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About Awesome Software


Expert copy writing and editing to make your products stand out, get noticed, and get bought. Copy lives in the most unexpected parts of an online store - it's not just titles and descriptions. Everything from photo captions to URLs to button text impacts the buyer.

We'll work with you to get the most out of your investment in your online store.


Expert Shopify development, with experience in all aspects of the platform. Project go awry? Theme suddenly not working? Shoot us an email.


Do you need to do something that doesn't seem to be built in to Shopify? We'd love to know more about your project.
Often, we can suggest an existing app that might fit the bill - saving you thousands of dollars in development costs. If we can't help, we can often recommend someone who can.

1 Testimonial

Diesel Power Gear

After writing a handful of Shopify Experts (most of which I couldn't even get a reply from!), Will from Awesome Software replied to our request both promptly and professionally. I have some coding knowledge myself, but needed someone that really knew the Shopify platform well to implement the changes we needed for our site. Working with developers can be difficult, and some of them work with computers for a reason (because they suck at working with people! Lol.) Not Will! He's one of the rare breeds that knows how to talk to computers and people! I was super impressed with his ability to grasp the full scope of the projects without a ton of explanation, and I was amazed at how quickly he worked, while keeping us informed every step of the way. If you need your site to do that little special something, and every app has failed you, stop right here. You've found your guy. Will knows his stuff, is a delight to work with, and can give you quick and painless results. I'd recommend him a million times over!

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