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About Arctic Grey, Inc.

Arctic Grey, Inc. is a web and mobile development firm headquartered in Silicon Valley with offices in New York, Chicago, Huston, London, Toronto and more. Our design and development teams are known for their experience with custom projects ranging from enthralling website design, to pioneering mobile app development. Each member of our inventive team brings an assortment of effective ideas and understanding that can only enhance your objectives.

Arctic Grey, Inc. originated as a modest web development company in the city of Chicago. Through expansion into e-commerce and custom development, Arctic Grey grew its team quickly. The development and design teams had doubled and then tripled more than a few times to keep pace with the increasing demand for mobile applications and sophisticated e-commerce platforms like Shopify. Currently, the company has designers and developers around the world with a span of experience unmatched by most digital firms. These professionals include seasoned project managers, experienced software engineers, creative designers, innovative UX designers and obsessive QA testers.

The growth of Arctic Grey is a direct result of helping our clients win again and again, through long-term partnerships, and a foundation built on reliability.

We are a team of overachievers, constantly pushing the limits for our clients. When you partner with Arctic Grey, you get more than a contract. We are committed to your success.

Contact Information:
+1 844 311 6962
+1 650 288 0533

Global Headquarters:
800 W El Camino Real #180,
Mountain View, CA 94040

35 Testimonials

Karl Zimmer

Arctic Grey did a terrific job in building my Shopify store. The Arctic Grey team provided complete continuity from the initial designs stage to launch; Anthony Spallone particularly was highly communicative, responsive, and understanding of the designs and functionality that I was targeting. Details were never missed, updates were rapid and thorough, communication was frequent and clear, and the entire experience was positive and generally linear. Most impressively, out of 9 Shopify developers I contacted before launching, Arctic Grey responded back to me first, was the second lowest bidder, and easily provided the most value. I am another satisfied customer.

Di MODOLO Milano

Arctic Grey helped us with driving more traffic into our site through Digital Marketing such as Google Adwords, facebook, etc. Through their assistance, we managed to get many more sales on our site.

Erich Woods Ltd

The Arctic Grey team is a fun bunch and it was a joy to work with. Given my lack of knowledge wrt website development/building, they not only patiently held my hand along the process, but also ensured that I develop myself to be in a position to better understand the dynamics of managing my own store. In essence, they've worked themselves out of a job with me as I think I'm now able to set up my next Shopify store with very limited help from a Shopify Expert. This will definitely save me money in the long run.

Furthermore, their billing system is great and it allowed me to pick and only pay for what I wanted ito work to be done.

Once again, I had fun working with the team and I'll strongly recommend them.

Noelle Hair

I am beyond happy with the design of my website that Arctic Grey created, so much so that I hired them to do my SEO. Anthony Spallone is very quick to respond & highly professional.

Inveniio | Discover The Uncommon

Arctic Grey did a fantastic job during the entire process. They walked me through every step during the development of my store. They were very patient with several changes that I did along the way and the result was better that I expected. The first week that I launched I immediately received positive feedback from my customers, especially regarding the ease of navigation.

I ran a SEO check after my store was hand off and it came back with a perfect score. The store looks beautiful and I'm leveraging all the features from my theme. I strongly recommend Artic Grey. I love my Store!

PS. Their post launch support is a plus!

New Fashion Finds By Carole

Thank you thank you thank you. I am in love with my new Shopify store and it would not exist appearing like this without the expertise and foresight in creating my dream online store. My site is; beautiful, clean, simple, flirty, feminine... Everything I had hoped it to be!
I had a previous experience with a terrible Shopify “expert” so I came to Bulk hour Build very nervous and concerned as I had spent so much on product and the previous expert that I was not sure there really was an “expert” to hire to help with my store. I was so very pleasantly surprised by Bulk hour Build and Arctic Grey, Inc.
Jake was my first contact who assured me that I was safe and explained what Bulk hour Build could and would do for me. He went as far as taking me to another store with the same type of product for sale and showed me what they did for that storeowner. I received the exact level of professionalism I hoped I’d find.
Anthony is my project manager and I just could not say enough good things about his service, professionalism, and promptness.
Anthony had a beautiful slideshow storefront to show me within days and ever since then, anytime I had a question or suggestion I received a prompt reply and more importantly, an action completed. Bulk hour Build has helped me take my store to the next level. Their creativity & intuition have been a pleasure to work with. I am so grateful for Anthony’s informative guidance, patience and responsiveness, as well as your humor throughout the entire website building process. You thoughtfully created an environment, which displays my vision and dreams completely. If ever you have a doubt about hiring Bulk hour Build, stop because you have nothing but smooth sailing in front of you. I am already well on our way to recommending Bulk hour Build and their services as much as I can.

Dope Threads NYC

The staff at Arctic Gray has been courteous, professional and efficient from the beginning. They created a great site for me. I would highly recommend them to anyone who wants a website built that will generate revenue for them. Arctic Gray knows all the ins and outs to a sales-based website design. I'm very happy with the outcome.

Hee-Haw HorseRadish

Here's the thing, Arctic Grey was responsive to my requests, reasonably priced and proficient at turning out an A+ product for us. It's been a great experience and will continue to be I have no doubt.


Arctic Grey was a pleasure to work with! They have been helping us maintain our e-commerce site and regularly updating it. Most importantly, they ensured everything looks great across all platforms. The team was very attentive. They were quick to respond and complete jobs even on the weekend! They were conscious of our budget and found cost efficient solutions to achieve our goals.


We are a clothing manufacturer and needed a wholesale site for our retailers while maintaining a place that is friendly with the end consumer as well. We had a lot of customization that needed to go into our store. Arctic Grey was able to build us an Ordering System replicating our paper orders and an Account Creation system that gave us control of who could see and access our prices and ordering system. They handled every little detail we threw at them and finished in a timely manner. Great company for big projects and small alike.


Please note Anthony, did a great job and made my site look very professional. I wanted a little more done, but ran out of time and could not afford to pay more.

Thank you,


It has been a pleasure working with these guys. I reached out to them on Wednesday night and was resolving my issue by Thursday morning:) Nothing beats prompt and efficient service. We are still in the middle of resolving the issue..They said it will be solved by today, which was a breath of fresh air. I hope I can work with these guys in the future in regards to SEO and marketing.

Keto Outfitters

These guys are amazing! They respond very quickly to our requests and are experts on setting up shopify stores. I will definitely use them again.

Angel Love's World

I really enjoyed the iteraction with arctic grey. I am blind and they were very patient and understanding. they catored to my needs as a blind person. They responded very quickly and they were very reasonable with the pricing.

Milana Threads

I have worked with Arctic Grey for the last 4 months on getting a problematic site repaired, enhanced and ready for launch. During that time I can say strongly that they are a rare find in today's world where service providers are often the source of their own sets of problems. Arctic Grey has been stellar. They are true experts. They are dependable, on time and ready for each communication. They are responsive, getting back to me in matter of minutes to answer questions, concerns and timelines. They are creative. They do what they say they will do and do it with ease and personable willingness. They are a winners. I look forward to working with them on an ongoing basis and am appreciative to have them on my team.

Notox Girls

I had what I thought was a great website... And then I saw an offer from this company and decided to try them out. And oh my goshhhh am I happy I did!!!! Not only did they design an absolutely gorgeous and modern layout, but they also showed me how to track the website stats and become more interactive. They were very responsive to calls and emails at all hours of the day. Even on weekends, they returned my calls within an hour every single time. Their customer service was above and beyond anything I've experienced with development companies in the past- and the work they did would have cost ten times more with anyone else. Guaranteed. Even now, if I have any questions I can call them up and walk through anything that needs tweaking on the site. Thank you so much Arctic Grey!!!! Never using another website developer EVER AGAIN

XO Gratitude Journal

Arctic Grey was an amazing extension of our team! They led the website design and development for our organization. The developers and project managers collaborated like a partner on the project. Without a doubt, they’re all highly skilled, attentive, and responsive. It’s a relief when you find a company who can address the technical, creative and business requirements. They’re brilliant—there was always a solution to problems I was having and they always delivered. They listened, made their recommendations and took action. Most importantly, they were able to meet our tight deadline. In short, my experience with Arctic Grey was very positive, seamless and efficient. Thank you, Arctic Grey!

Elegant Violence Argentina

The teams at Arctic Grey are very skilled in the areas of web development, e-commerce and seo. If you need a website built, media or marketing and have no idea where to start or how to put the things together it's easy to be confused. The developers at Arctic Grey make it understandable, they’re helpful, patient and most of all, they deliver. I loved that they were so responsive and answered questions in a simple manner so someone like me who doesn't understand the many areas of the web, digital advertising, seo, etc. can comprehend.

Hope Shades

Anthony Spallone assisted us in Graphic Design, Branding, Editing, Business Strategy, Video Production including highly professional advice on the overall look, feel, and functionality of our website and business. I was delighted with everything Anthony and Arctic Grey provided. The manner in which the service was delivered was very personable, efficient and again highly professional. Great People. Great Service. Great Performance, and Great Value. Thanks Again Anthony!

BaitCloud UK

I worked with Arctic Grey to design and develop my site. The designers have a great design eye — I was able to express what I wanted and they translated my vision into a visual masterpiece. After trying to work with several different designers and them getting it wrong, I was amazed that Arctic Grey could do this so well in their first attempt.

Throughout the process of building my site, they provided regular updates on the progress and were responsive to any feedback I had. It was such an efficient and seamless process. Additionally, because I was on a deadline, the speed and professionalism with which they worked made it a very positive experience for me. I would undoubtedly work with Arctic Grey again.


Where do I begin? From day one, the good folks at Arctic Grey treated me like gold. They went well beyond and above the call of duty in getting my webpage up and running in record time! They led the charge on the creative end in making sure that the vision I had for my web site came to fruition. Their team completely "wowed" and "dazzled" me with their work. Equally, I was also impressed with the professionalism of the sales department. Arctic Grey sales was wonderful; they answered every question that I threw at them (and I asked her some pretty "interesting" questions). They were ebullient in working with me.

The one element that I do not wish to be overlooked about the staff at Arctic Grey, is the highly creative and awesome work! To the programmers and web designers I owe you. In this day in age, getting good service along with excellent customer service is a missing event in our society. However, I was blown away by Arctic Grey’s staff.

I would recommend Arctic Grey hands down! Lastly, I am completely and forever humbled by the good and kind deeds that the folks at Arctic Grey have done. My site is a 10 Plus Star site and was produced under budget! I am forever gratefu


After signing up with Shopify, I realized I did not have the time or patience to put together the website I needed. I received several quotes from website design vendors but Arctic Grey was the only vendor who took the time to listen to what I wanted.

They listened to my website needs for the present and future. They helped me integrate everything I was looking for regarding my website. I am "high maintenance" and wanted individual attention. I wanted to talk to one person so I didn't have to explain myself over and over. My lead developer from Arctic Grey took on that role and I was exceedingly pleased.

Once we were "on the clock" regarding the development of my website... My designer was literally in communication with me 7 days a week until the website was complete (sometimes very late in the evenings). They brought great ideas to the table regarding how they could implement the things I wanted.

My lead contact was also ALWAYS very easy to work with when I wanted corrections or wanted to get closer to my vision for the website. I am very pleased with my website and I am exceptionally pleased with their efforts during the entire process! They were AWESOME!!!

American Adrenaline

It was such a pleasure working with Arctic Grey! They were always on point and never did I feel like I was out of the loop for even a second. I am so extremely grateful for all the hard work and dedication they put into my website. They really truly made my vision for my company come to life. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!


We used Arctic Grey to build a website through Shopify and it turned out to be incredible. The people there are great to work with and the design team was easy to communicate with and contact, especially being in a different time zone. The pricing was competitive and amazing as well. They first built a custom front page design for free and then presented all the details on what it would take to do the rest in an organized way. They understand modern trends and communication with those who don't exactly get the tech industry and whatnot. Such a big help, I couldn't be more grateful! Thank you Arctic Grey, you guys rock!!!!


I worked on this project with Arctic Grey and couldn't have had a better experience. Their expertise and creative advice was invaluable! My website was done quickly and the response time was amazing. I would recommend Arctic Grey to everyone!


I had a great experience working with Arctic Grey. There were constant updates throughout the process in which they made any changes I requested. Responses to my emails and phone calls were always immediate, usually within minutes. Very satisfied with our new website. It has exactly the kind of modern and professional look I wanted. Then when they were finished building my site, they gave me 2 hours of Shared Screen training for free and taught me how to make updates myself. Fantastic experience, and I will continue to bring all of my digital business needs to them.


I reached out to Arctic Grey to help me with SEO as I was happy with the build of my site, but I wasn't getting the tracking I needed. They provided me with amazing support and were very responsive. They not only enhanced my SEO, but the setup Search Console, Webmaster Tools, Google Analytics & Google AdWords, then they tied everything together so all my data would auto-sync throughout all metrics platforms and made it possible for me to re-market my ads on a very high level. This company has been fantastic to work with and I'll be sure to use them again in the future.

H&H Imports

Arctic Grey replicated our website in 1 day at a very affordable price. Super fast and amazing quality. On top of that, their customer support was amazing, they were available all hours of the day and night, even during the weekend! Thank you so much and we will work together again very soon. :)


Amazing company leaps and bounds ahead of other design firms. The no nonsense approach and quality work is unparalleled.

Jaded Candel

The Arctic Grey team are a pretty unique bunch from having a first meeting to delivery of my new website (which is exactly what I wanted and more) has only taken a few weeks. What a simple and enjoyable experience!

They have also managed to change and improve the way I do business online so I really can't rate them high enough.

Thank You Arctic Grey

Made History Apparel (tm)

Artic Grey is a phenomenal company. As an upstart clothing company with a social cause, our team struggled to design or modify a template to capture the essence of what we were trying to do. Artic Grey took our concept and direction, and literally brought it to life beyond what we could imagine.

In addition, Artic Grey was flexible and willing to work with us on pricing which was amazing since we are upstart with very limited resources. Beyond the their work product, their service was also amazing. Prior to retaining their services, a representative will talk with you to discuss what you are trying to do and how they will get it done. We truly appreciated this because it helped us know exactly how many hours would be required.

Lastly, Artic Grey goes above and beyond. After delivering our site, they still took time beyond the paid period to make additional tweaks and make sure that they said they were going to provide, they provided down to the finite detail. I highly recommend Artic Grey to anyone seeking to launch a site. They are fair and damn good at what they do!


I found the Arctic Grey team to be an incredibly valuable resource. They deliver the highest quality work product that I have seen, they are extremely responsive, and their fees are reasonable. I would highly recommend them for any organization looking to tighten up their online presence.


I had an amazing experience working with Arctic Grey, Inc. They constantly had updates to send me throughout the process and made any changes I requested very quickly. Responses to my emails or phone calls were always immediate, usually within minutes. I’m extremely happy with our new website. It has exactly the kind of modern and professional look I wanted, and after the site was built, they taught me how to make changes, now I can update it myself if needed.


I am so glad I chose AppMe Solutions to build my website. Everything was done so promptly, and the communication was (and still is) great. They did an amazing job keeping me updated with information and changes on my site. Additionally, they went above and beyond to make sure it was everything I wanted and more. I am very grateful to have worked with this company and will definitely work with them on future products and services; I will 100% recommend AppMe Solutions to anybody looking for web development services!

Boom Jewellery

I would like to thank, and more importantly, recognize your developers along with my project manager, I am so impressed with their high work standards and exceptional customer service.

They were immediately personable when they first made contact with me. This was important to me since it set the tone going forward as we worked together on our virtual project. As a customer, I like knowing the status of my project when it's in another set of hands. They effectively responded to all communications and did so with a great sense of urgency and professionalism. They seem to work around the clock, quite literally! You have a very dedicated group of employees.

Few companies really get customer service and they get it. If you are as good to your developers as they are to your company, then I imagine they have the capability to excel even more. It was great doing business with AppMe Solutions & Shopify!!"

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