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Specializing in custom Shopify applications and modifications. Top notch support both during development and after. We stick to our estimates and (barring scope changes), will never up the price.

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OMsignal 3 months ago

Very fast and efficient service! Barranger is great!

ubneurosurgery 5 months ago

Very professional group and easy to work with! Very timely and helpful throughout our project development and exceeded our expectations!

Barringer made the process very easy and completed my requested project in a very timely manner!
I'll definitely be using the service again

spark engraving .ca 9 months ago

5 Stars...
RedBit, and in particular Barranger (the gentleman with whom I collaborated) exceeded my expectations. This firm not only completed the specified requests but they did it in a timely manner, ahead of schedule and on budget. I know it's hard to believe internet reviews but just let their work speak for itself! Any enhancements you see at my site is courtesy of RedBit.

They kept me informed during the entire process,worked through some unforseen roadblocks and coded my site to my EXACTspecifications. They will be my first point of contact for all my future needs.

I'm not sure if you guys at RedBit actually read these reviews but thank you so much for your efforts.


Gray Tools 10 months ago

RedBit's custom app helped us solve a channel conflict issue we were struggling with for a long time. The elegant implementation was done perfectly and in a timely manner. I am very pleased with RedBit and will definitely use their services again.

Sterling Forever 11 months ago

The definition of a 'Shopify Expert'.

Pleased and satisfied would be an understatement. Mark and his team are friendly, punctual, and overall very talented. They know what they're doing. They always met deadlines and answered the phone when I needed something done rather urgently. They stopped what they were doing, went right to my site, and addressed the issue.

Bravo. Job well done. Have already started another project with them!

Randi's Candi about 1 year ago

I am very new to Shopify. When I found an app I wanted to install, RedBit was right by my side, with their very helpful expert. Even when I sheepishly admitted that I know nothing about coding or HTML, the expert kindly responded and helped me right away. Thank you RedBit for helping me enhance my website and in a timely manner!

Studio Manhattan about 1 year ago

WONDERFUL expert service! We hired RedBit to customize an Instagram feed on our homepage after adding their Instagration app to our site. The customization process was quick and easy, and the end result beautiful! Our designers sent them a mock up for what we wanted the feed to look like, and they were able to complete the customization in just a few short days, all the while communicating with our designers to make any changes along the way. REALLY RECOMMEND WORKING WITH REDBIT!

Sprout Guerrilla over 1 year ago

RedBit is great! I had a time sensitive launch and they worked really hard to sure the kick off was a success. I'm really happy with the site and RedBit made it happen. Thanks!!!

Sprout Guerrilla over 1 year ago

I need a launch site to be set up because there was some press coming out about our product... I wan't ready yet but I needed people to have something up for people to see, like now! I contacted RedBit in a hurry and they were able to get the launch site up lightning fast! phew!

Higgins Would Be Proud over 1 year ago

Redbit did take a little longer than we initially expected to put everything up, but they more than made up for it with their customer service. In the end we were very happy with the work they provided.

Mieux & Mieux over 1 year ago

I contacted RedBit in regards to their Instagration app. I loved the personal touch it added to our site. I wanted to take it a step further by adding an Instagram feed to our homepage. Not only was RedBit able to flawlessly implement our new feed into our site, but they were also able to do it extremely quickly & with much professionalism. I contacted another company about implementing this same Instagram feed & they quoted me $15k-20k, needless to say I'm thankful to have found RedBit. They even asked me what features I'd like to see have added in the update they're currently working on. I'll be contacting RedBit for any of our future developing needs.

Everyday Arts about 2 years ago

“Thank God Shopify has people like Barranger! I opened up a new business and knew Shopify would be a good fit for my new endeavor. After buying a website template from Shopify I was shocked to find out that this ‘complete’ website still needed lots of tweaking! I am a pen and paper girl so Barranger’s help fixing colours, modifying fonts and fine tuning the template, as well as Shopify set-up, really helped to reflect my personal vision for MY business. Without Barranger I would have had to spend countless hours pulling my hair trying to figure out how to get these modifications that I assumed would be quick and easy with the ‘complete’ website template. Barranger should be the ‘add on’ to anyone setting up a Shopify store!”

I was more than satisfied by the work of 4 MK Apps and especially Barranger Ridler. He has been available 24/7 and was able to make necessary changes quickly to our shopify store www.crazypopcorn.de that facilitated our work with clients. I can only recommend his work and will take advantage of his expertise in the future.

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