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Integrity Designs - Ecommerce Designer / Developer / Setup Expert

Integrity Designs

We're web designers through and through, and wake up everyday trying to change the world one pixel at a time. We specialize in custom responsive designed sites.

Whatever you need done on your shopify store we can do it, from simple tweaks to full blown custom design and development. Dream big and we'll make it happen.

Integrity Designs - one chance. one impression.

A Few Portfolio URL's:
(Custom Responsive Design // Design by: David Schwen // Contracted by: Center of Attention)
(Custom design and development by us)

Experienced with Shopify as a...

  • Designer
  • Developer
  • Setup Expert

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goodgood box said

Our site ( is subscription based and pretty unique to the Shopify system. We knew it was going to take some doing to get it to work. Integrity Designs took on the project and gave us the exact site we were looking for.

We couldn't be happier with the final site design and would recommend them to anyone looking for prompt service, top-notch design, at a very affordable price.

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Millwood, Virginia, United States
Starting at $2,500

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