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About Ask Phill

We are a digital agency that collaborates with brands and directs them through the challenging digital environment looking for ways to leverage technology, build brand loyalty, increase revenue and attract more customers.

We are specialised in eCommerce and work for high profile retail brands in the Netherlands.

19 Testimonials


I've contracted Ask Phill to migrate my B2B shop (+-1000 SKU's) from Magento to Shopify. The project involved a highly customized front-end according to my specifications and an extensive integration with my ERP system Exact.

Ask Phil successfully transferred my store and managed to fully customize the Shopify/Exact integration according to my specifications.

I would definitely recommend to ask Phill if you are planning to migrate your store to Shopify or if you are in need for a new store.


We contacted Ask Phill for a "lean and mean" solution for the new Novokid brand we are distributing in The Netherlands. We decided to work from a theme instead of a custom design due to price considerations.

Martijn and Paul were able to help us with choosing the right theme to work from and have created a "ready to go" webshop. Besides setting up our store they've helped us with our online sales strategy and advice regarding our inventory management.

I would definitely recommend Ask Phill as your Shopify expert.


KANE Watches

"I have been working with both Paul and Martijn for almost six month. I really see how important it is to have your development team close and back up your vision. These two guys are our backbone for everything that has to do with our e-comm site. The fact that I prefer everything custom-made does not phase them one bit. They push the boundaries of the platform and stay ahead of the game. I love that. You need the little hacks, apps and tricks. Now if you think that they are on the pricey side, think again. You always get what you pay for. In this case it is experience. Ask Phill is fast, creative and passionate. A fun and friendly team that keeps pushing us forward. It is the perfect match for KANE." Christopher Rasker, founder of

Nonique - Vegan Skin & Hair Care

Ask Phill developed our custom theme as requested. They helped us with the successful transition from Magento to Shopify and we are now future proof! Thanks for the help!


Had a great experience with Ask Phill, the founders really want to help people with their online business. Instead of outsourcing your work to someone, working with them feels more like you're extending your team. Especially when you're non-technical yourself, having a team that you can rely on really makes all the difference. - Project Kerstkip

This is the second project we did with Ask Phill for a marketing activation website and we would def recommend this company if you need a Shopify Expert.

We asked Phill to help us with our online store for a marketing activation. We were under high time pressure but the guys from Ask Phill managed to finish our project according to specifications and on time.

Philip B - Benelux

Fast, efficient and delivered a qualitative product according to our specifications.


Ask Phill helped me to successfully setup en launch my online store with Shopify. They integrated the payments, did custom adjustments to the chosen theme and made sure my store is how I want it to be. Besides designing and developing the store the team is going to support me with online marketing.

I would definitely recommend the guys from Ask Phill.


The Five

Working with Ask Phill was a pleasure. These guys know how to handle digital projects, they work very hard and are always up to date of the new technologies. I can recommend working with Ask Phill.

Under the Belt

Working with Ask Phill felt as a relieve. I called them with a question and the next day it was fixed! Because of Ask Phill my store is now up and running. Every online retailer knows that you can't have your store out of the air to long, I calculated 2 workdays, but because of the quick and friendly work Ask Phill delivered, my store was back online in less then 20 hours.

Ilia Beauty Nederland

The guys from Ask Phill made sure that all our requests have been translated into the web design of our new Ilia Beauty website. They exactly new what we needed, delivered on time and even kick-started our Social Media presence and online marketing. Working with Phill has been a pleasure!


From Woocommerce to Shopify? The Ask Phill team managed to get our Woocommerce store transferred to Shopify within a week. They furthermore advised us on design improvements and helped us with building our Instagram and online marketing. Thanks to Ask Phill we are future proof and ready to grow our business further. Thanks again for the help.


We would definitely recommend Ask Phill. Thanks for the great help! Martijn and Paul understood very well what the end goal for our e-commerce platform needed to be. The design is slick, the setup was fully taken care of and the orders are starting to come. They were furthermore able to advise us regarding online and social marketing.

If you need help from a to z, just Ask Phill!

Boek Bio

The Ask Phill team helped us in a quick and efficient manner. For a non-for-profit campaign, we needed a low-cost webstore with full functionalities. The guys were willing to help us on a short notice and even invested their own time into this profit since it was non-for-profit. We are very happy with the result and would recommend Ask Phill to other companies.

Quality Wines

Ask Phill helped me to successfully launch my online wine store. In an efficient and structured way the Ask Phill team designed, build and launched my store. In case changes were needed, the team was quick with implementing these. Besides setting up my store they've also setup my online marketing campaings on Facebook and my mailing campaigns were taken care of. If you are looking for a creative and reliable partner, just Ask Phill.


These guys are QUICK af. Within a few minutes I got my first reply and they actually did exactly what I asked for within the hour. And it was perfect. Even though it was a small thing I asked (very low priced), they made me feel just as important as a big client would be. With that attitude, they're def gonna make it. No doubt I'll use their services again.


My experience with Ask Phill was great! The team is super friendly and fast in helping me with all my wishes for my new website. They built a custom page for a specific blog I wanted, as well as a clear overview of the designers my company sells. They are very quick in replying to your questions and helpful in a calm and friendly manner. I would advise everyone to work with Ask Phill.


Working with Ask Phill has been a great experience. The team has a very structured way of working and is a reliable partner. For our unique perfume subscription concept, we needed a lot of custom adjustments and coding. Ask Phill was able to bring our vision to reality and design a truly stunning platform.

Besides designing, developing and filling our store, the team has set up our online (social) markting strategy and e-email strategy successfully.

It has been a pleasure to work with Phill and I would definitely recommend them for your Shopify project.


We loved working with Ask Phill. They delivered on time and they brought our website to the next level. Their work on our website and marketing has made a significant difference to our business. We’ve seen a 225% increase in orders from the website which has been pretty remarkable – but I’d always like to see more!

Ask Phill is a company that also works with the leading retail brands in the Netherlands and therefore they can help you with the newest insights regarding e-commerce and online marketing.

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