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About 15 Fingers

Advertising and marketing heavily relies on beauty and communication. It’s one thing to create a logo or come up with a catchy tagline. We know we can do that. The team at Fifteen has the structure, experience and artistry to paint beautiful images and convey the message. But what’s different about us is how different we are from one another. We come from different places. We’re influenced by varied specific interest. It’s a collection of unique perspectives that shape the ways we work.

This team recognizes that audiences perceive things differently as well and not everyone will see our work the same ways. So we ask the deeper questions, and open up our own minds and allow the experience of others to inspire, drive and influence our decisions and strategies. It’s how we make better creative with every effort we undertake.

There’s a perpetual rhythm to the way we work. From ideation and to storyboarding, to media buying and analytics, we blend patterns and beats to build well-rounded strategies that resonate with conviction and logic. It results in success for our clients and ourselves, and something that feels complete by design.

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Erie Drive

15 Fingers provided outstanding professional services and a high degree of creativity. The entire team was responsive and provided our online store Erie Drive with the assistance and development needed for a successful launch. The expertise of 15 Fingers proved to be an invaluable resource before, during and after! Outstanding!

John Gavin
Erie Drive

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