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Turn Your Shopify Store into a Revenue Producing Machine

Looking for someone to help you with your Shopify store? Let's be honest: aren't you really looking for someone to help you make more money online?

Don't worry, it's OK to think about it that way. You may say you're looking for help with your website design, but that's just a pathway to your actual final goal: more money. That's where we think most designers and business owners get it wrong - they make their decisions based on what looks cool instead of on what increases their revenues. Unfortunately, pretty won't necessarily grow your business or improve your bottom line.

Ask yourself: What would you do with 10%, 20% or even 50% more money than you are currently making? (Take a few seconds to daydream.)

Since 2009, our agency, Ethercycle, has put startups, online retailers, Inc5000 businesses, and businesses like yours in the strongest position to yield the best results from every visitor to their websites. Starting in 2014, we've focused our 3-man team exclusively on Shopify.

In fact, we're so good at it, we helped Rolex strap manufacturer and two-time Kickstarter success story Everest Bands see 6x growth helping them reach their first million dollars in annual sales.

Maybe that's why their owner, Michael DiMartini said, "With the increase in traffic and better conversion our sales have grown by six times since meeting Kurt and the guys at Ethercycle. Do not waste your time and money with others, go with Ethercycle and see your sales increase."

Would you get excited about similar results? It's okay to say no. We're not for everybody. But if you do see a fit, message me, and we'll setup a free 30 minute phone consultation to discuss the details of your project.

Kurt Elster, MBA / 877-384-3740 x700
Managing Partner @Ethercycle
Co-Host of The Unofficial Shopify Podcast

PS: Did you know even small changes on a landing page or website can result in significant increases in sales and revenue? Our Website Rescue service can find those changes to make the most out of your existing traffic. It's an incredible ROI for sites looking to make more money without a redesign. Learn more (and sign up for a free email course) at http://websiterescues.com/

PPS: Not sure how we can help? We can assist you with...
* Setting up your store
* Configuring your theme
* Installing apps
* Tweaking your theme's design
* Adding advanced features
* Optimizing your conversion rate
* Shooting professional product photos
* And even building entirely custom themes

31 Testimonials

StudBuckets about 10 hours ago

Ethercycle was fast, professional and thorough. They also were very helpful and customer service oriented. There were certain things that instead of charging me for, they showed me how to do myself and saved me money. This focus on customer service rather than compensation is rare!

MyCaseGenie.com 6 days ago

Kurt with Ethercycle turned MyCaseGenie.com from plain and boring into a professional, clean and fun website to use. Kurt always responds quickly to my emails and solves any web page needs promptly, in my business this is very important! I consider Ethercycle a part of MyCaseGenie.com's team. Thank you for your Services!

Longstem Organizers 17 days ago

After doing some research we decided to go with Ethercycle in re-designing our web site into a shopify eCommerce site. They took our non-functioning web site longstem.com and transformed it into a slick, easy to navigate and use site. They were responsive and knowledgeable throughout the surprisingly fast process. We are now up and running and couldn't be happier. With so many choices out there you just never know, our decision to contract Kurt and Ethercycle was the right one. Highly recommend.

All Speed Innovations 22 days ago

My previous experience with a website design company was terrible, they gave us what I considered a fair price but the website never got finished, it was not mobile responsive and was poorly laid out for eCommerce. To top it all off, it took them nearly a year to put it together. Our traffic was terrible and the sails showed this. The store back end was useless and updating my site was also nearly impossible without paying the company that built it to update it even though it was not complete to begin with.

Kurt was able to work with us and understand exactly what we were looking for. He helped us choose Shopify as out new platform. He gave me a timeline and exceeded it. The only hold ups were of my own doing and every time I needed to contact him for an update or to edit something on the site it seemed like it was done within hours if not minutes. The site came out great and it looks exactly the way I wanted it to. He nailed almost everything on the first try.

The site it too new to see if the changes will pay pay off but the feedback I have gotten so far leads me to believe it will. Everyone loves the new site and I already see some improvements in only a day. Thanks Kurt!

Vaporoff 22 days ago

Wholly Crap! fast and efficient, if you need a great programer Kurt at Ethercycle can get it done! WOW

Fit City Foods 28 days ago

Ethercycle has been a lifesaver for us! Selling online in the Food industry can be challenging, to the point of being completely overwhelming. It's a completely different animal (monster!) than in-restaurant process. Ethercycle met my crazy customization requests head on. Their expertise and lightening-fast project completion time has allowed me to meet my goal deadline and offer a shippable Frozen Food line that will take our business from a local to multi-regional level. If you're on the fence about choosing an expert, go with Ethercycle, you won't regret it!

Closet Barcode about 2 months ago

Ethercycle was great to work with. They did a lot of customization to my site to give it more of a polished feel. They were able to give me more areas on the site where I could include more content or special items. Since these changes have been in effect people have been clicking on them. This allows me to show potential customers content they may not have seen otherwise and keeps them on the site longer.

I was very impressed with how quickly everything was done and if there were any glitches they were fixed immediately.

I highly recommend them.

Anshion Health about 2 months ago

Kurt really helped me get out of a bind. My former site developer stopped doing business in the middle of the project. Kurt stepped in and finished my site within 2 weeks, meeting my exact requirements. Would highly recommend him to anyone.

I sent a question to Kurt, he responded within 10 minutes. After he gave me a estimate he had my issue fixed within a hour in a half. Very, very satisfied. I totally recommend him for anyone having issues with their shop. -Mike Gholson (walldecalhq.com)

luxwatchstraps 3 months ago

During the last few months our website was not growing and our sales were flat lined. We came to Ethercycle to increase conversion and to increase traffic. Kurt, Paul and Dave all seemed confident and full of good ideas. They seemed to pinpoint a lot small issues that were minor for them to fix but for me seemed overwhelming.

First, they started by making our site run faster and fixed all the "minor" errors that were making the site look fake and cheap within 7 days. This almost overnight doubled our conversion. Within three weeks our investment was paid back. Second, they introduced us to a grouping of low cost online marketing that increased our traffic by three times. With the increase in traffic and better conversion our sales have grown by six times since meeting Ethercycle.

Do not waist your time and money with others, go with Ethercycle and see your sales increase.

Wholly Craft 3 months ago

Great experience. Super quick service and excellent communication. We had a few updates to make to our site after we moved our physical business location and they were done efficiently and to our specifications. I'd work with Kurt again in a heartbeat and would recommend his services.

Driven Fabrication 3 months ago

I contacted Ethercycle because I didn’t have the time or experience to get my Shopify store looking as polished as I wanted it to. After talking to Kurt on the phone, I bought his Website Rescues which got my store looking finished and professional. Weeks after we’d finished, when I had new ideas for the site, he did them at no cost. 5/5 would recommend :)

Faucet Galaxy 3 months ago

Kurt, Paul & their team designed my website after going to 3 different web design firms. They not only covered all the basis that the other firms charged me triple for my results exceeded 10X'S what the other firms were able to do combined! With regards to sales, marketing, generating leads, etc... Would highly recommend Ethercycle!

Neil Isaacs
Faucet galaxy.com

GREERChicago 3 months ago

Kurt was knowledgeable and service-oriented from the start. He was very accommodating of our design requests throughout the process which was key to us. Most importantly, before the changes Kurt made, 6% of our visitors added items to their cart and 1.3% purchased. Almost immediately these statistics improved and now we are at 9.6% of visitors adding items to their cart and 2.5% purchasing. Kurt is the best.

This was my first time hiring an outside developer, I am VERY pleased with the quality of the work Kurt and his Team did for me, so much so that I for sure am planning on having them help me with more things. His communication was PROMPT and VERY GOOD, and he was very responsive and open to me feedback in order to accomplish things that was I wanted them to look.

Overall, I highly recommend Ethercycle, and as I said, I will work with them more. If you want to see what they did, they coded the ability for me to Embed a YOUTUBE video on my Slideshow that is part of the REACT THEME, which is functionality that was not there. Take a look at www.buiced.com and you can see for yourself. They also enabled the URL for each Slider to Open in a New Window.

Ray Doustdar
BUICED Liquid Multivitamin

The Urban Hippie 3 months ago

Kurt was awesome...talked me off the ledge a few times and delivered as promised. I look forward to using Kurt again. He took my website from an amateurish attempt, to a polished and completed look. What I appreciated the most was the scope of work he created at the "beginning" of the project, so I knew what to expect...and he did deliver. Thanks Kurt

edpincombe 4 months ago

My experience working with Kurt at Ethercycle was great. I explained what I wanted to modify on my theme and he quickly quoted me a price we agreed on. When the job was done I was charged less then the quote because the work took less time then estimated. Honesty and quality like that are hard to find. Hope to work with Ethercycle again in the future.

Socks & Laces 5 months ago

Delivered everything as promised, and were very easy to work with. Would refer to anyone looking for excellent service and great product knowledge.

Routine Baseball 5 months ago

I worked with Kurt! Very knowledgeable and easily accessible! Even crushed some late nights for us! Excited to launch the new website!

KirondeHaberdashery 5 months ago

"Wow , thanks for all your help! It was quick... you really made this process easier and fun for me, Appreciate it!"

This was my 1st online business launch, and utilizing this company made the process of web building/site enhancements great,
Thank Again,


Crisp! Mobile Grocery 5 months ago

We contacted Ethercycle with a list of changes to improve the functionality of our store, within 72 hours of reaching out to them, they had completed them. They're a great resource for any growing business

BZbox 6 months ago


The staff at Ethercycle has been excellent to work with. First, we had a lot of SEO issues that were causing a competitor to rank higher then us on google, yahoo, bing, etc. Second, our site lacked a "put together" look that we wanted to present. Third, our images were great looking but were simply to big and causing us to have slow load times and our bounce rate was high because of it. After Kurt and his team organized a very large list of items, they quickly went to work on fixing those issues and many more. They were affordable, great to work with and quite frankly nice. I have had to become knowledgeable about online e-commerce but still needed help from the team at ethercycle - they didn't talk down to me or talk over me (everyone hates that). Instead they mapped a great plan for our website's success and I intend to use them to keep helping us sell more product. Thanks from Everest Horology Products!! ( www.everestbands.com)

BidetHealth.com 6 months ago

They did a great job! Made it painless, pleasant and most of all hassle free to maintain and update my Shopify store. Their fast turn-around and expert advice would be an asset to any business.

A.MOAY 8 months ago

Ethercycle is fabulous! Swift, friendly, and all around a hardworking group. They helped me make the changes I needed for my site and everything looks better than before!

Working with Ethercycle has been a great experience. They're straightforward to collaborate with, and provided excellent support throughout development and after launch. We entered the project with the goal of re-vamping the design of our site to improve mobile and tablet conversion rates to increase overall revenue per month. Ethercycle was completely aligned with our goals and priorities and the results are a reflection of that. Since launching our new site we’ve had the following metrics improve:
Mobile Conversion Rate
Tablet Conversion Rate
Bounce Rate
Revenue Per Month

I'm looking forward to future wins with Ethercycle!

Aqua Coat about 1 year ago

These guys were recommended by a close friend of mine, and were great. They answered all my questions, got to know me and my business, and had my new website up and running quickly.

Invisible Threads Clothing almost 2 years ago

ETHERCYCLE ROCKS! Incredibly helpful and terrific customer service. If it wasn't for Kurt, who I speak with and who has done work for me, my shop would still be under construction. Based on a true story.

Midwest Discount Medical over 2 years ago

These guys are great. Because they were local I met with them (probably not necessary but nice in my case)and reviewed needs. They turned around the work 100% correct, on time and on budget.

I'll be working these guys again on projects large and small.

Faucet Luxury almost 3 years ago

I chose Ethercycle because they listened to what I wanted and took the time to understand my vision. They built a website that far exceeded my expectations.

amlingscycle over 3 years ago

The folks at EtherCycle are very professional. Their creativity and talent brought our site online in an efficient manner.

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