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About Armstrong Studio

Stop wondering what it would be like to get the photos your brand deserves!
If you have been looking for someone who is reasonably priced, detail oriented and not going to give you a cookie cutter job then we should talk.

Armstrong Studio was established in 1988 to provide professional table top photography services with an emphasis on jewelry, textiles and small products for clients just like you. With over 30 years of experience handling projects large and small we are uniquely positioned to help new businesses get up and running and get established ones to the next level.

For me, spending time up front asking questions, getting to know my client's needs and long term goals is critical. I offer no obligation test shoots for clients that will have an ongoing need for photography.

Contact me at for a no pressure consult.

6 Testimonials


Chris was an absolute professional and a pleasure to work with. The end result of her work was beautiful, creative photography to match our branding. She was thoughtful in her approach to our project - we needed updated photography to match our new branding and website. We worked together to map out our vision and expectations to ensure we were aligned. With a solid timeline in place, she iterated on a few versions of the photography, and then commenced doing the final round. The photography was beautiful and exactly what we needed. On top of all of that, she has a passion for working with social enterprises and businesses with a purpose. Our team would happily recommend her services!


As a (very) small business owner I have little experience with promotional and marketing strategies, and limited awareness of current photography trends for an online presence. But I did have a vision and Christine patiently made that vision a reality. She was professional and personable and had a way of making me feel that my project was as important as those from much bigger clients. She shared her expertise with me while at the same time allowing me to ultimately be the lead on the project and have the final say on all shots. I tend to be a bit detail oriented, and she tolerated all my requests for even the smallest changes no matter how many I made. All communication with her was prompt and thorough, including quick response time to all emails and multiple phone conversations throughout the process to make sure we were always on the same page despite being 500 miles apart. I would highly recommend Armstrong Studios!

Ronnie's Shop

Christine took amazing pictures of my product, and worked with me to create my vision. She even went shopping for the props necessary. I highly recommend her services.

Sterling Forever

Chris is an absolute pleasure to work with. She's prompt, professional, and creative. Chris has many years of experience which is evident when she delivers the final product. She has truly helped us realize that a good picture is worth a million sales. We know we can rely on Chris to get the job done, even when we have tight deadlines.

Michael Cooke
Sterling Forever | Founder & CEO

The Islamic Mint

Christine is a phenomenal photographer and wonderful partner to work with. Not only did she take the time to fully understand exactly how I wanted my products to be photographed, but she also gave a second measure of concern for the overall goals for my website. She saw that the coins I wanted to shoot were freshly minted, so she made sure they looked bright and well polished in the photographs.

Before she even priced the project, she shot a free test on one of my coins to make sure I would be satisfied with the quality of the photo. All of beautiful, intricate details on the coin were captured and this is all due to Christine's eye for detail. Definitely recommend.


Christine is top-notch! I highly recommend her services to anyone hoping to take his/her photos to the next level. Not only does Christine have an extraordinary eye for detail, but she also approaches every project with a strategic plan. She takes the time to truly understand what your artistic vision is and then works with you to make that vision a reality. I am impressed after every project with her and have selected her as my go-to photographer. Her work as taken my e-commerce business to the next level by helping us increase sales with stunning visual images. Look no further for a thorough, patient and engaged artist.

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