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About Austin Hutchison

Hi! I can help you get your store up and running quickly with my expert knowledge of HTML, CSS and Shopify's Liquid theming language.

26 Testimonials

Luxe Bloom

Austin did a great job building our website and providing us with his expertise and knowledge. Our old website was on a different hard-to-use platform so we reached out to Austin about moving us to Shopify. Not only did he do that, but he was able to provide us with a much better website and back office that helps run our business more efficiently.

When you hire Austin, you get more than just a great web developer, you also get a smart guy who knows a great deal about many different aspects of eCommerce who can build you a platform that will help you run your business better.

Athlete Camps

Austin was highly responsive and completed the desired work in quick time. Great communication and quality of work - would recommend 10/10

High Spirits Flutes

Austin - I highly recommend Austin H. as a Shopify Plus Expert and Script Developer. He finished our project ahead of deadline, on-budget, and with great accuracy and forethought. He was easy to reach and communicate with, he addressed our project's timeline concerns, and he effectively helped us strategize our promotion in a way that would easily work with Shopify Scripts customization. We would definitely hire Austin again for future Shopify Script development projects.

Northland Rosarium

We're glad we found Austin to help us set up the complex ordering and shipping for our mail order rose plants. The most important benefits you receive in working with Austin is a competent site developer and specific knowledge of Shopify intricacies. He met with us several times, listened carefully to our ideas, and worked hard to meet our deadlines. Austin communicates difficult topics in easy-to-understand terms. He was easy to work with and we highly recommend him to anyone wanting a successful site!


Austin accessed my wordpress and and 2 minutes fixed an issue that's been bugging me for weeks now. Very professional and a great communicator. I plan to continue working with him in the future and recommend him to anyone needing true Shopify expertise.

Daricia Ltd

We have found Austin to be an excellent Shopify Expert along with being a great communicator, he is extremely efficient, always delivering even when dealing with unexpected complexities, I would highly recommend him for projects big and small.

Coconut Oil Tube

I've worked with many outsourced development contractors in the past. Austin is -- by far -- the most enjoyable and easiest to work with. He's fast, diligent, available, and confident. And, his code is elegant and performant.

Austin completed the project and without over-thinking unanticipated challenges or complications. We completed a fairly complex project in just one week of work.

Next time we need additional work, Austin will be the first person we call.

I can't recommend him higher.


Very satisfied! Completed the task I requested in record time. Highly recommended

Tender Loving Empire

Austin is fantastic. Totally pro, intuitive, and goes the extra mile to make sure the work he does for you is the absolute best fit, both functionally and aesthetically. Highly recommend! Would hire again.

West of the Rockies

Austin was a pleasure to work with. Extremely knowledgeable, prompt and efficient!!

I would highly recommend to anyone that needs assistance with their Shopify site.


Austin was very helpful in pushing my vision in a positive direction! Using his great customer service skills, Austin was able to work quickly and efficiently. I highly recommend!

Cowboy Fresh

Austin was just the guy I needed to put my site together. He is quick and easy to get ahold of! My site looks clean and professional, and I'm able to make any changes to it! Win win!

Ridin High Rodeo Supply

It was great working with Austin. He knew exactly what needed to be done to complete the launch of our new store. He is very professional and very easy to work with. It did a great job for Ridin High Rodeo Supply and our new store. I would highly recommend him and we will definitely use him again for our future needs.

Super Fat Laces and Socks

Austin is a very kind person for what he's done for my company.

I'm new to updating the store myself and for the past couple of months I've been teaching myself certain parts of the back store editing to keep everything up to date.

There was one thing I was having a problem with and I couldn't find any information regarding it, so I made a post on the Shopify forums and crossed my fingers someone had a clue of what I was on about, and lo and behold Austin comes in to save the day.

I was expecting maybe a couple of sentences on what to do, but he took time out of his day to log in to our Shopify account, target the issue and then type up a step-by-step guide, with screenshots, to explain what to do and made sure I would know what to do in future.

It's rare to find someone who's willing to go out of their way for so many people and not expect anything in return.
I just wanted to give my thanks to Austin and to let you all know you don't need to look any further when it comes someone who is as professional and courteous as this guy.

I'm glad I have someone like this lending a helping hand to our company and he will always be valued.

Thank you again Austin!

All the best

DateShop by Innovative-Match

"OUTSTANDING" is the word that comes to mind when it comes to Austin. In addition to being extremely proficient in the Shopify platform as well as all things e-commerce, he is one of the most responsive professionals I've ever worked with. I've been in tech for over 20 years. Austin was helping our team with a rapid launch, and he engaged on the day that we contacted him. He was available after hours, and turned around changes and requests literally with an hours notice. He got us successfully through a major crunch, and we were thoroughly satisfied. We'll definitely be using him for new features and other projects, and recommend him most highly!.

Meggan Watterson

I am so grateful to have found Austin. His extensive knowledge of the Shopify platform has made for quick and insightful responses to every issue that has surfaced. He's now a crucial part of my team.

tattletale Portable Alarm Systems

Austin has been very quick to help out and his knowledge about Shopify has greatly helped us with using shopify as our shopping cart


Working with Austin was a pleasure. His knowledge of Shopify has been incredible for advancing our sites functionality. I highly recommend Austin for your shopify needs.

Watershed Distillery

Austin is a very talented freelancer who has helped us tremendously over the years. We appreciate his hard work, attention to detail and timely responses.


Austin is one of the best Shopify experts we have worked with. He quickly understood the updates needed for our website and executed those updates perfectly. He has fantastic attention to detail and was very professional. We will be working with him in the future and recommend him to anyone needing true Shopify expertise.

Lullaby Angels

Very professional, polite & knowledgeable. Work was done well and finished when promised. Would work with him again.

ENT Wireless

Austin was fully capable of creating and delivering our ideas within our working timeframe. He was confident in executing our designs and was able to provide further suggestions and insights that we did not consider for our store. We consider Austin as our go-to Shopify consultant and will be working with him on future projects.

Bon Vivant Bling

Austin was just great. He was so patient and went over things until I felt confident that I knew what I was doing. I could never have done it myself. I highly recommend Austin for his expertise and patience. He is definitely a five star expert.

Jeffrey Jon Gluck

Austin Hutchison is truly a Shopify Expert. He is capable, knowledgeable, skillful, courteous and patient. He was able to adjust to and accommodate my desired level of aesthetics and detail. I am certainly pleased and excited about my Shopify store, which is an auspicious beginning for any new endeavor. I highly recommend Austin to anyone in need of professional help in establishing their online store.

Jeffrey Jon Gluck

Austin is a pro. He is very detail oriented, great communicator and easy to work with. I will definitely work with him again.

Ohio Earth Food Organic Fertilizer

I couldn't be happier with the work that Austin did for us. I bought this company and it came with an old website. The designer wanted $7000 to add ecommerce to it! I didn't want to loose the look of the site that I bought but that seemed expensive and i wouldn't be able to manipulate it without paying them more. I was introduced to Austin while he was still at OSU. He was so professional for his young age and followed up on every promise and timeline for a fraction of the cost!! He was able to compliment Shopify (which is amazing) so that you don't even know that you have left our site. He has been there for follow up work and just set it up so that our original site now reflects changes I make in Shopify (I have no idea how he did this but it works flawlessly!) I can't say enough but if you have the opportunity to work with Austin and Shopify you should do it.

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