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About The Hauser Design Group

“…I appreciated the guidance provided to help me make the best choices for my business when I was stuck…”

We all need a bit of guidance from time to time… wouldn’t you agree?

Here is our elevator pitch, but stick with me! I promise to follow it up with some real human-speak and explain why you should care:

"The HDG has worked with hundreds of ecommerce merchants and specializes in custom design, website development & lead generation. Our goal is to provide outstanding value and communication while developing long-term relationships that elevate your success."

Doesn't that sound fancy!? We think so too - but guess what - fancy doesn't sell. In fact, all fancy does is make me feel like I've written a “proper” description of our business - but you don't really care about our business.

You care about what our business can do for you.

You want to know how we can make your life easier and give you more time to work ON your business, not IN your business (thanks Michael Gerber). How we can alleviate some of the nagging, recurring headaches that you've come to expect from working with unresponsive, dismissive "agencies" in the past.

You care about how we can help your business move forward.

Your customers are similar. They care about things that are awesome. Things that help them save time, fix a problem, scratch an itch or fill a void. As a website owner your job is to present your products effectively and remove any hurdles between the visitor and a conversion.

We can help you get there.

Your website is a true asset for your business. Our most successful customers understand that routine improvements are the equivalent of systematic investing. Consistency matters, and over time this consistency will yield the highest possible returns.

We’ll work well together if you’re looking for:

- Honest actionable advice
- A responsive team with many years of experience
- A team based 100% in the same US office (yes, a real office!)
- A company focused on quality, not quantity
- A long-term business relationship with people passionate about their work

The past 14 years have been amazing. When we dedicated ourselves to Shopify we loved the fact that it was extremely customizable, and the platform has grown by leaps and bounds since that time. It's been a fun ride.

We’ve grown too, but we still keep every project in-house and work hard to do the little things well - which it turns out, are not so little these days. One of our Shopify Plus customers Alyssa Pratt @ Sturdy Gun Safe said:

“They pick up the phones when you call. It's amazing. I swear I contacted 20 others and no one picked up the phone. Highly recommended.”

Please contact us if you are interested in personalized service, one-on-one interaction and a superior product delivered on time and within budget… and remember... we'll pick up the dang phone!

Let's get to work.


The Team @ The HDG

88 Testimonials


I am pleased enough with their service that I am already planning future improvements to my site and plan to contract with them again. I worked primarily with AJ...who used video and email to communicate with me, and it worked out great. I love the new look of my store, and I'm glad I chose The Hauser Group as the experts to help me with it.

A Rustic Feeling

I have been struggling for the last few years with email campaigns that will generate a good amount of opens as well as conversions. While working with AJ from The Hauser Design Group on my Premium Website Design, he mentioned Swift Email which is a "Powerful" marketing email platform. Based on the work AJ and his team have done for me over the past several months, I trusted what he explained about the email campaign set up and what he thought my customers would most likely respond to and compiled my first email through Swift. Using their tools within the application and the "Worldwide View" (which I LOVE!!) I was able to see the immediate actions being taken on the email campaign sent. It clearly shows who was opening the emails, where they are located and who clicked through to our website. So cool to watch this Live !! For that first email campaign, I had the most "Opens" I ever experienced and at the end of the campaign, the most Conversions !! I'm thrilled by this! Compiling successful email campaigns have always been difficult for me but now I'm excited to create them based on AJ's suggestions and watch the "Live" action. Very cool and easy application and I highly recommend Swift (and The Hauser Design Group!)

Distinguished Decorum

Problem found problem solved! Excellent customer service with great communication. Highly recommended!

Avarte MicroPigmentation

I would like to start by saying the Hauser Team rocks!!!!
From the beginning thru end the process was so smooth and completed in a timely fashion. AJ set the process in motion and Kelly, my savior fulfilled every task and made it so easy for me to comprehend with her detailed yet simple to follow video tutorials. Made this non-techie’s life very easy I must say!!! I had such a great experience and have complete confidence in The Hauser Team handling of all my future projects. Looking forward to working with them in the near future

Unearthed Store

The Hauser Design Group performed an initial Website Audit for my store. Their personal touch was evident from the start. I worked with AJ and he was engaged and enthusiastic about my project and the goals I want to accomplish. The audit was very thorough and provided great suggestions of elements I can implement myself, along with items we will continue to work on collaboratively. I look forward to working with their group more in the future.

Heat Wave Visual

The team at Hauser have done a lot of amazing work for our Shopify site. We're able to offer a very unique user experience thanks to the features they've built for us. For both desktop and mobile they always have great solutions to our problems and turn things around very quickly. We will continue to use them to improve and add new features to our site.


Very responsive, comprehensive service, friendly staff


They were very professional and had great communication. Right away I felt like apart of the team with the email forwarding. They worked quick and went in depth where it was needed!

Pike Creek Boutique

I could not be more pleased for the work The Hauser Design Group has done for me and my business thus far! Their audit was incredibly thorough and opened my eyes to so many changes for the better. Some of the changes I was able to tackle on my own and put my best foot forward before moving ahead with others that I have asked The Hauser Design Group to help us with in the very near future. I am excited for the future for my business, and expect nothing less than success as a direct result of the efforts of The Hauser Design Group, and would recommend their services to any new or established business in need of a little help or optimization!

Chad Emory - Owner of Pike Creek Boutique


I have had a website audit done, and social media marketing is in the works. The audit was very thorough and touched on various areas where I need expert guidance. I look forward to continuing to work with The Hauser Group as they have shown to be very knowledgeable in website overhaul.

I spent over a year trying to find a Shopify Expert to customize a theme to allow some special pricing calculations. I spoke to several experts who all told me it was impossible to accomplish in Shopify. I had just about given up and was developing my store in another platform but thought I would give it one last try and The Hauser Design Group responded to my work request. They actually did exactly what I needed and for an extremely reasonable price. My shop requires my customers to enter measurements that are used to calculate the square footage of a custom product. The price per square foot is based upon the square foot of the individual item. There are 4 levels of pricing based upon the square footage of any item. Shopify requires a set price per square foot. I plan to use The Hauser Design Group for more of my Shopify projects. I would highly recommend them as being fair, easy to work with and extremely qualified. I know since I had trouble finding someone qualified to do the work there must be some of you out there in the same situation. For those of you still searching know the impossible can sometimes be possible and see my store to determine if this is the sort of custom work you need.

Ugly Gamer

Words can’t explain how happy I am with the work that was done by them. Not only are they easy to talk to, but they genuinely care about what you want and they provide everything they say they can deliver. I highly recommend.


Working with Vaughn at the Hauser Design Group was amazing. He kept me updated every day regarding our project. Our website looks amazing!! There were no hidden fees and he provided me with all the info I needed up front. I will definitely be working with him on future projects and give them 5 stars!!

Better Bath and Beauty

Hauser Design Group did a superb job at helping me design a logo for my newly renamed business, Intimates Uncovered! Initially, I was a little concerned that the seeming majority male team might not be able to connect with and understand my very feminine, intimates business, but I really had no cause for concern. After listening carefully & patiently to understand my business and my ideas they provided me 3 logo design offerings to review. As we progressed with my chosen design they continued to carefully hear my many requests, concerns, suggestions (some of them were pretty crazy!) and make revisions until I was completely thrilled with the design and how it represents my business. I really appreciate how open the team was to hear my feedback on the designs, although it was sometimes critical, if not constructive. I also appreciate the guidance provided to help me make the best choices for my business when I was stuck on final design choices. They were really dedicated to getting it right in my eyes and making sure I was happy with the outcome. Hauser was more than willing to provide multiple variations of the final logo design that could be used for electronic & print usages and social media profiles. I love the final design and can't wait to introduce Intimates Uncovered using my new logo. The project was fun, exciting and completely satisfying beginning to end & I'm looking forward to starting our next project to revise my website. Thanks!

Fior Gelato

One of the only companies we approached that understood what we were looking for and priced it fairly. Easy to work with and job well done!

Mission Wholesale Foods

I can't say enough good things about this company! I had a tight budget for this project & prefer to do most of the work myself, but sometimes you need some help from the pros. Not only were they able to work within my budget, but they completed the project quickly and on time. Did I mention, they always answer the phones when you call too!!

I will definitely be using them in the future!

Thanks Again


I worked with AJ, Zach, and Kelly at the Hauser Design Group and would definitely recommend. I was in the middle--knowing how to do a lot of stuff myself, but still a rookie and wanting help navigating my Shopify setup and getting me unstuck. The Hauser team was great--from assisting with code, SEO evaluation of potential themes, and even helping me name the company. They are great peeps with a well rounded skillset. Will use again!

Friendly Fundraising Inc

They recently completed a project for me very quickly and within the budget. Just getting ready to start on another project with them. Very happy!


We asked the Hauser Group to perform an SEO report on our site and we were blown away by the results! AJ's report was so comprehensive, covering all of the aspects of our site where we suspected we had some issues. We can't wait to implement the changes he suggested to get our site operating at full speed?

CB Fundraising Diner

Communication was excellent, all work was completed as agreed upon and the whole process was done in a very professional manner. I have already booked another job to be completed by the Hauser Design Group.

CO2 Meter

I found the Hauser Design Group through the Shopify Experts, and I’m glad I did. All the positive reviews I read sounded too good to be true, but they were right.

Our company CO2Meter, Inc. first hired them to do a small change to our old Shopify site. They were quick and reasonably priced. But the big challenge came when we decided to do a full website redesign. After reading proposals from half a dozen other companies, we realized Hauser was the only one who took the time to understand our requirements.

AJ and his team are Shopify experts. Everything we wanted to do was thought out with the Shopify strengths and weaknesses in mind. In the end, everyone from our President and CEO to the customer support team is pleased with our new website. We still have more changes to make, but I’m 100% confident AJ will take care of us.


The Hauser Design Group are professionals you can rely on!

I needed some custom coding done on a web store. AJ and crew delivered. I was expecting the project to commence on a Monday and as I was walking a client through the problem area so they would understand the issue, it was fixed. And that was the same Monday. Excellent job and very timely. Now I've got a couple more jobs for them.

Caiman Distribution

The migration from Magento to Shopify is complete and everything went off without a hitch. Thank you for your time and expertise with all of this - it could not have gone more smoothly. We were extremely worried before we started this project because of all the variables, but know that we appreciate all the time your team took on the phone with us, and all of the email updates.

revolve furnishings - modern furniture for home and office

AJ and the team did a quick and efficient tweak to our website. They were friendly and easy to work with. I will definitely contact them again if I'm in over my head!
Thanks for the rescue guys! -Leslie

Infinity Stamps

One of the few Shopify Experts that reached out to me almost immediately after I asked for help. Within a few days we had come up with a solution and implemented it. I'm very happy with the result and their professionalism. Highly recommend.

TruSelf Organics

AJ and his team at the Hauser Design Group are awesome to work with. They listen to what we want accomplished to our site, provide some great advice/thoughts and implement the work in line with the estimated timeframe. Great communication back and forth on status and expectations make for a good relationship. Our confidence in The Hauser Design Group in both getting the work done in the required time as well as the quality of work done (to our expectations) makes one less worry on our side.

Fey & CO.

AJ, Kelly and their team did an incredible job putting our site together. They were great to work with and approached the project with an ability to understand what we were looking for and to figure out the best way to achieve it. They communicated well and followed up consistently. I look forward to continue working with them in the future and would highly recommend them. Thank you for a job well done! Tom Fey

I'm good for the moment. Payment sent - thanks!

Really Big Lights

AJ, it looks dope! Send the bill!

Growing Like A Wied

Everything came out great. I tested it out this weekend and everything is working perfectly. Thank you so much!

Tyneham Luxury Products

Done and done - all looking good!

Clear Water Jewelers

The 25 Point SEO Report was in depth and well worth the time and effort that went into it. Thank you.

The Reel Shot

That page layout should work out awesome, so will the availability grid and the size/color chart. Thank you!

Saint Cloud

Great work, great communication, great prices. Very happy and highly recommend!


AJ and his team make coding and website design super easy. He takes the time to fully understand what results you are looking for and deliver exactly what you want.

Sturdy Gun Safe

They pick up the phones when you call. It's amazing. I swear I contacted 20 others and no one picked up the phone.
They got it done within hours, and with a good price. Highly recommend.

Gift Crates

AJ and the group are awesome. They took care of my every need and I will continue to use them on an ongoing basis. Perfect work!

Dallas Light Bulb

Dallas Light Bulb was referred to The Hauser Design Group by Shopify. "Right off the bat" after speaking with AJ we knew that we picked the right company to take on our website design project. The fact that AJ and his team were experts with the platform we were working with was a plus, but more importantly its the personal touch and care that The Hauser Design Group puts into the relationship. The Hauser Design Group is a pleasure to work with and they have a top notch design team that is ready to take on any task! We are customers for life.

Aquarium Overload

The report I ordered brought a lot of things into perspective that I was unaware of. Really glad that we decided to partner with the Hauser Group on this stuff - we'll be doing more in the near future.

My Meals

The 25-Point SEO Report was better than expected - and we will be doing additional work with The HDG as a result. Recommended.


Did everything we asked by the deadline we agreed on while staying under our budget. Awesome. Thanks guys!

Blue Moon on the Square

Still working together but got Coupon Carrier set up and working after my previous developer flaked out. Nice to have found a stable company to work with on my shop.

Tech N Trenz

Work was done on time and within the quoted budget. Thank you.

Cocoa + Co.

AJ was willing to approach the project in a way that perfectly fit my needs and budget though it was not their normal scope. His advice was clear, actionable and, I believe, will prove invaluable.


Very happy - worked with AJ & the team for several hours in a consulting capacity to help me get my store more on track with in-house SEO best practices and started to develop a long-term marketing plan as well that we will be carrying out with the help of The HDG.

Statement Wood Watches for Men

The 25-Point SEO Report was well worth the time and money. After delivery I immediately scheduled another round of work based on the information provided and will continue to work with The Hauser Design Group moving forward!

Best Reviews Guide

Thank you guys for taking a last minute request and turning it out on time just like you promised. Recommended.

Brown Eyed Dolls

Very responsive and helpful. So glad to have that work completed!

Ultra Print Solutions, Inc.

Recommended - the modification they made is working exactly how I need it to work.

Northland's Dealer Supply Store

Thank you for sending the SEO information over - the 25 point report was well worth it. It's a A LOT of information but good information. Looking forward to working with you more to iron everything out! :)


Our Shopify Plus store checkout looks perfect now. Thank you guys!


AJ and his design group are great to work with and they are always so polite! They knew exactly what we wanted and were able to produce excellent work in a timely fashion. We would highly recommend The Hauser Design Group to anyone and look forward to working with them again in the future!

Halo Board

They are fantastic to work with.

Flory & Black

Brilliant thank you – all looks great!

Confluent Medical Technologies

You guys were super helpful, resourceful and have satisfactorily met our needs. Should we have any issues as we continue to test products, we will let you know. The invoice I received was for what we were quoted - which is great. It was wonderful working with you and we will keep you in mind if we need further customization on our web shop.

CO2 Meter

We needed a homepage image carousel. The Hauser Design Group made the project fast, simple, and at a fair price. Quick communication with AJ who oversaw development. I would use them again.

Kidz Outfitters

We finally unveiled our store yesterday and now I'm going to focus back on our systems. I did try the importing of inventory and it worked like magic! Thanks again!

TL's Trophies & Collectibles

Stayed under the price I was originally quoted even though we ran into some hurdles along the way and the project took longer than expected.

Royal Order

Hired them more than once. You should do so as well, with confidence.

Charleston Limewash

After some negative experience with our previous web designer, AJ and his team helped Charleston Limewash get back on track quickly and effectively. AJ was professional and prompt in his communication with me; I never felt like our business was forgotten or pushed aside to make room for bigger clients. The work they did to our site is fantastic. We wouldn't hesitate to use them again in the future. Thank you Hauser Design!

Top Cut Breaks

We had more than a 5 star experience with The Hauser Design Group. They responded quickly to our initial request and from there, they continued to impress us and gain our confidence. Our first project was completed on time and EXACTLY how we wanted it. It made our lives, our shop and our customers so happy. We will be using them again for another project immediately. Thank you to The Hauser Design Group for being such an incredible group of people.

The Food Group

AJ and his team were very easy to work with. They asked great questions to help me figure out what I truly needed, completed work quickly and on time, and made a few extra edits when I realized I needed something else included. I will definitely use them again for my shop.


These guys are the best. they give accurate quotes before doing the work. They took time to thoroughly understand what we needed before starting updates to our site. They do the hired work in a timely manner. They are also knowledgeable about the shopify platform. This is our go to company for updates and changes to our shopify store. Special thank you to AJ and Jake!


Knowledgeble, Professional and reasonable. Will be using in the future.

Es La Vida

The Hauser Design Group is such a delight to work with. I have worked with them again and again this past year.

With all the Shopify Experts out there and all the problems you can face dealing with the intricacies of coding on Shopify, it is very difficult to find someone who can understand your problems and solve them effectively and efficiently.

I had a problem I was trying to fix for a few months now and I needed major help. Once I contacted The Hauser Design Group, they had a few questions to clarify the problem and once that was clear, the job was done exactly as expected in a timely manner.

They were such a joy to work with and I had absolutely no problems at all. I would definitely recommend them to anyone who is dealing with some backend developing problems because it is very apparent to me that they know exactly what they are doing.

Thank you! I will definitely go back to them again if I have any problems with my shop.

The Reel Shot

Everything looks good. That page layout should work out awesome. Thanks very much for your help on this!


Five stars.

TRO Custom Musky Shop

Did the job the were hired to do in a very timely manner

DCB Rocks

AJ and his crew are remarkable. I asked him for SEO help and ended up with a beautifully designed kick-ass new logo, and a dynamite website that shows right up on the search engines. The Hauser group focuses on mobile first development and works up so it is a pleasure to use on my phone, I get good mobile traffic and sales and Google likes me. What could be better?

What did I like about these guys?

AJ has a goofy sense of humor and is a pleasure to work with. He does what he says he will when he says he will. He LISTENS to what I want and does his best to give it to me. He and Jake, who I also worked with, are patient and respectful no matter how I pushed to get exactly what I wanted. And I got it. The site rocks.

Their process begins with the completion of a detailed questionnaire. Take it seriously. It not only helped them know what I was looking for and what my style and preferences were, but it helped me clarify exactly what I wanted. Incredibly well put together questionnaire and incredibly helpful.

On the basis of that work, AJ and I were able to have some good back and forth on what I was looking for and he was willing to step outside his comfort zone to make


SO HAPPY!! Thank you so very much! :-)

I understand I have been a little needy LOL... BUT FOR NOW... SPORTEEZER is PERFECT!

Bettina's Collection

Everything is working perfectly now - thank you for your diligence in returning my emails - your response time was excellent and I am very happy with the website options!!

Homeless Pets Foundation Store

Very prompt communication and understood what I needed done without too much explanation. We are still tweeking the project, but I'm sure it will be exactly what I want when it's completed!

ASC Building Supplies

The calculator looks great thank you - we are very pleased with your work!!

Baby Porter

Our experience working with Jake and AJ from the Hauser Design Group was nothing short of fantastic. The development work we requested was completed exactly as we'd specified, and was turned around very quickly. We would have no hesitation in recommending their work to other business owners looking to set up or improve their Shopify website.

San Francisco Wine School

The folks at Hauser Design Group were great to work with. I'm a web-designer and needed some help with figuring out some customizations in shopify working with mobile/responsiveness/better layout. AJ got back to me within 24 hours after my initial email request. Was incredibly timely in all communication, getting the work done before their estimated completion time, and even looked into a more advanced issue for me without charging.

As a full-time freelancer, I know there are a lot of options out there, and it's hard to work with good folks who are reasonably priced and have great response times. I feel super lucky to have found HDG!

They're officially my go to people for all future work and I'm looking forward to working with them again. I'd recommend contacting them directly through their website ( I didn't have much luck hearing back from any developers when I contacted them using the shopify contact form.

Thanks so much AJ & Jacob! Much appreciated!!

Subtle Additions

The store is coming along nicely, but the best part is that they are helping me develop my ENTIRE business - not just my website. I am very excited to see where this thing takes us this year.

-Jennifer H.


The Hauser Design Group has taken our product and this project by the horns and has far exceeded our expectations! We will continue doing business with them.


This has been a battle - and AJ has been with us every step of the way. Things are really looking up this year, and we can't wait to see what happens. We highly recommend their work.
-B & G at Clear.Water.Sky. Tools

Awesome company to work with!

Pub Life

10 our of 10... because they are AWESOME!!

The LMK Technologies Online Catalog

AJ has worked with us for months, taking Shopify and first allowing us to use it as a quote-generation tool for our sales team (thus eliminating our Excel spreadsheets) - while continuing to develop the public storefront "behind the scenes". He has been extremely accommodating and helped us turn a big problem into a working tool that increased revenue across the board. Highly recommended.

Birthing From Within

Aj, Jacob, and crew were great! After a very unpleasant and disappointing experience with another "Shopify Expert," we are thrilled with the Hauser Design Group's attention to detail, customer focus, sense of humor, and good prompt work. We will be using them again!

Robart Manufacturing

The Hauser Design Group did a great job listening to our needs and providing feedback when appropriate. Our project was broken into three phases with time frames given for each phase. AJ and his team met the time frames and provided additional feedback along the timeline of project. Also, his quoted hours were not exceeded thus avoiding any uncomfortable conversations about project overruns. I will continue to use The Hauser Design Group in the future and I would have no issues referring this firm to other business associates.


Trying to find someone to help you with your Shopify site may seem a bit overwhelming with all the different companies out there. But I must say The Hauser Design Group did a fantastic job! AJ does his homework before he talks with you. Very personable and quick to respond to emails at ANY time. VERY easy to work with, and great ideas! If you allow them to quote your project, you will most likely be as impressed as I was with the details, comprehensive ideas & line items on the Proposal. Hauser will be doing all my future work!


About six months ago I scrolled through these Shopify Expert reviews just as you are now and decided to pursue The Hauser Design Group for a couple of reasons. 1) AJ likes to grill which seemed human and down to Earth 2) AJ claimed to get his hands dirty with start-ups, a saint like quality in my opinion, and 3) AJ's portfolio showed the ability to take service oriented ideas and turn them into products, which was exactly what I was looking for. I assumed I would never find a perfect fit on my first attempt to hire a Shopify freelancer. I was wrong.

AJ Hauser "held" my hand as emails flowed back and forth, attempting to develop a brand, strategize, and launch an ecommerce platform. AJ was patient, very kind, and gave me opinions that I truly valued. His pricing was reasonable and his new client onboarding process was organized.

The end result is and he continues to amaze me by accommodating every request I make. I am a non-techie non-arty person just like you. I understood the business side of things, so let me give you a wholehearted YES! to working with AJ. Send him an email right now and get the ball rolling, you will be happy you did.

The LMK Technologies Online Catalog

AJ has worked with us for months, taking Shopify and first allowing us to use it as a quote-generation tool for our sales team (thus eliminating our Excel spreadsheets) - while continuing to develop the public storefront "behind the scenes". He has been extremely accommodating and helped us turn a big problem into a working tool that increased revenue across the board. Highly recommended.


AJ Hauser is professional, creative, thorough, supportive, encouraging, patient. Absolutely excellent!!! He challenged me to think about what my goals were without "telling me" what to do. His insight is refreshing & he dealt with every change, edit, different idea I came up with. I could not be more pleased!!! The website looks even better than I had imagined or hoped for.

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