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About Arkade

Arkade is a customer experience (CX) agency specialising in discretionary retail.
We work with brands who have a genuine appreciation of both their products and the people who use them.
We focus entirely on your customers; what a good customer does, and what your brand does to attract and retain them. Together we work to understand and define your valuable customers, set goals and concentrate your investment on smart ways to build both their number and value through mutually beneficial initiatives.
In the fast changing and competitive landscape of retail, your most powerful (and valuable) asset is your known customer. Leveraging the insights they provide, we draw on our collective knowledge and creativity to design a roadmap that delivers highly relevant and beneficial experiences to your shoppers and employees.
Collectively your quality, brand owned experiences are what differentiate you from your competitors in a way that cannot be easily imitated or matched with advertising spend alone, no matter how deep their pockets.

We stay focused in this space to maximise your investment in your customers, team and technology.

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