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About 1HUTCH

With a passion for online shopping experiences 1HUTCH are a Shopify Agency based in the West Midlands, UK.

Working with like minded entrepreneurs who are looking at increasing their revenue through the Shopify platform along with giving your customers a seamless checkout experience in doing so.

If you would like to find out more, simply get in touch with 1HUTCH - We'd love you hear from you.

3 Testimonials


We have been working with 1HUTCH for 4 years now and have to say his knowledge and experience with the Shopify platform, and the world of ecommerce has been exceptional since day 1. Their ongoing support has been a fundamental part in the growth of our business and wouldn't hesitate to recommend them and their services going forward. HUTCH, himself is full of ideas and an all round creative genius. Cheers for all the help. Team NX2


Hutch does a great job for us!

Wakeman Nutrition

Neil Hutchinson from 1Hutch Creative Services recently created a brand new website for my consultancy business. I had particular requirements regarding existing applications that needed to be integrated and a vision as to what this might look like but the results have far exceeded all my expectations, in an incredibly quick time frame.

Neil's’ expertise and experience with Shopify meant he had complete solutions to meet all of my business requirements. I wanted a website that stood out from the crowd, that matched my brand image and professionalism, that engaged the user yet their experience was simple and streamlined. I also wanted a website that didn’t make me pull my hair out; one that I could easily work with from any platform, that I would be able to continue to develop myself and one that I could use effectively to enhance and track my business growth. It does and more.

What impressed me most working with Neil was his work ethic. He listened, he consulted with me every step of the way and constantly kept me updated with his progress. What I valued more than anything however was how stress free this process was. Neil took care of absolutely everything which left me to concentrate on my business and do what I do best. I am not technically minded whatsoever and can’t thank Neil enough for making this journey completely painless and actually very enjoyable! Neil is simply a fun and brilliant person to work with and I'm relieved he will continue to support me as my business grows.

If you sell visible products or provide a service, want to promote and increase your business, want to monitor and improve your business efficiency, want a website that will meet all your requirements without having to donate a kidney then please do contact Neil at neil@1hutch.co.uk

Thanks Neil!

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