great experience working with Bamboo Digital. They delivered our project on time, and they made it easy for us to adjust the code on the fly for future projects.

Barbell Apparel

We hired BambooDigi in preparation for an airing on ABC's Shark Tank and the subsequent 2016 holiday shopping season.

With their help we experienced a record year, with well over 100% increase from the previous years benchmark.

Their team has an extensive knowledge of e-commerce software and apps that help leverage the most out of your efforts, and a deep knowledge of how to tie it all together inside the Shopify platform.

If you're looking for growth, a better use experience, and great insights I highly recommended working with them!

Harney & Sons Fine Teas

Blake and his team at Bamboo Digital are a group of professional and talented individuals. We worked closely with them and were able to trust them with the innards of our company and to provide us applicable recommendations on how to grow our business. The value they brought was at first a hard concept for us to understand, as a very sales driven company, but through working on smaller projects with them we saw the value they were able to bring to the table for us.


Blake and his Team are extremely knowledgable and helpful, especially for Shopify Plus users. Their transparency and honesty comes through from the first interaction and continues even beyond completion of projects. We highly recommend the Bamboo Digital Team, especially to any company on Shopify Plus.


Bamboo Digital has been great to work with. The team was able to help us setup scripts for all of the promotions we run. We also worked together on several tweaks throughout the site improving the customer's user experience. The combination of these two items has significantly helped us improve our conversion rate.

Nest Bedding

From the start, the experts at Bamboo Digital provided us with a confident quote on the improvements they could make on our site and within our system. That quote was quickly followed up with an array of improvements that exceeded our expectations. Their team is both knowledgeable and understanding. They take the time to get to know both you and your company while providing complete transparency in the work they do. All in all, we are very happy with our choice to work with them and look forward to a continued relationship.


Bamboo Digital really helped us with our store! We performed mobile optimizations and some checkout customizations that boosted our conversion rate. They are a really affordable team that deliver what promised and worth every dime you pay for...


Google Shopping & Google Ads

When our merchant success manager from shopify plus first referred us to the growth hacking team over at Bamboo Digital, we were hesitant. We are a bit old fashioned, and like to keep things in-house. So this being a first time, choosing to outsource a service, and working remotely, made it challenging and stressful. All that changed quickly!

Bamboo set up communication channels through Slack, and instantly added the necessary team members to screen hero. Bi-monthly followups, gave us great insight in our growth process and overview of our upcoming Google Ads.

We’re looking forward to continue the work with Bamboo Digital - not only growing through Google Shopping and Google Ads but expanding to their growth packages. Bamboo have had a tremendous part of the success of this company. We are welcoming a long term relationship.

Jesper Skade
Creative Director

Antidote Los Angeles

Moon Juice

Blake and the Bamboo Digital team were tremendously helpful setting up a script for our Black Friday/Cyber Monday promotion. They agreed to work with us on short notice, expedited the project even further when we decided to launch earlier than expected, and set us up for the most successful promotion we've executed to date. Blake is highly proactive suggesting ideas for growth hacking and we hope to work with him and his team on longer-term growth projects moving forward. Highly recommended.


After explaining our desire to use Shopify Scripts to our Shopify Merchant Success Manager, our MSM then connected us with Bamboo Digital due to their specialization with Shopify Scripts. During our call with Bamboo, it was clear that they understood our problem better than we did. Bamboo not only fixed our problem, but improved the user experience for purchasing bundles on our site. We were so happy with the results and their reliability, we even came back a 2nd time.

Master & Dynamic

The promotional script that you created for us helped ensure that the promotion ran very smoothly. It was a great success. Thank you for your help and for making it so easy and quick to get set up.

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