About Aeolidia

You’re in the right place if you have a great product and a growing customer base, but feel held back from reaching the next step for your business. By evaluating your goals to create a strong brand identity, stand-out product packaging, and a high-converting ecommerce website, we will knock down what’s holding you back from reaching your potential.

Join the hundreds of design-loving shops who have come to us for creative projects since 2004.

:: We design brands ::

You need a thoughtful, comprehensive, and engaging brand identity that has longevity and allows you to put your best foot forward. We will dream big for your brand, exploring marketing materials and packaging ideas that you may not have known were out there. A truly cohesive identity will be created for you, from logo, to print work, to packaging design, to fun extras.

:: We make websites ::

You need a website that drives sales, accurately reflects the unique value of your business, and is easy for you and your customers to use. When you hit the limit of what you can make your website do yourself, we can take it to the next level with custom features tailored to how you sell your products.

:: We also provide ::

· print design
· packaging design
· illustration
· marketing
· photography
· copywriting

We can assist with almost anything that goes into setting up a presence online. Please get in touch so we can learn about your business and help you tell your story in a way that converts visitors to customers.

45 Testimonials

Bespoke Verse 27 days ago

I had a full rebrand and new website from Aeolidia and I am delighted with the result. The site looks fantastic, the rebrand and logo is amazing. I also thought the copywriting was excellent.

The system of communication is VERY easy and efficient and it does not matter we are half way around the world from each other. Aeolidia make each step understandable and bite size. I would advise anyone without much IT experience to take a look at their offering. You can trsut these guys to do what they say they will!

I went to Aeolidia knowing very little about Shopify and I believe it was a good choice for us in many ways. The simplicity of the back end is very refreshing! The team clearly know their stuff.

I did feel we could have more support with the use of apps to create options for our products. I also think the provision of a shipping note by Aeolidia would be an advantage as it is something that is so integral to our business, I was amazed it wasn't included in the package.

All in all a very good service and I would recommend Aeolidia.

Flutterbye Prints 4 months ago

Working with Aeolidia was a hugely positive experience. I first discovered Aeolidia from finding that a few of the businesses I've followed for inspiration had sites developed by Aeolidia. I knew from the beginning that I needed a team that make a site that was pretty, but also very functional. My site needed a lot of custom options because almost every item can be customized. I have a shop on Etsy, and it is very tedious and confusing for customers who are accustomed to entering a name in a box or selecting the options from drop-down menus. I was able to explain what I had in mind and they were able to make it a reality.

This was the largest investment I've made in my business so far, but I was very confident in Aeolidia and was excited to get the project started. Aeolidia has a great portfolio, in a range of business, but they are especially attuned to working with small businesses who are looking for a good investment to grow their business and take it to the next level. They were so organized and had such great communication, it was easy to hit the target dates and feel well-understood. Aside from minor tweaks, the site really hit the mark from the very start.

Megan Lee Designs 6 months ago

Such a great experience -- Aeolidia is a highly professional company that follows through on their promises. We absolutely love our website and are very excited to see where it can take us. Highly recommend!

Harvest Paper Co. 6 months ago

I cannot say enough positive things about Aeolidia! They brought my store to life and helped me achieve everything I wanted in a website and more. I was able to customize so many little details that I never even knew was possible to help achieve a really unique online identity that was truly my business. I wouldn't recommend anyone but Aeolidia!

Island Thyme 6 months ago

We are very pleased to say that Aeolidia was everything we had hoped for.
After over a year of looking at shopping-carts and web design companies we selected Shopify and Aeolidia as two halves to a whole solution for Island Thyme's e-commerce site redo. Aeolidia's portfolio of projects was perfect for an "artisan" company like ours. And Shopify offered the structure and back-end we had been hoping for.
At Island Thyme we were used to doing everything, especially on the design end, ourselves. Letting go and trusting was not easy. But we could not be more happy with the results. Islandthyme.com looks so great. The project was completed right on schedule. The branding work Aeolidia proposed doing before the web site development has proved very useful. And Shopify itself has exceeded our expectations.
If you are an "artisan", "hand-crafted", "maker", or just "young-fun-and-hip" company Aeolidia is definitely worth serious consideration. Coupled with Shopify they were a home-run for Island Thyme.

Nora Gray 7 months ago

Aeolidia = Creative Geniuses! I truly loved every step of this experience because it felt like I was working with a team that understood me. For us creative folk, we all know this isn't always an easy task. Sarah took on the task of being my designer, and built my brand around an already existing logo. She was so easy-going, listened well, and created my Nora Gray masterpiece! I highly recommend Aeolidia, even if it's for a small task. They're not just a design team, but awesome friends! Thanks for all you did for me!

Shiny Happy World 7 months ago

They did a fantastic job customizing my shop for a seamless integration with my website. They added a terrific feature where I can add links to listings from a specific shop collection at the end of each blog post, and got additional features set up for customer reviews, subscription payments, linking out to items sold on other platforms, and more. My new shop is everything I had hoped for and more!

Tilde 9 months ago

We are so happy with our new website created by the team at Aeolidia. We were looking for a design firm that could work with a small business that needed both an online shopping function for a larger and diverse amount of products and additional pages that provided information on our business. Aeolidia assigned us a team of people who were experts in all these areas: copywriting, design and building the website. And they seemed to have a very good understanding of our industry which is gifts & art from small makers. Our only initial concern was having all communication running through an project management software which was sometimes hard to use. But when there was confusion we were able to set up phone calls and our issues were quickly resolved. We would refer anyone to Aeolidia that might need a website build. They are top notch in our book!

Alexis Mattox Design 12 months ago

Our experience working with Aeolidia was excellent. Their knowledge and expertise helped us get our website to where we needed it to be and beyond. Working with them was so worthwhile because a beautiful, functional site made a big difference in our ability to sell products and communicate our company message. I would recommend their services to anyone. Thank you Aeolidia!

Amata Jewelry Studio 12 months ago

We’ve received hundreds of wonderful comments on social media and in person about our new branding and website thanks to Aeolidia! Designing and developing our first ecommerce site was one of the most extensive and fairly complex projects for our small business. A project of this scope can be very intimidating and overwhelmingly complex, however, the Aeolidia team are remarkable communicators, which made the project streamlined, efficient and enjoyable. From the creative skills of the designers to the highly organized project coordinator to the expertise of the developer Aeolidia is a truly professional team that was a pleasure to work with. They were always there to gently guide me through the new world of ecommerce and every seemingly minor or complex issue was always addressed. I’m so grateful to have a team of experts that Amata Jewelry Studio can grow and develop with.

Printable Wisdom about 1 year ago

Everything about working with the Aeolidia team, from start to finish, was seamlessly well organized and transparent. I was nervous about making such a big investment in my business - the biggest so far! I had originally contacted Aeolidia in the past and decided to hold off on creating my own custom website. After researching for about six months and reading their expert blog posts on creating a "big little" business I knew that there wasn't any other web design team that would intrinsically understand my business like Aeolidia did. So I contacted them to begin working on our site - and I would do it again in a heartbeat!
Our goals for the new website were to make it very clear which items were digital downloads and which were physical art prints - something that I had no idea how to do! It was great to get everyone's input about this and I think the final result is spectacularly clear (and something I never could have come up with on my own). The entire site is just like my experience with Aeolidia - clear, easy to understand, and perfect for a creative small business!

Bel Kai about 1 year ago

We loved working with Aeolidia. We re-branded our business through Aeolidia & they also created a new website for us. The entire process was organized & pain-free. There were several requests that we made towards the end of our project and there was never any problem with execution. I highly recommend the team at Aeolidia!


Stock Show Boutique about 1 year ago

My boutique is very new and had seen a tremendous amount of business since it's opening in November of 2014. The web design had always been a thorn in my side, I consider myself very picky and knew when it was at the point I could justify spending the money I would be hiring someone to design it. I have admired Aeolidia for years and had been dreaming of the day I could hire them as I knew they were the best fit and most talented group of designers out there.

I am so impressed with how well my vision came to life! It is amazing how they can take your answers to a questionnaire and "see" your entire vision. From the start of the project to it's completion everything was clearly detailed to me and I knew exactly what to expect. I now have a clean, mobile friendly website I truly love which proudly represents my business.

There are really no words that can express my gratitude and admiration for the Aeolidia team. They take a very stressful time in your business and make it both fun and exciting! My goals were all met and I can't wait to continue growing my little business in the coming months. 5 Stars, 2 thumbs up and many, many big hugs to you all!

Tickled Teal LLC over 1 year ago

I went into the project not really knowing what to expect but I am definitely
thrilled with the finished product for our logo & website re-branding project! Throughout the project they were incredibly easy and great to communicate with.
I really enjoyed the way we could bounce ideas off of each other and work through design challenges to create awesome solutions. It was awesome to always feel like the designer and I were on the same page. I would describe something for her and what she would come back with was like she had read my mind.
I really appreciated how organized they were and that they were quick to answer all of my questions. I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking to re-vamp or start a new web design project.

Shop Sweet Lulu over 1 year ago

As my business has grown over the last 5 years, so have my needs for a functional, beautiful website. Every time I have outgrown one platform or another, my first call for help is to the talented folks at Aeolidia. This was my third project with the team, and that alone should say quite a bit (if they gave out frequent flyer miles I'd be halfway to Fiji by now). I keep returning to Aeolidia because they are creative, meticulous, organized, and brilliant at what they do. Thumbs up and gold sticky stars for Aeolidia!

AHeirloom over 1 year ago

Aeolidia was wonderful to work with. They were highly organized and helped us get to the next level with our online sales. We would highly recommend their company!

a. favorite design over 1 year ago

After years of hiring friends to create our website, we finally took the plunge & hired an established company, what a difference! I researched many websites & kept noticing, the sites I really loved & admired, were all created by the same company, Aeolidia. We reached out to them and I am so glad we did! From the start they were responsive to our questions and were ready with an impressive timeline. Budget was a huge concern but to my surprise they were comparable to other estimates we received, which helped ease our worries.

Initially, it was difficult for me to surrender design to someone I had never met, I was terribly nervous awaiting the first proof. When Sarah sent us the link, I took a few deep breaths before clicking through and, it was absolutely perfect! I was smitten from the very first moment! Sarah carried our branding through flawlessly and impressed me every step of the way. This initially daunting, stressful & costly project became fun and I looked forward to seeing every new update.

The expertise and professionalism Aeolidia conveyed really helped relieve the stress of a complete website overhaul. Every solution they offered was perfect, I couldn't be happier!

June & December over 1 year ago

Working with Aeolidia was an absolute Joy! We were certainly apprehensive hiring and working with a team so far away from us on such a big investment & critical branding piece. But through the process and teamwork, they were more than capable of delivering what we looking for and then some.

We hired Aeolidia to design + build our responsive website including our Shopify Theme, Blog & eCommerce integration with StitchLabs & ShipStation and they delivered on all fronts! They truly are Shopify experts!

Sam did an amazing job being the glue while all the other team members took our goals to heart and just “got” what we were looking for + were able to deliver some things we didn’t even know we wanted! Lauren was truly magical at feeling our branding & delivering a wonderful aesthetic and Zak was a coding magician & was incredibly adept at translating the design into reality.

There were a few delays + bumps along the way, as to be expected with any big project, but any frustration we had was quickly quelled by the team’s responsiveness & willingness to make adjustments & work through those bumps to ensure that we not only stayed on track, but our expectations were exceeded. TY!!

I Heart Guts almost 2 years ago

The great brains at Aeolidia helped our site look better, work better and play better. They understand great design and also the importance of the user experience and how to help run a better e-commerce site overall. Stellar service, this is our second time around with Team Aeolidia and will surely not be the last. Highly recommend these guys.

Parrott Design Studio almost 2 years ago

I had a phenomenal experience with my team at Aeolida. My final website exceeded any dream I ever had for it! I had a very strong idea of what I wanted my site to look like, having designed my previous sites a few times over the years. I was nervous about handing over the reins, but knew it was time to find a professional. I had been following Aeolidia's work for years and knew they were the ones I had to work with. I am glad they agreed!

I told Aeolida my main goal for a new website is to have a complete Parrott Design Studio experience for both retail and wholesale buyers on one site complete with a shop for my paper goods and portfolio of my custom work while having control over the content with the ability to update text and photos as needed.

Christine and Jon brought my vision to life, added fun details I never thought of, answered all my questions, listened to my ideas, and explained the entire process along the way. It never truly felt like work and now I have a beautiful website that I love and look forward to sharing!

Serious Creatures almost 2 years ago

Working with Aeolidia was amazing in every way.

Before we began, Aeolidia took their time listening to us and gaining an understanding of where we were with our business and what we aimed to change in working with them. The package they created met these needs exactly.

As we began, they spent time helping us understand our own aesthetic. And while all the conversations centered around our preferences, they also provided counsel whenever we desired it.

Throughout the project they were incredibly easy and fun to communicate with and work with. We have an incredibly scattered life at the moment, and they were incredibly accommodating. They made it easy to be forthcoming with them and I never felt my concerns were a burden in anyway. I needed that in a project like this.

In the end they accomplished so much more than we would have ever been able to conceptualize on our own. They "got" our brand and brought it life and gave us the fuel to enter the next chapter.

I can't recommend Aeolidia highly enough!

Zinnia Folk Arts about 2 years ago

I completely enjoyed working with Aeolidia on the redesign of my website, ZinniaFolkArts.com. From the use of Basecamp to keep everything organized and moving forward, to the thorough questions about what I wanted on all of my pages, to the creative and efficient design team, and the transformation of ideas to reality by the programmer, everything was superb! And the very best part is that I've had more sales in one month than I had in 6 months with my old site. They know what they are doing in the area of small business, creative e-commerce. Thank you Aeolidia team!

Aeolidia was great to work with! Samantha and Chris and my designer were awesome...helpful, and got back with me right away. This side of my business is not my favorite, but Aeolidia made me feel special and made my website look beautiful! They walked me through each part of the process step by step. Thank you so much Aeolidia!
Little Luxuries of Mackinac Island

Tickled Pink Paper + Ink about 2 years ago

I had an amazingly wonderful experience working with the Aeolidia team! They really listened to the vision I had in mind for my site and then took my ideas and pushed them to the next level. They are truly experts in all the facets that go into building a site and very well organized. I really appreciated their attention to the details and their patience with me as I tried to keep up with all of the new information and decisions that had to be made.

Sea Urchin Studio about 2 years ago

Aeolidia did an amazing job on my website re-design! I really appreciate the very thorough list of questions asked before the work even began. There were many things I hadn’t considered, and wouldn’t have known to ask about without this. My only regret is that I didn’t think about SEO during the design process and I’m now going back to figure out where i can do things differently to gain more organic traffic.

Overall, the website turned out even better then I hoped for - from Julie’s beautifully styled shots, to Lauren & Shalon’s designs, and the way Chris made everything work as it should. Best of all, the site is easy to maintain. After two years struggling with Magento, this is my favorite part.

Aeolidia was fantastic from beginning to end. They are like mind-readers, able to know exactly what I want when I can't put it into words

Libby Lane Press over 2 years ago

Aeolidia was a professional and skilled team that went above and beyond to ensure that the custom Shopify shop I envisioned for my business was created to not only meet my expectations, but exceed them. Arianne, Samantha, Jon and Christine displayed their expertise through every step of the process. I highly recommend Aeolidia and cannot wait to work with them again in the future.

Miri Tee over 2 years ago

Aeolidia couldn't have been more helpful with advice on how to use the shopify platform and were there every step of the way whilst you found your way around it.

Meander Works over 2 years ago

Aeolidia was amazing to work with. I can't recommend them highly enough!

During my two year tenure at Penland School of Crafts I made a series of large scale drawings. In my previous (college / art school) experience, we were encouraged to "think outside the frame" so I got used to pinning pieces to the wall or pursuing some alternative means to display my work.

Every time I had the drawings critiqued by visiting artists or peers, the person giving the critique would encourage me to seek a framer. I resisted (I guess I thought that was a boring solution) and when I finally gave in, my drawings suddenly looked legitimate. It was like seeing them in formal wear! They looked so tight and so professional.

Essentially seeing my jewelry in the context of the new website is just like seeing my drawings framed. Wow! Mind you, I used a great framer then and obviously the best web designers this go round!

The other thing that happened when I framed these drawings is that they sold! I am hoping that the website will give further legitimacy to my business (resulting in sales) in addition to providing a nice home for my jewelry."

Marilyn Brogan

The Flair Exchange over 2 years ago

Since working with the Aeolidia team, my business has experienced a much more proficient work day. I reached out to Aeolidia to create a website that allowed my customers to create custom products & preview them prior to purchasing ( which Zak and the Aeolidia team pulled off flawlessly ), but what I got was a much more cohesive website & visual representation of what The Flair Exchange offers. Having worked with several graphic designers in the past, I initially dreaded the thought of going through a logo redesign. It had always seemed impossible to explain what I wanted. Meg, however was a dream to work with and kept the process concise. The Aeolidia team is incredibly organized and quick to respond to any concerns. While this was a substantial financial investment, it was worth every single penny. Samantha, Meg & Zak are rock stars in our eyes!

1canoe2 over 2 years ago

Aeolidia is super! They are professional, creative, and they know their stuff! Very timely and we are super happy with our site.


Stoney Clover Lane over 2 years ago

Aeolidia did an amazing job throughout the entire process. We are so happy with everything they did,They really understood the look we were going for and made sure the site was everything we had imagined it to be.

cardtorial over 2 years ago

The team at Aeolidia was wonderful! I worked primarily with Zach (development) and Lauren (design) with other key players helping to make sure everything went smoothly.

Design process was easy. I trusted Lauren's input because she had such a wealth of experience working on the websites of other similar small, creative businesses. It was great being able to learn from her and collaborate.

Zach did a great job developing the website and customizing certain aspects.
One of the things that stood out for me was his total willingness to help with any glitches long after we had completed work with the website.

It was a totally easy process and I couldn't be happier with the result.
Thank you, guys!!!

Belle & Union Co. over 2 years ago

As a designer, it's hard to let go of any part of a process that inherently involves design, especially when it costs a pretty penny! I was hesitant to invest so much into something that I wasn't in complete control of... in this case my own website. Money aside, I knew from the beginning that with a website I would be in over my head. The wonderful folks at Aeolidia made it so much easier on me... encouraging my design thoughts as related to the site, and making sure to offer constructive feedback when they felt there might be better options.

The entire process was streamlined... extremely efficient and organized, which helped for a list maker like myself. I always knew what was expected of me, and where we were in the process. It did take quite a bit of time investment on both my part in terms of preparation for the site, and then the actual coding process, but the end result made it all worth it. I would certainly highly recommend Aeolidia for any website project... and already have!

Overall – worth every penny. I was left happy with my site, and already fielding so many online orders that would have never happened without the expertise of my wonderful Aeolidia team.

Queen Bee Creations over 2 years ago

I highly recommend Aeolidia - they really know their stuff! The team is very organized and followed through on-time with all projects and delivered an excellent service and result. Everyone was super friendly and their bid was highly competitive. The amount of experience they have with building Shopify sites is impressive and they "got" my brand without a lot of explanation. We will continue to work with Aeolidia for future design & branding projects.

La Boîte NYC over 2 years ago

The work was done at the end but the journey was not easy. I wish more was explained to me about the limits of using shopify .

GREERChicago over 2 years ago

I have worked on three web design projects, the building of our original site and two updates, and my experience with Aeolidia was far and away the best in terms of service, timeliness, professionalism, communication, organization and end result. Meg's design skills and ability to interpret and respond to our direction were superb. She created a clean, sophisticated, dramatic site that was exactly what we wanted and greatly exceeded our expectations which were high to begin with. Zoe's delivery of a pixel perfect site with complicated customization and architecture blew us away. Both Meg and Zoe were always friendly, professional and respectful and were generous with their time and opinions.

Without a doubt this was Greer's best collaborative experience. I was actually sad when it was over I enjoyed it that much.

I can't wait to work with Aeolidia again.

Kariella over 2 years ago

I knew when I saw Aeolidia listed on Shopify Experts that they were the perfect fit for my project! At first I was a little hesitant about the process of the project and it came to my surprise that I would not have phone communication with anyone at the company, but I quickly learned that Aeolidia knows exactly what they are doing! They have streamlined the process of developing a website to a “T”. They were very thorough and direct in obtaining what they needed from me in order to build me a website that I would be happy with. Overall it was a very pleasant experience and everyone on the team was efficient, accommodating and and expert at what they do! I am very happy with my new website and have already received a ton of compliments. I would without a doubt recommend using Aeolidia to anyone looking for a headache free website experience, they were fantastic!

Little Hip Squeaks almost 3 years ago

I could not be more thrilled with my experience working with Aeolidia -- my site was completely tailored to my ecommerce needs and is absolutely wonderful.

We have received dozens of comments on how easy the new site is to use, and how gorgeous it looks.

Our wholesale requests tripled since the launch of the site, and we are definitely sending the vibe that we are a high end brand!

gardenstore about 3 years ago

Aeolidia was great to work with and very knowledegable about shopfiy

The Modern Collective about 3 years ago

Wow, what a great team made up of some incredibly talented people! We are thrilled with our decision to work with Aeolidia! They were quick to get to work and made our dream of a custom shop come to life! The process was well organized and everyone on their team exceeded our expectations with every request we made! Thanks for the great work, Aeolidia!

O-Wool over 3 years ago

So great to work with, I hired them for a second project. I highly recommend them.

Erica Weiner over 3 years ago

We've been working with Aeolidia for years and are consistently really happy with their service.

Lindsay Letters over 3 years ago

I simply couldn't be happier with my experience with Aeolidia. It truly was a dream experience. I felt so completely understood and taken care of. Every part of the process and correspondence was incredibly thorough yet efficient. I'm thrilled with the design and the way it all functions. The entire team went above and beyond for me, and I would happily recommend Aeolidia to anyone.

the awesome folks at aeolidia were super easy and fun to work with. they patiently answered my tons and tons of questions. i gave them a vision and they fulfilled it even better than i thought they could. they were super organized and i always knew what step of the process we were on. i've worked with them on three websites now and will recommend them to everyone.

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